Things to Look for in a Glass Windows Installation Company

Modern spaces today, whether homes or offices feature spectacular interior and exterior décor. Amongst all the décor elements, one of the most prominent are windows that not only usher in natural light, connect the indoors with the outdoors, and facilitate proper air circulation, but they also act as architectural focal points. However, for an unmatched architectural charm, correct installation is a must. Incorrect installation by inexperienced technicians will hinder your glass windows from functioning at their optimum. For instance – if there are air gaps in between the glass and the window frame, the window will not be able to provide thermal or acoustic insulation, regardless of the quality of glass installed. So, whether it’s new home construction or revamping of an existing one, your glass windows installation company must possess the following attributes to ensure that your new windows are high on both aesthetics and functionality.  


Before you even check out the products and services that a glass windows installation company offers, you must first convince yourself of the company’s reputation and credibility. Always verify their licensing information and check to see if their presence in the industry is valid. To find out about the company’s performance, you can check customer reviews online; also, go through previous projects they might have undertaken. The glass windows installation company that you zero in should have positive reviews that outnumber the negatives, be it word-of-mouth or online. Every company has its ups and downs; however, a glass windows installation company that has delivered more satisfying customer experiences is definitely worth their salt and can be relied upon. 

Quality Products

Perhaps the most crucial thing when it comes to looking for a glass windows installation company is the product quality. Whether it is your residential space or your workplace, the glass windows you get installed should be of high-quality so that they add aesthetic and functional value to your property. Moreover, product quality also determines the lifespan of the product. Getting new glass windows installed in your property won’t be of any value if you have to replace them within a few years. This is why you should choose a glass windows installation company that only offers high-grade and superior-quality products. Also, a company that provides quality products will not hesitate to provide you with details about the quality standards they adhere to while manufacturing their fenestration solutions.

Types of Products Available

The task of choosing new glass windows should be approached with the utmost care and attention. After all, your decision will have a significant impact on how comfortable your home or office will turn out. With the advancement in glassmaking technology, a wide range of glass solutions is available today. Gone are the days when glass was seen as a fragile material that did not offer stylistic choices.

Modern customers can choose from a wide range of premium glass solutions for their windows, as discussed below.

Acoustic Glass – The rising level of noise pollution is a primary concern of urban living. To insulate your home or office from unwanted noise, take the help of acoustic glass. With acoustic glass windows, you can easily block unwanted outside noise and enjoy calm and peaceful interiors.

Toughened Glass – One of the biggest concerns while opting for glass windows is whether they will provide a sufficient degree of safety. Thankfully, toughened glass is an ideal safety solution, offering 5 to 6 times more safety than standard annealed glass.

Energy-Efficient Glass – Especially useful for tropical and sub-tropical zones, this type of glass helps in bringing down the need for artificial heating or cooling systems by maintaining ideal interior temperatures throughout the year.

Privacy Glass – Modern lives are over-connected; to the extent that privacy has become a luxury. Privacy glasses such as frosted glass and smart glass (offering privacy on-demand) can help solve this issue by veiling against prying eyes.

Ensure that your glass windows installation company offers different types of useful glass solutions that meet your needs perfectly.

End-to-End Support

It is always better to choose a glass windows installation company that not only offers installation services but also extends a helping hand while selecting the right glass solution and even after-sales service. A company that offers 360-degree solutions – from manufacturing to choosing the right glass to installation to after-sales service – will save you the hassle of chasing after multiple vendors.

The Right Choice

Looking for intelligent glass solutions for your glass windows?     Turn to AIS Glass! AIS Glass is India’s leading integrated glass manufacturing company, and as such, we offer highly customised, 360-degree premium glass solutions for a host of needs – privacy, safety, acoustic and thermal comfort.

So, contact us today and transform your residential and commercial spaces!


