Tempered Glass: Why They are Great for Your Office?

Is there anything more splendid than an uncomplicated and placid pane of glass? It is indeed a stellar material for uplifting your office’s décor and awarding it with an exuberant sense of space. But, often people worry whether glass can offer more than just delightful aesthetics. Is it a truly functional and long-lasting material? The answer is a resounding, yes! Enter tempered glass for its exceptional range of operational benefits.

What is Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass is made from annealed glass panes that undergo a unique process of heat tempering. Due to heat tempering, this surface becomes at least four to five times stronger than standard glass – a highly valuable quality for an interior construction material at an office.

The Science behind Tempered Glass

Before we get into how this glass type comes to life, you must know that once the glass is tempered, it cannot be cut or drilled. If you are looking for tempered glass, make sure the sandblasting or acid etching is done before heat tempering. All manufacturers prepare standard glass beforehand by shaping and frosting it as per the customer’s dimensions. After this, the glass pane undergoes heat treatment.

During this process, the surface travels through a tempering oven responsible for heating the glass to a high temperature of about 600 to 620 degrees Celsius. The glass then rolls out to undergo high-pressure cooling called “quenching.”

The process of quenching rapidly cools down the outer surface while the inner surface of glass remains hot. All of this creates tension within the entire pane, and by the time the inner surface of the glass cools down, you get a strong and robust tempered glass surface.

What Makes it a Great Choice for Your Office?

Investing in the undulating strength of tempered glass is a no-brainer. Sure, it enhances aesthetics but also offers ease of movement and incredible functionality to your office. But, is that all? Far from it! Check out other benefits tempered glass surfaces provide your office with.

Never Compromises on Safety

Apart from incredible strength, tempered glass is a fantastic choice to keep your office safe. How? It rarely breaks, and when it does, it never shatters into sharp jagged shards. Even upon massive impact, tempered glass develops multiple cracks and shatters into blunt, nugget-like pieces incapable of hurting the office staff scuttling around.

A standard annealed glass pane can indeed break into sharp pieces that may cause severe injuries to people working around and is also harder to clean. So, if you are considering glass dividers, cabins, walls, or doors for your office, go for tempered glass.

Resists Scratches and Other Damage

Of course, you want your office décor to maintain its sheen and lightness for years on end. And, tempered glass makes it possible. This surface does not deal damage the same way other décor materials would. Since tempered glass is incredibly durable, it can comfortably withstand daily wear-and-tear.

Let’s face it! Most offices experience significant footfall from both staff and clients, which makes this space prone to ageing early. But not if you use tempered glass. Given its resistance to scratches, chips, cracks, dings and dents, tempered glass keeps your office looking brand spanking new for years on end.

Spoils You for Choice

Tempered glass comes in such a wide variety of designs and patterns that you are bound to find something that suits the mood you want to set in your office. From clear to engraved to coloured, there is a lot you can do with this office décor material.

Tempered glass is also great for office washroom partitions and doors. In a nutshell, this glass type offers you heaps of applications that go far beyond the usual.

Belongs to the Fit-and-Forget Category

One of the primary points of worry at offices is related to maintenance. But, not if you have tempered glass covering the majority of expanse. This glass type requires bare minimum maintenance. Given its strength, durability, and resistance to scratches, there is not much to maintain.

Tempered glass also does not collect dust, grime, or debris easily. Therefore, all that your janitorial staff needs to do with tempered glass is clean it once a week with a damp fibre cloth.

The Bottom Line

It is not that hard to figure out that tempered glass is indeed the top choice for your office space. But, finding a true-blue glass expert to help out with the best quality of tempered glass may be a challenge in its own right.

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