Points to Consider While Buying Tempered Glass for Home

Be it for spaces as personal as homes or as professional as corporate workplaces, modern advancements in glass innovation technology have made it possible to create gemlike structures whose glistening bodies defy the traditional sense of space. As magnificent as they look outwardly, these do rouse sceptic thoughts like, “How exactly does glass support all this weight and provide an optimal level of protection?” Well, via tempered glass, that’s how!

Tempered glass is unlike its parent product in terms of safety – standard annealed glass; however, all of that still depends upon a couple of pointers, as discussed below.

The Safety Aspect

Also known as toughened safety glass, it is self-evident that safety and security are the features that render meaning to the existence of tempered glass. Therefore, it only makes sense to give it the centre stage. You’re looking to purchase tempered glass because ‘safety always comes first,’ so make sure the glass has also been designed keeping that in mind.

Normally, a premium-quality tempered glass is four to five times stronger than standard annealed glass. This makes it highly impact-resistant. However, if you’ve heard others in your circle complain of toughened glass breakage, it probably was a result of improper installation when minor chips or dings in the glass were neglected, and later snowballed into larger defects, ultimately shattering the glass. Enquire and ensure that the tempered glass you’ve decided on purchasing has been manufactured in compliance with BS 6206 norms for tempered glass impact resistance.

Balancing the Function with the Form

Of course, it’s about safety, but it’s not about it alone – the tempered glass you purchase must also satisfy your appetite for aesthetics. If you’re also among those who are under the impression that opting for tempered glass means going all bland, you’ve simply come across suppliers whose tempered glass solutions indeed offer no aesthetic rush. However, the good news is that tempered glass’ availability is not merely limited to its standard sandwiched-green colour or so it appears. You can find textured and enamel-painted toughened glass that dutifully offers a high degree of protection from break-ins and impacts while also serving decorative needs of architecture.

Credibility of the Glass Supplier

Now, it is a no-brainer that your tempered glass will be as good as the supplier manufacturing it. Do your homework, and do it well before you zero in and commit to a toughened glass provider. Maybe ask your friends, colleagues, and family for guidance in this area. Do your individual research, shortlist a number

of suppliers you find credible, and go through reviews on their websites and even third-party websites, if you can find. It is when you compare between brands that you will not end up settling for a sub-par tempered glass supplier.

What you need to look for is a supplier with a proper brand reach and satisfied customers. Highly reputed brands can be trusted with their credibility, quality of tempered glass, and other allied services. Also, and this is perhaps the most important part; do not forget to quiz your tempered glass supplier on the safety tests they run to ensure that the glass they’re producing is in line with the impact resistance norms of BS 6206.

Integrated Services

Now, once the credibility of the tempered glass supplier has been checked off your list, another thing to ensure is whether or not you can avail integrated services. The process from the selection to the final installation of tempered glass is a highly complex and lengthy one, best done when you do not need to approach separate professionals – one for glass procurement, another for its installation, and so on. Your ambitious architectural projects, both commercial and residential, are best handled by a one-stop-solution company. For this, your best bet is to choose a brand with a broad reach as they are most likely to cover all steps involved from selection and purchase to installation and after-sales services. Also, such a supplier is more likely to house several varieties of the product.

Safety is paramount, be it on the road or within the four walls of a structure, and tempered glass with its highly impressive sturdiness and impact-resistance features has transformed the way people think about glass and its fragility. Perfect for doors and windows, room partitions, tabletops, kitchen cabinets and countertops, even skylights and glass canopies, this member of the glass family has become the go-to choice for those who value safety like their life depends upon it, because it does!

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