5 Tips to Choose the Best uPVC Window Manufacturers

Fenestration has always been a significant element of interior design. Elegant, stylish, and pragmatic windows can instantly help in making a space more striking and liveable. Over the years, fenestration options have evolved with uPVC being one of the most popular fenestration choices among modern clients. In case you wish to have uPVC windows installed in your home or office, make sure to choose the right vendor. This guide will give you some useful tips on zeroing in on a uPVC windows manufacturer.

But first, let us understand the value of uPVC.

Why Opt for uPVC?

Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride (uPVC) is a form of plastic, known for being hard and inflexible. On account of its high durability quotient and low-maintenance attributes, uPVC is a widely chosen window framing material. The lifespan of uPVC window frames spans in not just years but decades, making them an incredibly desirable pick for your property. uPVC windows can withstand exposure to UV rays, dust, moisture, termites, chemicals, etc. As a result, the material does not rot, peel, warp, or get discoloured easily. It thrives even with minimal maintenance. Despite being a synthetic material, uPVC is also environmentally friendly. For an ecological space that scores high in terms of both aesthetics and functionality, uPVC windows are an excellent choice.

Tips to Choose the Best uPVC Windows Manufacturers

Installing uPVC windows in your property is a long-term investment, which is why choosing the right manufacturer becomes essential.

Given below are 5 useful tips to help you determine whether a uPVC windows manufacturer is the right choice or not.

Tip #1 Due Diligence

Due to the growth of technology, information is available at the click of a button, making it easier than ever to do your due diligence and search the internet about reliable uPVC window manufacturers. Before deciding which uPVC windows manufacturer to choose, make sure to visit the manufacturer’s website to learn more about the company and its offerings. The uPVC windows manufacturer that you choose should have a license and must be experienced in the process of manufacturing It is also good to read customer testimonials – make sure that the positive reviews outnumber the negative ones. Ups and downs are a part-and-parcel of life; however, consistent lows are a red flag. Moreover, you should also assess the manufacturer’s credentials before making up your mind.

Tip #2 Certified Professionals

Highly trained and experienced experts should only carry out the installation of your uPVC windows. They should have the specialised knowledge needed to deal with proper handling and installation of uPVC windows. These window frames come with galvanised steel reinforcements and a multi-point locking system to provide optimum security. But for the uPVC windows to offer proper protection, they need to be installed properly. Trained technicians would know how to install these windows correctly – locking mechanism and all included.

Tip #3 Premium Products

When you get new uPVC windows installedthe real question is whether the uPVC windows will still hold up after years. This depends hugely on product quality and how it was installed. This is because the longevity of the product is synonymous with quality. When you are purchasing window frames for your property, you shouldn’t compromise on quality. Always choose manufacturers who offer products that adhere to European standards. 

When choosing uPVC windows, check the types of uPVC profiles, steel reinforcements used in the profile, etc. to make an informed choice. Good-quality uPVC windows should come with galvanised steel reinforcements and a multi-point locking system and should be of premium quality.

Tip #4 Option for Customisation

Windows are a significant component of the overall décor of your property. This is why you should choose a uPVC windows  manufacturer that offers customisable profiles. From different window designs such as sliding to casements to various shades and sizes, you should be able to have your uPVC windows manufactured exactly the way you desire.  

Tip #5 360-Degree Solutions

It is always better to choose a uPVC windows manufacturer that can provide you with quality comprehensive services, right from the frame and glass selection up until easy installation and after-sales support. By choosing such a company, you will no longer have to chase after multiple vendors like carpenters, fabricators, and glass suppliers to install the uPVC windows. This will also save you from chasing after a chain of vendors in case of sloppy window installation or quality-related issues.

Your uPVC windows will be as good as the frame and the glass installed. AIS Glass will take care of the glass part! For your premium uPVC windows, we offer premium glass solutions; find glass solutions for needs such as privacy, safety, acoustic and thermal comfort. Our experts will provide you end-to-end support, from product selection to installation and after-sales.

