Tips to Choose the Right Tempered Glass Supplier in India

A strong and sturdy glass is the way to go, and if it can be modified in trendy ways, all the better. In a long line of glass processing technology, tempered glass has shown high-end functionality in areas concerning safety and security. Tempered glass is toughened due to which it becomes sturdier and stronger than regular glass. This is the reason why tempered glass is used extensively as automotive glass in manufacturing side windows and rear windshields.

Another unique property of tempered glass is that when it breaks, it breaks into very small pieces with blunt edges. A normal glass breaks into big shards that can cause serious injuries. With tempered glass, this risk of injury is minimised.

The quality of tempered glass depends on the quality of its manufacturing. You should keep in mind that a high-end quality product will offer you more functionality than a poorly manufactured one. Apart from quality, tempered glass can be assessed on its longevity, design, and vulnerability to stress. While choosing the right supplier for tempered glass in India, keep the following tips in mind.

Brand Reach

A brand with a wide reach also has a wider range of services and products to offer you. Before opting for a supplier, identify the specific needs you have with tempered glass. As one supplier might be specialising in one particular tempered glass product than the other, you can avail attractive options for your particular need. Suppliers with greater brand awareness will also offer a wide variety of products to choose from.

You must do a complete research of the brand’s work and services before choosing it. The easiest way to approach this is via the brand’s website. You can begin there and learn about the brand and the services it provides. Try to find feedback from its customers about the pros and cons of rendering its services. Since tempered glass is primarily used for situations prone to stress and external environmental pressures, a supplier that offers sturdy quality must be chosen.

Product Variety

Having a variety of options is always exciting. You must go for excellence in every parameter while making your pick. Since glass has such a unique malleable quality, it can be designed in a multitude of ways. Sturdiness is important but it must also be fashionable. Tempered glass products in plain designs are often boring and give no aesthetic rush. Try to opt for a supplier that can provide you with stylistic products without compromising on safety standards.

A brand that provides high-end functionality with appealing designs must be your top choice. Option like AIS Ceramic Frit is excellent for both exterior and interior applications. It is a type of enamelled painted, tempered glass that can be used for decorative purposes in your architectural structures.

Offered Services

Your glass needs can pertain to residential or commercial purpose. Whatever your needs may be, the process from tempered glass selection to installation is a long one. Try to go for a supplier that can provide you with integrated services from consultation to the final installation. Having one supplier for the whole process will ensure a smooth business transaction. Another significant factor to note is the availability of customisation. A personal touch to your tempered glass needs is a bonus. Getting customisable services for your requirements means more satisfaction and less adjustment.

Since glass is subjected to a lot of stress from external factors, it is susceptible to cracks and breakage. In such a situation, you will have to go for a glass replacement. A supplier that offers great after-installation services must be your pick. This will save you time and efforts in case your tempered glass breaks.

Safety Tests

Do not fall for false advertising. High standards of resilience and resistance against an impact are the most important features of tempered glass. Ensure that your supplier is manufacturing products tested for impact resistance to BS 6206. This is an important classification of safety glazing in glass. If the brand is not transparent about such safety tests, do not invest in its products or services.

Most glass is prone to stress and impact breakage even when toughened. Tempered glass is manufactured with a strengthening process that gives you a safer breakage in comparison to ordinary glass. Glass tested for safety and impact resistance is more resilient and possesses safe-breakage characteristics. It is always wise to put safety over style. Choose a supplier that provides you with top-quality safety standards in the glass.

Summing Up

AIS Glass is a brand that meets all the above-mentioned criteria. With a brand reach spanning national and international markets, AIS Glass has solidified its presence as a leading manufacturer of glass in India. Our brand offers end-to-end services in manufacturing of glass, processing, fabrication to installation. You can receive consultation from our experts to find the most suitable glass for your requirements and excellent after-sales support. Get in touch today to find the right tempered glass with AIS Glass!

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