Tempered Glass: Why Do I Need My Home Windows Tempered?

Glass as a construction material is awe-inspiring and magnificent. This is mainly because the usage of glass does not end with the aesthetics of a project; in fact, it is just the beginning. Modern-day innovative glass solutions have been designed to meet all requirements, from privacy to energy-efficiency, from acoustic insulation to safety and security. Here, we will talk about one of the most popular glass members in terms of safety – toughened or tempered glass – and why its addition to your home is a must.

What is Tempered Glass?

Due to modern-day innovations, glass today can be imbued with a multitude of qualities, and tempered glass is the perfect example of it. Tempered glass is a kind of safety glass that is known for its strength and robust quality. Tempered glass is made from standard glass that has undergone a thermal tempering process. The standard glass first goes through a heating process and then is left to cool down, but the glass doesn’t cool uniformly. During the cooling process, the outer surface of the glass cools much more rapidly, whereas the inside of the glass pane remains hot.

The tempering process puts the outer surface into compression and the interior into tension, which gives the tempered glass its strength. Due to this, when tempered glass suffers an impact, it shatters into small granular chunks instead of jagged shards as annealed glass does. The production process only alters the physical characteristics of the glass and provides it toughness, but the aesthetic qualities remain the same. Due to the manufacturing process, the tempered glass is four to five times stronger than ordinary annealed glass. 

An important thing to note is that the annealed glass surface should be cut or drilled before the heat tempering process. Once the glass has gone through the thermal tempering process, it cannot be reworked on. If you try to cut or drill through the tempered glass panel, it will yield under the pressure and break entirely. 

Should You Install Tempered Glass in Your Home Windows?

Now that you know what tempered glass is, let us address the question that you are plagued with, i.e. whether you should get your home windows tempered or not. The answer is YES! By opting for tempered glass for your home windows, you will not only enhance the visual appearance of your home but also add a sense of comfort and safety to your space. There are multiple benefits of using tempered glass for your home windows, given below are a few primary ones. 

Enhanced Safety

Ordinary glass in windows shatters into injurious shards when subjected to substantial impact. These shards are a huge safety risk, especially for young children in your home. Tempered glass windows, on the other hand, break into blunt circular pieces which significantly reduce the risk of injuries. Installing tempered glass in your home can make your space safer for all occupants. Moreover, if tempered glass breaks, the chunks can easily be cleaned with a broom without the fear of injuries. 

High Resistance

If you live in an area which is known for its volatile weather conditions like thunderstorms, dust storms, strong winds, torrid rainfall, etc. then opting for tempered glass windows for your home is the best choice. Tempered glass has an abundance of resistive qualities. It is less likely to shatter under the influence of strong winds and can withstand extreme heat or cold. Along with this, it is also quite resistant to everyday wear-and-tear, scratches, etc., making it an ideal choice for your home windows. 

Increased Security

Home windows are one of the most common entry points into homes by thieves or burglars. An ordinary glass window that is easy to break is an open invitation to miscreants who are looking for an opportunity. As tempered glass is much stronger than ordinary glass, its strength and high durability can provide your home with added security from external disturbances. Windows with tempered glass are difficult to break in as this glass is specifically designed to withstand impact. Strong windows that are difficult to break in may be sufficient to dissuade someone from trying to break into your house. 

The plethora of Design Options

Why restrict yourself to windows with only functional purposes when you can easily get creative with tempered glass to set the mood of your home. Apart from being sturdy and tough, tempered glass is also available in a variety of different shapes and styles. Tempered glass can be clear, translucent, or frosted; it is entirely up to you how you want to incorporate it as windows in your home. 

The better the quality of tempered glass, the better it will be able to performing its unique functions. The quality of tempered glass depends on the quality of its manufacturing, which is why, when opting for tempered glass for your home windows; you should always opt for a high-end quality product from reliable and reputable manufacturers. When it comes to choosing tempered glass for your home windows, look no further than AIS Glass. As India’s largest integrated glass manufacturer, we manufacture a range of high-grade architectural glass products and are known to provide our customers with 360-degree solutions for all their glass needs. Our AIS Stronglas is a high-grade tempered glass that is tough, durable, and can have a wide range of use cases besides windows – table tops, balustrades, shelves, facades, shower enclosures, washbasins, etc.

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