Get in touch with us today and get premium glass solutions for your uPVC fenestrations!


uPVC Windows – Best Replacement Windows for Your Home

Modern homeowners like to make a unique stylistic statement with their homes. It is always a reflection of their personality and tastes, which extend to everything, from furniture to fenestration, and the latter has always been a significant element in architecture and interior design. However, windows and doors can need replacement after a few years, especially if they weren’t of the right type and quality, to begin with.

If you have been looking to replace your home windows, you should look for elegant, stylish, and pragmatic uPVC frames. Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride or uPVC is a synthetic material that has become a popular fenestration material in recent years. Read on to find out why uPVC frames are the best replacement option for your home windows.

Benefits of Getting uPVC Windows for Your Home

Here are some benefits of uPVC windows that make them the perfect replacement for your old glass windows.


Windows that open your home to the outside view are exposed to wear-and-tear caused by weather, changing temperature, and dust. You are probably replacing your old windows only because they have succumbed to everyday wear-and-tear. Therefore, the new window you choose must be incredibly durable in all climatic conditions. uPVC windows are extremely durable and can withstand exposure to impact, saltwater, UV rays, heat, and chemicals. Since uPVC is synthetic, it does not facilitate the growth of termite and pests and remains pristine even after years of being exposed to harsh conditions. The material also does not lose its colour or scratches easily, ensuring that you do not have to go for frequent window replacement.


Windows are one of the most significant components of your home’s overall design. uPVC windows fit in well with a wide range of décor choices since they can be personalised in everything from colour and size to cutting and installation. Whether you are replacing your French and bay windows or your regular casement windows, uPVC frames can be sized and customised perfectly to fit in. They are perfect for spaces like bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, balconies, patios, swimming pools, and lawn entrances. You can experiment with patterns and shades or go with a minimalist design depending on the rest of your home’s architectural style. In short, uPVC windows will give you a lot of stylistic choices.


Since most windows of the home open outside, they have to be completely secure. With uPVC windows, safety will never be your concern. uPVC window frames come with galvanised steel reinforcements that make it impossible for burglars and robbers to break-in. Moreover, their anti-crowbar feature provides added protection. uPVC windows also have fire-retardant properties and will keep your home safe from fire accidents. In case you wish for more security, you can ask your window installation company to equip your uPVC windows with a multi-point locking system.

Environmental Friendliness

Despite being a synthetic material, uPVC is completely environmentally friendly. It is recyclable, non-toxic, and phthalate, lead, and BPA-free. Since it is highly durable, it does not have to be replaced often, which means the amount of waste that goes into the environment is reduced. For reduced carbon footprint and ecologically sustainable home, it is best for you to choose uPVC windows as a replacement for your old glass windows.

Noise Insulation

Living in noisy streets can hamper your peace and productivity. Due to noise pollution, you might face increased stress and anxiety even in your home. It is, therefore, essential to maintain a noise-free interior. With advancements in fenestration technology, soundproofing or noise insulation is no longer a cumbersome job. All you need to do is replace your old windows with brand new uPVC windows to make your entire home free from noise pollution. For added soundproofing, you can always use acoustic glass instead of regular glass with uPVC window frames that come with high-quality silicone sealants.


Modern homes contain windows of different styles and sizes and include windows that double as doors for areas like patios, balconies, or swimming pools. Such windows are prone to moisture-induced damage since they are exposed to water accumulation. All your windows, therefore, must have excellent drainage systems in place, a quality that is present in uPVC windows. uPVC window frames come with special drainage mechanism that prevents water stagnation at all times. If you have been forced to replace your old windows because of a water stagnation problem, having uPVC windows installed would be an excellent decision.


Across India, climatic conditions can be extreme. As a result, most people spend lakhs on electricity bills for cooling or heating their homes. Your energy bills will skyrocket even further if your home is not insulated correctly. For adequate heat insulation, uPVC windows are perfect. uPVC windows do not allow heat to escape your home and therefore prevent energy loss. As a result, you can expect your energy bills to lower.

