What Are Tempered Glass Windows?

Welcoming and stylish – that’s how your fenestrations must be. However, overlooking safety concerns for aesthetic needs can be extremely unwise—this is why tempered glass windows must be your ultimate choice. Available in a variety of designs, they are safe and secure for both residential and commercial uses.

Hard to believe, right? But advanced glass technology has made it possible.   

What is Tempered Glass?

Thanks to innovation in processing technology, glass is no longer a fragile material. A striking example of such innovative and exciting technology – tempered glass – is a perfect solution to your fenestration needs. Tempered glass or toughened glass is a type of safety glass that goes through controlled chemical and thermal treatments to enhance its strength in comparison to standard annealed glass.

The process of tempering on standard glass brings its interior into tension while the outer surfaces are put into compression. Due to this, tempered glass is toughened to resist tensile stress and impact breaks. However, in case tempered glass breaks, it crumbles into granular pieces instead of forming jagged shards to minimise the possibility of harm. Therefore, with tempered glass, safety is not compromised.

Features of Tempered Glass

  • Strength:

    The toughening process renders tempered glass four to five times stronger than standard annealed glass against an impact.

  • Thermal Endurance:

    Tempered glass can withstand a high temperature change of up to 250 degrees Celsius.

  • Fabrication:

    Any cutting, trimming, or grinding must be done before tempering the sheet of glass because if it is done after the glass is tempered, fractures will appear on its surface.

  • Impact Resistance:

    Due to the presence of high compressive stresses, tempered glass is invulnerable to impact-related breakages.

  • Optical Distortion:

    Strain patterns develop on the glass surface when it is subjected to a tempering process. This is the reason why tempered glass is optically distorted.

How Installing Tempered Glass Windows can Benefit You

Tempered glass windows can bring a heap of advantages to your commercial and residential space. As a safety glass, it is most suitable for security concerns. Apart from this, tempered glass windows also fare well in all weather conditions because of their ability to resist tensile stress. Moreover, their solar control property makes them a greener alternative to stock windows. Here’s why you shouldn’t be thinking twice about installing tempered glass windows.

Resistance against External Elements

Stress-induced cracks are more common than you think. If your region experiences harsh weather conditions, your glass windows will be impacted negatively. However, since tempered glass is invulnerable to tensile stress, you can put such fears at bay. Tempered glass windows are processed to have increased resistance against impact but even if the glass breaks, it shatters into granular pieces that aren’t harmful. Surely, they are an excellent choice in terms of safety, especially if you have children around.

Optimum Security

Now, having huge bay windows piques the oomph factor of your homes and offices, but they can also attract a lot of negative attraction. Burglars can easily break the glass and enter your premises, increasing the chances of theft. This is a massive security concern, especially if you have expensive valuables in your residential or commercial space. To avoid such security threats, tempered glass windows are a gift of processing technology. Due to their supreme strength and impact-resistance qualities, tempered glass windows can’t be broken easily. This reduces the chance of break-ins and intrusions significantly.

Heat Resistance

In addition to enhanced safety and security, you also get heat-resistance properties with tempered glass windows. Stock windows hardly have solar control properties and if you don’t have curtains or blinds to aid them, even an hour of direct sunlight can make your interiors feel like a sauna. But you don’t want that! Tempered glass windows can resist heat and thermal stress, because of which they can keep the interiors cool during summers and warmer during winters. Truly, value-for-money!

Additional Safety

Post-installation, it can become tedious to upkeep glass windows, and without proper maintenance, they can lose their functionality. To avoid this, tempered glass windows are an excellent choice. They can easily withstand scratches, damage, and every day wear-and-tear. For the humdrum of commercial spaces, these windows work supremely well. Especially from safety’s POV, glass breakage can become a potential hazard. But if you install tempered glass windows, even breakages will be harmless and easy to clean after.

In Summation

You can combine supreme strength with simple designs using tempered glass windows and create a modern masterpiece. With their enhanced strength and security benefits, you’re not only safe from intrusion threats but also injuries related to breakages. And thanks to the heat-resistance properties of tempered glass windows, your interiors receive proper daylight without increasing the temperature indoors. Truly, tempered glass windows are a great example of smart processing technology.

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