Applications in Glass – User’s Guide

Glass and modern-day architecture share a special relationship. This material combines the best of aesthetics and high functionality. Structurally strong, durable and maintenance-free, glass finds its applications in several areas. Gone are the days when glass as a material was considered fragile. With the advent of advanced technologies, this material has emerged stronger than ever through the invention of toughened glass. Toughened glass is also called tempered glass and is a type of safety glass that is not easily breakable.

The Science Behind Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is about four to five times stronger than ordinary annealed glass. Before tempering glass, the panes need to be cut to the desired shape and size. After cutting, the glass is inspected for any imperfections that may lead to potential breakage during the toughening process. Tempered glass is manufactured from cut and thoroughly examined annealed glass panels that are made to undergo the process of heat tempering. Standard annealed glass panes are made to travel through a 620°C preheated industrial oven or furnace. Once the panes attain said temperature, they undergo a high-pressure cooling process called ‘Quenching’.

Quenching is achieved by blasting the outer surface of the glass with high-pressure air through a series of nozzles in varying positions. This process cools the outer layer of glass rapidly while the inner glass takes longer to cool down. As the center of the glass cools slowly, it tries to tug at the outer surface creating tension inside and compression outside. This chain of reactions gifts tempered glass with increased strength and durability.

Countless Use Cases

One of the tempered glass’s distinct features is that it does not break into sharp jagged shards. Tempered glass fractures into small pebble-like blunt pieces that are totally harmless. This type of safety glass does not break or chip easily.

Due to its unique safety features, tempered glass is used in a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Its versatility also makes it an obvious choice for people who are looking for sophisticated interiors without compromising on safety and durability. Let us look at some of the popular applications of tempered glass


Tempered glass makes for the most beautiful and long-lasting table-tops, patio furniture, kitchen cabinets, shelves, partitions, bookshelves, shower stalls, bathroom doors, etc for residential dwellings. Tempered glass is scratch-proof, has high wear-and-tear resistance, and demands practically zero maintenance. If you are renovating your home and wish to create a sense of openness by installing interior sliding doors then the tempered glass is the right choice for you. Since this glass is very durable and safe, you can use it abundantly in your home without the fear of it hurting anybody in case of breakage, especially with little kids running around. 


This type of glass is widely used in commercial interiors for conference table-tops, office desks, display cases, office partitions, etc. If your office has an open floor plan then the tempered glass is ideal for creating temporary partitions. This way the office space will look expansive. Tempered glass is strong enough to endure daily office wear-and-tear.

Shop and Restaurant Displays

Tempered glass panes are commonly used for retail window displays, countertops and partitions in designer boutiques, grocery stores, malls, restaurants, etc. Since these displays are routinely touched by employees and countless shoppers; strength and durability are imperative. For instance, the display cases at most electronics shops are made of tempered glass

Stairwell Railings

Where there are stairs, there will be railings! Tempered glass railings are a fantastic addition to your home or office décor. Since railings get touched a lot daily, they need to hold up against a great deal of wear and tear, and the strong and thick tempered glass will do the trick. This type of glass is very easy to maintain. All you need to do is wipe these railings with a soft damp cloth once a week and let it air dry.


Apart from being strong and durable, tempered glass can also withstand both very hot and very cold temperatures comfortably. This is why they are used with varied thickness to make oven doors, microwave doors, refrigerator shelves, etc.

Sports Arenas

Have you ever wondered why glass panels around an ice skating rink or an ice hockey rink don’t shatter when skaters or hockey players knock into them? The credit goes to the unmatched strength of tempered glass. Panels made from tempered glass are far less likely to break even when a great deal of force comes smacking into them. These panels eliminate the risk of injury by creating a solid barrier between the players and the spectators. 

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