Choosing the right kind of uPVC windows to replace your current ones is necessary. Looking for quality glass solutions for your uPVC window frames, contact AIS Glass – India’s most trusted integrated glass manufacturer. We have glass for your every need, be it that of privacy, security, noise insulation, or energy-efficiency, and advanced aesthetics.

So, what are you waiting for? contact AIS Glass today!


Different Types of uPVC Windows for Your Home

Don’t you want to adorn your home with the most dynamic interiors – to hone your exteriors with lavish landscapes and redefine your home’s aesthetics into an epitome of elegance? We all wish to create a wonderland out of our dwellings. Many of us even try our best, but alas! The inner perfectionist doesn’t know where to end.

If you wish to groom your home with the most aesthetically appealing yet functional elements, plan out the design, style, colour, and size of its doors and windows; you will never go wrong with this choice as doors and windows are fundamental to home décor and utility.

“I live in a very small house, but my windows look out on a very large world.” A thought-provoking quote by Confucius, windows are truly our portals to the external world. The air, the sunlight, the rain, and many more natural elements interact with us through the windows. As graceful as they are, windows are the least talked about sections of home décor – and very little talk surrounds the best window designs that can be installed based on the space. But fret not! This guide will let you know about the most popular uPVC window styles and the benefits each has to offer.

What Are uPVC Windows?

uPVC (short for unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) is widely used in the fenestration industry as a material for framing and double-glazing windows and doors. It’s a robust, sustainable material that helps in making low-maintenance sills and frames.

Because of its qualities, uPVC windows and doors are highly popular amongst innovative architects and interior designers. To begin with – uPVC is considered as one of the best materials in terms of durability. External factors like sunlight, weather, humidity, and even rain don’t seem to have much of an effect on uPVC-made doors and windows. It prevents windows from swelling, rotting, rattling, shrinking, and waterlogging.

Secondly, uPVC can be produced in a myriad of finishes and designs. You can get your uPVC windows and doors customised according to your house’s exterior scheme, be it any colour or design. uPVC also ensures thermal insulation and is 100% recyclable, making it an eco-friendly choice. Installing uPVC windows makes it a win-win situation both for your home and the environment.

Types of uPVC Windows

Now that you know that uPVC adds the most charm to your precious windows, you’ve got to know that there are multiple variants of them – with each one made for a specific consumer. Since beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, let’s know about these beauties, and you can decide the one that fits your bill.

Fixed uPVC Windows

Fixed uPVC windows are sleek and sober panels that are used to increase the sunlit spots in a house. Most of the times, they’re single-glazed sheets that are installed in low-lit spaces – often in basements and garages – as they encourage floodlit interiors.

Unlike other windows, these uPVC windows can’t be manually closed and opened, which is why they’re called fixed or picture windows. Rooms with ample ventilation get the most utility out of them, thanks to their thermal-coating and insulation. You can also double-glaze a fixed window to give it an aesthetic appeal, as it transforms its functional look into an enamouring one.

Casement uPVC Windows

Casement windows are the most common types of uPVC windows. They’re controlled using hinges attached on the opposite side of the handles. Casement windows can be installed in two ways – single sash and double sash. The former is made of only one pane, while the latter uses two panes – with the handles attached in the middle.

Casement windows open inwards or outwards. They have an array of locking options – beginning from the basic hooks, to swivel-action latches and push-latches. Modern interior designs incorporate swivel-action latches as they require the least force and automate the window operating process. The mechanism of a casement uPVC window blocks the entry of mosquitoes, insects, etc. ensuring a hygienic environment. You should get one installed to enjoy the simplicity and security offered by this window-type.

French uPVC Windows

Wouldn’t it be ravishing to add some charm to the plain features of casement windows? A French uPVC window does that for you. It‘s structured in the same way as a double-sashed casement window, opening in and out like a door. Each of the two sashes is subdivided into smaller panes – seeming as if the window has gridlines in it. This gives your exteriors the ideal blend of antiquity and modernism.

