Myths about Reflective Glass

The fascinating tales of unicorns and mermaids are often the highlights of our childhood, where such stories continuously played with our imaginations. However, as we grew up, reality taught us that they were nothing but myths. But who can blame this? What cannot be explained often turns into conspiracies and myths. As a renowned author and poet, John J. Geddes had said, “Myths aren’t fairy tales or legends – they’re an honest attempt to explain mysteries.”

Myths aren’t just about magical creatures or a dystopian life, as you can hear about them even today, especially when anything new arrives to break the norm. In architecture, innovations happen every day, but as these new products arrive in the market, they’re often waved off with myths and disbeliefs due to the lack of usage. In modern-day architecture, one such product that has a lot of myths circulating the market is reflective glass.

Reflective Glass: Popularity and Misconceptions Go Hand-in-Hand

Contemporary spaces are all about creating the right blend of style and practicality, and glass is integral to this. Today, glass is not about fragility but rather about smart engineering and efficient usage, as glass structures can be designed for offering a sense of luxury while simultaneously providing benefits such as privacy, temperature regulation, security, etc.

Modern homeowners often opt for glass panels, doors, chambers, sliders, etc. to give their space a minimal yet luxurious tone. A significant part of this is reflective glass, with its numerous benefits and sleek design. Its practicality and wide availability have made reflective glass a go-to for many vehicles, businesses, and homeowners as well, especially since renovators or architects themselves often recommend it. However, since it is still relatively new, several myths surround it and its implementation in modern spaces. However, it is time to bust these myths, so let’s take a look at what they are and why they aren’t true.

The Myths Debunked

Reflective Glass is an Unworthy Investment

One of the most common myths about reflective glass is how it is an utter waste of money since it often turns purple, bubbles are spread throughout the film, or simply because they haven’t been built to last forever. However, we’ve all heard the adage, “nothing lasts forever,” which obviously applies to this as well. However, such claims about this glass can only be true when they’re installed without professional help. When installed properly, reflective glass can last almost two decades while providing you with numerous benefits such as maintaining privacy, low-maintenance, controlling the sun’s glare that enters your space, and more.

Age is a Reflective Glass’ Enemy

People usually prefer to purchase long-lasting, durable materials when decorating or establishing their space. While this applies to almost every material, many completely disband reflective glass of being the same and blatantly blame it for not being long-lasting. It’s the opposite, as a professionally-installed, high-quality one will actually last you quite long, and it will even continue to be sleek and beautiful, rather than its colours fading away. 

All Show and No Go

Another common myth about reflective glass that is quite common among many homeowners is how it is just for cosmetic purposes and only adds to the appearance of a space. That is largely untrue because reflective glasses provide several benefits that make them a necessary choice for many modern homes. Firstly, reflective glasses are the perfect solution for maintaining privacy since those on the outside cannot see through them. Secondly, they reduce the amount of glare that enters your space, blocking out the harmful UV rays. Thirdly, they’re also available with a low-E coating, which will help your space earn Energy Star and LEED credits as well. These are just a few of the many benefits of installing reflective glass.

Reflective Glasses are Tough to Clean

Many also consider reflective glass to be problematic when it comes to maintenance and cleaning. That’s yet another myth that makes no sense, as they can be cleaned the same way as other glasses. The only thing to be kept in mind is to check the specifications of the film for detailed instructions. Other than that, your cleaning routine will be the same, irrespective of the installed reflective glass.

AIS Glass for Expert Glass Solutions

Now that the myths are done and dusted, it is pretty clear how good reflective glass really is. If you wish to purchase it, then AIS Glass is here to provide you with best-in-class products and expert solutions. As India’s leading integrated glass manufacturer, our team of experts at AIS Glass offers unrivalled 360-degree solutions in glass products and allied services. Our AIS SunShield is a premium-quality heat-reflective glass ideal for a wide variety of architectural applications and available in varying shades, sizes, and thicknesses. So, contact us today for a hassle-free purchase!


