Why Incorporating Tempered glass in Bathroom is a Good Choice?

Who doesn’t want their bathroom, their safest space to be a luxurious retreat? A custom-designed bathroom full of pristine structures and surfaces – marble tiles, tubs, sinks, etc. – is one that is ideal for long soaks. Are you also among those who wish to renovate their bathroom from a run-of-the-mill bath to a truly safe haven? Then, your best bet is to choose a material that is exclusively designed with safety in mind – tempered glass.

Ever heard of staying safe in style? Well, now, you did! Tempered glass is that one product that will let you make a statement in a safe and effective way.

So, What Exactly is Tempered Glass?

Popularly known as toughened glass, tempered glass is a type of safety glass which has been processed with monitored thermal treatments for enhanced strength. It is “tempered” via rapid heating and cooling process. Once processed, the glass cannot be cut or moulded into shape.

Moreover, tempered glass offers a host of benefits for architectural applications, from enhanced durability to safety.

Strength Like No Other

Come what may – winds, torrential rain, impacts, bumps, or more do not affect tempered glass at all. In fact, tempered glass is renowned for its unmatched strength. Did you know it is four times stronger than standard glass?

Tempered glass does wear down over time. It does not even break from direct flames or a sharp blow. Hence, the name “safety glass.”

All-Weather Resistance

In the bathroom, moisture and heat are common causes of stains and rots. To receive optimal protection for all weather conditions, rely on tempered glass applications. You benefit from superior insulation, heat resistance, air leaks, condensation, and more for spotless bathroom interiors.

Get a comfortable and cosy bathroom space with ample daylight and ventilation; start your day with a smile on. For quality fenestration, do consider tempered glass windows and doors for your bathroom remodels.

Spick-and-Span without Hassles

Nobody likes unclean bathrooms, but nobody likes to scrub hard water stains either. If cleanliness is a primary concern for you, invest in tempered glass which is easy to clean and upkeep. You only need to wipe the glass with a cleaning solution and damp cloth to make it look anew.

Moreover, tempered glass is scratchproof. Even normal wear-and-tear does not affect its surface. It can retain its shine like it is brand new, for decades on end.

Safety: From External Impact, from Self

While tempered glass is mostly safe, it is still prone to accidents. In unfortunate cases, if the glass does break on impact, you need not worry about injury risks. This is because tempered glass does not break into large shards and splinters when it breaks.

Instead, the glass breaks off and crumbles into smaller, tiny, cube-like pieces which can be cleaned with a broom. It does not fly off as it breaks, so you need not fret the risk of injury.

Use Tempered Glass and Toughen up Your Interiors

Undoubtedly, tempered glass comes with a host of benefits. But for most homeowners, bathroom décor can be quite difficult – Where to use? How to use? What style to choose?

If you are confused over such aspects too, take inspiration from here. Check out the different ways you can install tempered glass in your bathroom to level up its décor and utility.

Glass Shower Enclosures: For that Relaxing Bath-time

With tempered glass, you no longer need to shy away from ‘glass’ over fears of safety. However, with tempered glass, you can ensure both safety and aesthetics. These enclosures are also easier to clean and upkeep since the glass does not stain. You need not worry about the wet floor as the water does not seep out.

Get framed or frameless enclosures based on your preference and enhance the visual appeal of your bathroom. You receive a comfortable ambience to wash away a bad day or start a new one in your gorgeous shower enclosure.

Bathroom Windows: To Withstand the Heat and Moisture Generated

In a country like India, heat and moisture are some common concerns for homeowners. These factors often increase indoor heat and disrupt interior comfort. Moreover, did you know that windows cause 90% of the indoor heat?

But with tempered glass windows, you can prevent excessive heat and still receive ample natural light to create cheerful interiors. Get rid of the dark and gloomy ambience and start each new day on a positive note!

Custom Glass Doors: To Reflect Your Unique Personality

An easy way to modify the look of your bathroom is to install a customised tempered glass door. Both safe and stylish, you can easily amplify the space. Choose from different styles – French doors, by-pass doors, Dutch doors, and more.

Moreover, custom glass doors will fit your space to the T, unlike stock doors. You also receive flexibility of style and design. Best of all, you can find diverse tempered glass style options in the market.

Want to remodel your bathroom? Get premium quality tempered glass from AIS Glass. Our AIS Stronglas is tough, durable, highly impact-resistant, and can be easily used for balustrades, facades, shelves, partitions, canopies, and more. We will guide you, right from the stage of product selection, up until installation, even after-sales support.

For more details, contact us today!

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