Awning uPVC Windows

If you desire for a window that interacts with the external environment perfectly, an awning window is the one to install. Its hinged mechanism fulfils the ventilation needs by creating an unmatched airflow. An awning window has hinges at the top of the frame and opens from below. The voracious “A” shape can be seen from a distance, embellishing your house’s exterior landscape.

As far as rooms are concerned, awing windows fit in places having limited internal space and a vast need for air circulation – think bathrooms that are dimly lit, attics, storerooms, basements, kitchens, even hallways that need light and ventilation. These windows’ design is staple to enjoying the outside weather without being inconvenienced by it. For instance – you can keep the window open without worrying about rain, snow, hail, even dust entering your spaces.

Tilt-and-Turn uPVC Windows

Versatility is quintessential for chic interiors — and who’s the king when it comes to versatility? It’s tilt-and-turn windows. As the name suggests, they can be opened in two different motions – tilt and turn. For the turn part, it’s a single-hinged casement panel that turns inside and lets a large volume of air pass through it. Being a window that opens inside, it’s only suitable for the spacious segments in a home, like living room and bedrooms. You can install one, only to realise that it gives the best air-circulation available in several window types.

Now for the best part – these windows can be tilt-opened as well. This feature lets you incline the window vertically, leaving small openings for controlled ventilation. Many windows offer a central pivot with flatter slopes which aids you while you clean the panel. Overall, tilt-and-turn windows are very helpful because of their operational usage and a variety of customisation options.

Double-Glazed uPVC Windowscapes

Windowscapes are the larger sect of windows, often installed to broaden a house’s light dynamics. Their vast, see-through area attempts to let sunlight run across the entire room. And the best part about windowscapes is that they are the next level of ordinary windows in terms of connecting the interiors with the exterior world; for an out-of-home eye candy experience, uPVC windowscapes are the ideal choice. And being framed with uPVC widens the designer’s imagination as it keeps the window’s strength intact, no matter what the size is.

Bay and Bow uPVC Windows

Bay windows, also referred to as bow windows are the fanciest of all uPVC windows, replete with the contemporary design often seen in Victorian or Edwardian period homes. Their unique style distinguishes them from the exterior build – giving them a separate identity from the exterior.

Bay and bow windows are very similar to each other, with just one little difference. A bay window consists of three panes – whereas a bow has four or five, each connected to form a polygon. The middle pane is front-facing and points the window outwards into a three-dimensional shape, even without being opened. Out of all other parts, only bay and bow windows happen to have an exterior-projecting design. They’re the best choice for sprucing up your home in an exquisite way.

Apart from the beauteous attributes, bay and bow windows also have utility attached to them. Their design automatically adds extra space to the interior, making space for all your accolades, crafts, and other possessions. Maybe enjoy a favourite novella while sipping on a cup of tea or install planters that enhance the eco-friendly factor of your home. Both elegant and expedient, isn’t it?

Sliding uPVC Windows

For those areas of your home where space doesn’t need to be sabotaged at all, sliding uPVC windows are a perfect match. Their mechanism includes a fixed and a mobile pane, both attached in a way that the latter slides back and forth. When the window is opened, the mobile pane hides behind the fixed one.

Setting aside the functionality, sliding windows entail a finished look. Their modern design is widely seen in five-star hotels and restaurants, but is increasingly popular in modern, sleek homes.

Though uPVC is a choice framing material, your windows need premium-quality innovative glass solutions to complete your windows. AIS Glass, a leading integrated glass manufacturer, offers glass solutions for a variety of needs – privacy (even on-demand privacy), security, energy-efficiency, acoustic insulation, etc. Get your uPVC windows installed with modern processed glass solutions to get the best of what windows today have to offer. We provide 360-degree solutions, right from selecting the window to installing them, even after-sales support.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!


Which uPVC Window Glass Design Is the Best Fit for Your Home

Planning to spruce up your home with new décor? Or perhaps, you’re redecorating to make your house more functional? No matter the reason, redesigning your house requires you to pay attention to detail and take every factor into consideration. And thanks to advancements in the architectural and interior landscape, you can actually turn your idea of a dream home into reality and that too with ease. To build the perfect home, however, you should leave no stone overturned – be it the brand of paint that you select to the kind of switches you wish to install, you must take all your decisions wisely because the right choices can truly transform your space into a uber-slick home.