Reflective Glass: Add More Elegance and Modernity to Your Home

Over the years, the meaning of ‘home’ has changed manifold. Now, a ‘home’ has more character, personality, and functionality than ever before. To match the fast-paced lives of city dwellers, urban homes have become more open and much smarter.

Yet, many problems persist. Most homes lack appropriate fenestrations, designs, etc. to handle the ever-rising global temperature and climate change. Meanwhile, our energy consumption rates are skyrocketing with increased reliance on heating and cooling systems.

Needless to say, energy-efficiency is the need of the hour and it calls for a transformation – a transformation best offered by glass! As renowned French-Swedish architect, Le Corbusier, puts it, “Modern life demands, and is waiting for, a new kind of plan, both for the house and the city.”

So how can glass change modern homes? Let’s find out.

What is Reflective Glass?

One of the pioneer glasses in energy-efficiency and high-performance is reflective glass. It is a type of annealed or float glass that comes with a thin layer of metallic or metallic-oxide coating. The protective metallic coating gives it a one-way mirror effect, obstructing visibility to provide privacy.

Reflective glass can absorb and reflect harmful infrared and UV rays to lower heat gain. And it has excellent solar control properties to protect against excessive solar glare. However, it does allow natural light to pass through, offering optimal daylighting.

Apart from these benefits, there are multiple ways in which reflective glass can transform your home.

Energy-Efficient Fenestrations

Did you know that 90% of heat gain happens through windows and doors? To prevent your home from feeling like a sauna, you can use reflective glass for fenestration. This is because it lowers heat gain as well as the differential in temperature to provide a cosy ambience.

It will absorb and reflect a significant amount of the outside heat and keep you cool during the summers! What’s more, you can bring down your energy bills by cutting down the use of artificial lighting, and heating and cooling systems.

Optimal Glare Management

Solar glare causes more harm than you think. Did you know that excessive exposure to solar glare can harm your eyesight? However, with reflective glass, you can keep those harms at bay.

As reflective glass impacts Visible Light Transmittance (VLT), it reduces solar glare but allows natural light to flood in. It also reflects a significant portion of the harmful solar radiation, offering excellent glare management.

Superior Daylighting

With reflective glass, you get to enjoy the two primary benefits of daylighting, that is, reduced reliance on artificial lighting and lowered electricity costs. It allows natural light to pass through, creating brighter and cheerful interiors throughout the day.

Moreover, reflective glass distributes the diffused light across the space to reduce solar glare while keeping the indoors smelling fresh and airy. Besides, daylight has a direct impact on your productivity, mood, and overall well-being. So, premium daylighting means premium health!

Perfect Privacy Solution

Quit worrying about nosy strangers and peeping-toms by installing reflective glass windows. Thanks to the protective coating on their surface, they offer 100% visual privacy during the day. You do not need to add curtains or blinds as it completely obscures visibility.

Anyone outside your home will not be able to see the inside as it obstructs one-way visibility. However, you can have an unobstructed view of the outside without worrying about privacy violations. Indeed, it is a perfect privacy solution.

Aesthetic Galore

The versatility of reflective glass is no joke! From tints, patterns to a vast variety of shades, there are a plethora of design options to choose from. Architects and interior designers can set new benchmarks in design, style, and comfort with reflective glass.

Moreover, it works well with several architectural elements, from metal panels, spandrels, to frames. It is a dynamic architectural element in that its appearance changes with any change in the sky. Best of all, it has a natural sheen and glossy finish, making it a visual delight.

Over to You

To sum up reflective glass in a phrase – it is the ideal blend of form and function. As you can see, reflective glass offers a wide range of benefits without compromising on style. It is the perfect glazing solution for energy-efficiency, daylighting, solar control, etc. Moreover, you can use reflective glass for several applications, such as windows, façades, skylights, balustrades, and more.

If you are looking for top-quality reflective glass, then AIS Supersilver heat reflective glass is a perfect choice. It is suitable for solar, thermal, and acoustic insulation.

