Adding Aesthetic View to Your Office Spaces with Tempered Glass

A workplace’s aesthetics have a big role to play in how employees feel when coming in to work every day, and how productive and positive they stay through the day. A visually appealing office space is, also, a good way to leave a killer impression on your customers.

In short, how an office is designed says a lot about the business and its priorities. Naturally, it only makes sense to invest in how beautiful your office space looks, so your customers are impressed and your employees motivated.

One great way to do this is to add tempered glass in the interiors – cabins, hallways, meeting rooms, you name it.

Design Your Office with Tempered Glass

Tempered glass, also popularly known as toughened glass (or Tuffen Glass in modern terminology), is actually used for many purposes – commercial, industrial, and architectural. What makes this glass so tough, you ask? Well, it’s heated to more than 600 degree Celsius and then quickly cooled, which really toughens it up. The best part is, tempered glass is harmless. Even if it happens to break, you will not hurt yourself; the glass breaks into pebble-shaped, blunt pieces.

So, how exactly does tempered glass give offices a modern look? What makes tempered glass doors and panels the perfect addition to a productive and cheery work environment? Keep reading to find out.

Light and Space

You don’t want your workers to suffer through the day in a cramped workstation. Even if your office doesn’t boast of being high on space and natural light, you can actually make up for it with the right interior design choices. In fact, the fenestration materials you use can make or break the work environment.

Tempered glass, though processed, retains the light and energy transmission properties of the base product. Use tempered glass partitions in an open space or in windows to allow more natural light in. If you’ve decked up your entire space in concrete and brick walls, it may make some people feel a tad bit claustrophobic. To counter the sobering effect of your regular office fixtures, use boundaries or partitions made of tempered glass and create the impression of more space.

Team Co-ordination

The usage of tempered glass in office walls promotes transparency, quite literally! The absence of walls will make team co-ordination easier and increase a sense of belonging. How so? When co-workers can enjoy their solitude because of a literal partition and feel connected to their peers because of the properties of glass, they are literally getting the best of both worlds.


When you’re working, privacy is sometimes a non-negotiable. You need your own space to come up with ideas and solutions. Sometimes, workers need to have a confidential discussion or meeting and must feel like they have their own private space. Tempered glass, while sturdy, is also adaptable to your needs and concerns. If you want certain spaces of your office to enjoy privacy, use tempered glass doors and partitions to create the effect while not blocking visibility.


Just as your home should be a reflection of you, your office should be a reflection of your brand. Using tempered glass in your décor will give you the flexibility to design your interiors in a way that convey the right message to your customers, through the use of tinted tempered glass.

Tempered Glass for Ages

Durability and versatility make tempered glass appropriate for a variety of purposes- you can use it in the staircase, for table- tops, shelves, for wall panelling and of course as walls too! You can choose between framed and un-framed tempered glass depending on your needs and get it tinted in multiple colours to fit your brand’s aesthetic.

When designing your offices you need to consider a number of factors, first and foremost is of course your brand- your office should speak for your brand. The first criteria, when choosing the right décor should be your brand aesthetic. Another important thing to consider is the work environment- if it promotes productivity. Your team will be productive only when it is content, especially with their work- space’s looks. The final thing to consider is practicality- if the materials you are using to bring your vision to life will last and serve its purpose to the full potential possible.

Tempered Glass is one substance which checks all the boxes when it comes to enhancing the aesthetic of office’ interiors. To get your hands on this one- size fits all material, look no further than AIS Glass. AIS Stronglas is the perfect variety of tuffen glass! What’s more, you can get it customised by getting it tinted or option for Swytch Glass, a revolutionary smart glass. AIS Stronglas is high-impact resistant, safe and versatile making it perfect for your offices! Why the delay? Get your hands on AIS Stronglas now and see your dream office take shape!

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