Now, you may put in extensive efforts in creating a luxurious space replete with amenities but a bland entrance and dull exteriors can establish a gloomy vibe for your entire home irrespective of how chic your interiors are. The simplest yet most efficient way to tackle this issue is to ensure that your exteriors are just as vibrant and elegant as the rest of your home. Enter uPVC windows – the revolutionary window profile that is the epitome of sustainability, functionality and aesthetics. And choosing the perfect uPVC window design can instantly brighten up your exteriors and set the tone for a sophisticated space. 

Why uPVC Windows?

Now, you might think to yourself that window selection may be important for creating the picture-perfect home but why should I install uPVC windows? Well, there is no one-answer-suits-all to this question. Derived from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), uPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) has become a sensational hit in the fenestration industry. The reason for its popularity is the endless benefits that uPVC has to offer. In a bid to contribute to the ‘Go Green’ movement, uPVC is designed to be 100% recyclable, sustainable and non-toxic. In fact, it is even used in medical equipment such as dental gear, thereby ensuring that we do not leave behind any carbon footprint.

uPVC is an extremely flexible yet sturdy and durable material making it the perfect choice for constructing seamless window frames. Its rigidity even comes with the added benefit of being virtually maintenance-free as it does not face the problems of rotting, swelling, waterlogging, rattling or shrinking. Thanks to the versatility of uPVC, uPVC windows can also be designed in a wide variety with attractive shades, trendy designs and unique patterns to add the touch of elegance and sophistication your home deserves without compromising on functionality.

At AIS Glass, you can find world-class uPVC window design that offers excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Our unique uPVC window designs are equipped with double-sealed mechanism and EPDM gasket which act as a shield against dust, rain and air infiltration. They do not require any painting, rendering it lead-free and are also easy to clean and operate. They are extremely durable and do not peel, pit, rot, corrode, dry out and are termite-proof. They are equipped with an excellent drainage system with internal water drain slots, raised tracks and gradient slope to prevent water stagnation and keep your windows s new a sever.

We even offer high-performance AIS glass along with our uPVC window design to enhance aesthetics and also increase the energy-efficiency of your home through the regulation of indoor temperature during summers and winters. At AIS Glass, we understand that family comes first. And so, our uPVC window designs are manufactured with galvanised steel reinforcements as well as multipoint locking systems to amp up your home’s security measures and ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Popular uPVC Window Designs

Now that you know about the endless benefits and wide varieties that uPVC windows offer, let’s take a peek at some of the hottest uPVC window design in the market to find one that matches your needs.

Slide & Fold Windows

Designed particularly for small spaces, the slide and fold windows breathe new life into your rooms with their elegant designs. They can even be used for terraces and balconies to create the illusion of bigger spaces. At AIS Glass, our uPVC slide and fold windows encompass excellent space utility through 100% opening and are suitable for covering large areas without compromising on aesthetics. They are also equipped with multipoint locking mechanisms and effective insulators to curb dust and pollution infiltration ensuring a clean home.

Twin Sash Casement Windows

For all those who’re aiming for a retro vibe, uPVC twin sash casement windows are the way to go. They combine the traditional fly mesh panels with conventional casement window design to exude timeless elegance. At AIS Glass, out twin sash uPVC casement windows are equipped with a friction-stay-compatible mesh panels for better functioning as well as grill provision for enhanced safety. They also do not rot, warp or require repainting, are low-maintenance and retain their original colour for years.

When choosing window designs, uPVC is the way to go and when paired with AIS Glass, you can truly transform your old home. As India’s leading integrated glass manufacturer, we believe in transcending the ordinary. So, get in touch with us to build the house of your dreams!