About AIS Glass

AIS Glass – India’s leading integrated glass manufacturing company – offers end-to-end solutions for all your architectural glass needs. We offer a wide range of top-quality glass solutions to meet the needs of various applications across industries. Our portfolio of comprehensive glass solutions boasts of high-performance glass, reflective glass, lacquered glass, tinted glass, clear glass, and more!

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What Is Reflective Glass and Its Uses

“We can’t just consume our way to a more sustainable world.”

Every year, around 37 billion MT of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere as a result of human activities. For the Indian subcontinent already bearing the brunt of the tropical heat, this means more reliance on cooling systems and a staggering rise in energy bills.

Did you know that energy sectors account for about two-thirds of all carbon emissions? So, if we can find a way to lower our energy consumption, we can combat the effects of the rising global warming.

And one way to achieve this is through the use of reflective glass.

What Is Reflective Glass?

Reflective glass is a type of annealed or standard glass that has a thin layer of metallic or metallic oxide coating. Since this coating is applied to only one side of the glass, it has a mirror-like appearance.

This reflective coating is applied during the float process to enhance the amount of heat reflected by the glass. It can absorb and reflect the harmful UV and infrared rays of the sun, yet allows natural visible light to pass through. It also prevents excessive solar glare.

Reflective glass comes with several benefits, as discussed below.

Optimal Daylight and Glare Management

Incorporation of reflective glass windows in structural designs can enhance daylighting conditions. They can redirect natural light to minimise the areas that receive strong solar glare.

Besides, the diffused light is distributed across the room, offering brighter indoors. And at the same time, it prevents excessive heat gain to keep the interiors cooler.

Privacy Solutions

Thanks to its mirror-like appearance, reflective glass impairs visibility on one side. As a result, one cannot look through the coated side but can look through the other.

This characteristic can work well for providing privacy solutions – for the outsiders, the glass will appear opaque, while for those on the inside, it will seem transparent.


The reflective coating on the glass prevents excessive heat gain and solar glare, lowering the amount of variations in the interior temperatures.

As a result, you get a comfortable and cosy ambience without relying on AC or heating units.

You can maintain optimum indoor temperature while keeping your energy consumption at low and saving on the energy costs when you get reflective glass windows installed.

Premium Aesthetics

From design’s standpoint, reflective glass offers endless possibilities. Available in a range of colours, from bronze, green, dark grey to silver and dark blue, it is flexible with several interior and exterior décor styles.

It can be combined with tinted or clear glass to create visually stunning architectural elements. And to achieve that natural sheen and shimmer, its one-way mirror-like appearance does the trick.

Moreover, reflective glass windows can be coordinated with the building’s framework, metal panels, stonework, spandrels, etc. to ensure a harmony of design.

Where Can it be Used?

Primarily, reflective glass solutions are used to combat the rising rate of energy consumption – as it blocks the solar heat and glare from entering inside. In several architectural designs, they are used as green, sustainable elements for their high performance against heat ingress and delectable visual appeal.

Here are some common applications of reflective glass.

Structural Façade Glazing

For building façade, nothing works better than glass – glimmering as the sun hits its surface, reflecting the changing sky; truly, a visual masterpiece. Yet, at the same time, the building’s interiors can suffer from solar glare and overheating.

This is why most structural façade glazing is done using reflective glass. It minimises heat ingress and solar glare to lower reliance on AC units, keeping the indoors cooler throughout the day.

In the range of products offered by AIS Glass, AIS Opal is a perfect fit for structural façade glazing. It offers premium solar-control properties to keep the building’s interiors from heating up.

Glass Windows

In residential and commercial structures, around 90% of the heat enters through windows. To counter this, reflective glass windows are installed for their effective solar-control properties.

They block out UV and IR rays, excessive heat from seeping in while allowing natural light to flood the interior space – offering brighter and expansive looking indoors. You get optimum daylighting without the disadvantage of overheating.


While brilliant for daylighting needs and facilitating indoor-outdoor living, skylights can increase interior heating after being exposed to the sun 24×7.