Design Your Space With A Stylish Range of uPVC Windows and Doors

A versatile innovation of the modern world, uPVC is a polymer that finds application in myriad facets of our daily life. Based on polyvinyl chloride (PVC), it offers a sophisticated way to design doors and windows in homes and offices. Low maintenance and available in a variety of hues, it is a highly stylish option for designing spaces with aesthetically pleasing and utilitarian doors and windows.

What Can uPVC Windows and Doors Do For Me?

uPVC windows and doors offer unique benefits, with an additional edge of utility to their elegant appearance. uPVC windows and doors provide:

  • Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

When it is cold, they prevent the warmth inside your house from escaping. When it is warm, the heat outside is kept away. Vinyl windows are excellent insulators against both heat and sound.

  • Insulated Frames

When it comes to insulation against dirt, dust, and UV particles, the double sealing and EPDM gasket help keep these out. The EPDM is a material which helps to seal the area between the window glass and its body.

  • Low Maintenance and Eco-Friendly

No painting is required on uPVC products, so they are completely free of lead. This also makes the windows easier to clean.

  • Durability

A uPVC frame is superior to wooden frames – it is 100% resistant to termites and doesn’t rot like wood does. Since it does not need a coat of paint ether, your space is free from shabby-looking windows peeling at their edges. Galvanized steel reinforcements form part of the frame, so both aesthetic beauty and structural stability are guaranteed.

  • Aesthetics

Window frames and doors made of uPVC look modern and stylish – not out of place in the grandest of homes. Available in a wide range of designs and colours, uPVC allows for freedom in design.

  • Energy Efficiency

As the effect of heat insulation helps keep rooms warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, the need for air conditioners and heaters is vastly reduced, subsequently saving you energy and money.

What Styles are uPVC Windows Available in?

Too many cooks spoil the broth, but too many design choices never hurt your space. Windows with uPVC frames, as well as doors made completely out of uPVC, can be done up in the style of classic wooden doors and frames. No matter what the rest of your home furnishings look like, there is a variety of uPVC options to go with them.

Apart from a plain but inviting white, uPVC windows and doors are available in a variety of wooden finishes, including:

  • Golden oak, emanating a gentle and warm aura that lends a cosy vibe to your space
  • Dark oak, that makes your home feel safe and private, while retaining a bit of nature’s flavour
  • Walnut, giving a relaxed feel to your space, perfectly suited for a space you can unwind in at the end of a long day

Apart from wooden finishes, the colour and pattern of the door or window frame can make for your space’s personality pop. What makes uPVC particularly versatile is the fact that it can be fitted into a wide range of window shapes and designs.

  • Arch designs for windows are a timeless classic. Since uPVC is an especially flexible polymer, it makes stylish arch designs possible. These can be inscribed with intricate patterns to add to their beauty.
  • A bay window is perfect for letting in sunlight. Coupled with the energy efficiency that uPVC naturally provides, this gives you even more of a chance to save electricity. A bay window can be fitted with a cosy windowsill seat and makes for a great reading spot.
  • Corner windows serve as a lovely bridge between the interior of the house and the outside world. They, too, let in an abundant amount of sunlight and a uPVC wooden finish can have them looking almost like portals to nature.
  • Casement windows open vertically and let ample sunlight into your house. They are also one of the most secure options when it comes to a window, since their locks are embedded within their window-frames.

uPVC windows and doors are, then, both pleasing to look even as they serve the functionality your space needs. uPVC can be customised to give your doors and windows a unique look. This makes it the perfect choice for your spaces, no matter personal or professional.

At AIS Group, we offer stunning uPVC window and door design solutions that transform the look of your space. Be it casement uPVC windows, wooden French windows, uPVC French doors, or simple sliding doors you’re looking for, our customized solutions will lend your space just the unique appeal it needs. Get in touch with us for elegant uPVC window and door designs today.


4 Types of uPVC Window Designs to Give Your Home an Enticing Look

The trend of using uPVC material in doors and windows has been on the rise, all thanks to the plethora of benefits it offers. uPVC material showcases a perfect blend of modernity and advanced features. It is a tough and durable material which is rot, heat and noise-resistant. It doesn’t require any high maintenance and can be easily cleaned using water and detergent. uPVC doors and windows have a huge success rate as apart from being durable and long lasting, they are reinforced with galvanized steel which makes them withstand adverse conditions easily.
The wonderful thing about uPVC is that it can be customized to suit a wide variety of window shapes and designs. If you want to impart your house that ethereal and awe-inspiring bespoke look, then selecting the right type of windows is critical.

Here are 4 types of uPVC window designs you can consider for the same:
Sliding Windows: –
Sliding windows are horizontal opening windows which provide great cross-ventilation and lighting options. They are easy to operate and provide unobstructed view of the outside world. They are also energy efficient, since they effectively block airflow from inside to outside and vice versa. Sliding windows aid in saving space too as they don’t occupy vertical space as in the case of normal windows. Your room will automatically appear larger if you choose them for your house.
French Windows :-
One sure shot advantage of French windows is ample lighting in your room. French windows usually have a frame that features window glass running through its entire length. Apart from lighting, they also make your house look spacious. They are most suitable for outer walls since they provide magnificent view of the outside lawns, gardens, pool or patio. They can be decorated with deluxe curtains and blinds to give your home a luxurious look.
Casement Windows :-
Casement windows are vertical opening windows fixed with side mounted hinges. They are one of the most widely preferred window designs. They can be opened widely and provide better ventilation as compared to fixed windows. Casement windows also provide high security since they are very difficult to break and their hook shaped locks are embedded within the frame making them untouchable from outside.
Two Sash Windows :-
These are made up of movable panels known as sashes. Two sash windows have been in use since ages and still continue to be one of the most popular choices especially in traditional homes. It offers a perfect blend of utility and attractiveness .It provides double ventilation benefit as when both the sashes are opened, it provides a way for fresh, cool air to come inside while letting the warm air to exit the room from top.


Design the Perfect Room for Your Baby with Glass

As you get ready to welcome a new-born baby in your life and at your home, it is obvious that you must have given thought to how your baby’s room will look from the inside. The wallpapers, posters, paint, toys, and other accessories must be on the top of your list. However, while ensuring that the room’s interiors are spot on and infant-friendly, it should be noted that the architecture and exterior also plays a huge role in building the room’s ambience.
With the help of uPVC windows and modern day glass applications, you can provide a peaceful, healthy and friendly environment for your baby in his or her room where the child can play, sleep, and pretty much spend most of his nascent life. You should keep in mind various factors and attributes that make a great nursery room for your baby, such as safety, comfortable temperature, lack of solar radiation, proper lighting, and protection from outdoor noise. uPVC solutions help you put a check against all these parameters on the list.
uPVC Window
What is uPVC?
uPVC stands for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, a versatile polymer that is one of the most preferred and beneficial window framing solutions in use. uPVC is available in degree of colours and is very low maintenance as compared to other traditional profiles, such as wood or aluminium. Also, it has very high shelf life, and is aesthetically extremely sound. What’s more, uPVC also offers other advantages necessary for a modern house, such as noise-cancellation, energy efficiency, safety, and security.
What are the various uPVC window solutions that are perfect for a new-born’s room?
With the right match of glass and uPVC profiles, you can create a highly functional living space for your baby.
You can install energy-saving uPVC windows which help you cut down on energy bills by keeping the interior of your baby’s room comfortable and cool in the harsh summers. Glass solutions, such as AIS Ecosense, can help you provide 40-50% protection from outside heat, and filter out the harmful UV radiation.
You can protect your baby from external noise and disturbances by installing noise-cancelling uPVC windows. Specialized acoustic glazing helps in trimming down noise levels by up to 42 dB.
With the help of impact-proof toughened glass solutions installed with robust uPVC framing, you can rest assured that your child will stay safe in his or her nursery. Even if toughened glass shatters, it breaks into harmless micro-granules that rarely cause injury.

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