Therefore, to reduce overheating and solar glare, skylights made of reflective glass windows work supremely well. Their solar control properties are extremely beneficial in absorbing the majority of UV rays falling on it, lowering heat gain in the process.

The Bottom Line

As an energy-efficient solution, reflective glass windows are extremely beneficial. They offer numerous advantages like optical comfort, daylighting, energy savings, enhanced privacy, premium aesthetics, and flexibility of design to its users. And they’re suitable for several internal and external glazing applications.

Choose AIS Glass!

At AIS Glass, we offer high-quality glazing solutions for all your architectural needs. You can choose from a diverse range of best-in-class, customisable products. We offer world-class quality reflective glass in various shades, style, sizes, and thicknesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Reflective Glass Windows

The inimitable effect of glass in architectural designs is testament to its effectiveness in providing uniqueness to structures. Glass offers the perfect solution to all your architectural needs; with its incredible customisable properties, it can fit your aesthetics to the T.

As environment friendliness is the need of the hour, the heat-reflecting property of reflective glass windows can be used to ensure thermal control and decrease energy consumption. Reflective glass windows meet the requirements of India’s tropical climate without compromising on aesthetic appeal. Their protective glazing can absorb the heat and reduce solar glare from causing discomfort to the occupants. They also aid in maintaining proper room temperature inside the buildings. Reflective glass windows are the ultimate option for a sustainable living.

What Are Reflective Glass Windows?

Reflective glass windows are coated with a thin layer of metallic glazing which has heat reflecting properties. Such a coating on glass prevents solar radiation through a selective spectral filtering and allows only natural sunlight to pass through. Reflective glass windows also provide filtering of harmful solar radiation and glare through absorption. Thus, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of natural daylight inside your homes and offices without the concern of harmful UV rays. AIS Glass offers customised reflective glass windows with a wide range of products. Our variants come with hard-coated glass and in different patterns to help you make the right aesthetic choice.

These reflective glass windows are highly durable and long-lasting; with world-class solar control technology, they can block excessive heat in the summer months and preserve warmth in the winter months. For a country like India, with its tropical climate woes, reflective glass windows can be an excellent alternative for an eco-sensitive, sustainable living space. For architects and interior designers, such windows present ample opportunity for a master creation.

What Type of Coating Is Used on Reflective Glass?

A metallic coating is applied on the surface of reflective glass which blocks heat and controls solar radiation. In the age of green buildings, more and more emphasis is being given to eco-friendly technologies that can effectively reduce energy consumption without compromising on the aesthetic sensibility of the structures. Reflective glass windows, with their mirror-like finish and colourful metallic glazing, can add an excellent decorative touch to your house and office designs. AIS Opal Trendz is one such patterned reflective glass which provides an effective glazing solution with its variety of colour and style options.

How do Reflective Glass Windows Work?

The unique metallic coating on reflective glass windows blocks external heat from entering indoors and in effect sustains a favourable temperature for the occupants. Since reflective glass does not rely on electricity, its properties will not be affected by any power outage. Your reflective glass windows will absorb the harmful rays of the sun and reflect excessive glare while keeping the indoor temperature favourable. AIS Glass products like the AIS heat-strengthened glass is made with a superior process where the glass is slow-heated and slow-cooled to withstand high temperature differentials for high performance.

Reflective glass windows are not like a reflective mirror but they give the illusion of one. This quality makes them an effective stylistic choice for exterior applications. Shining, shimmering glass buildings are all the rage today. Architects and Interior designers can use this quality of reflective glass windows to create some exciting structural designs.

What Are the Benefits of Using Reflective Glass Windows?

As mentioned above, reflective glass windows are beneficial in numerous ways. Their solar control technology is a one-way solution to prevent colour fading in carpets, curtains, and furniture. The heat-reflecting property of the glass ensures that you get optimal sunlight without any harsh glare of solar radiation. They also help in making your homes and offices more eco-sensitive. Reflective glass windows can help in the reduction of energy consumption throughout the year. Visual and thermal comfort is also offered in both hot and cold weather; a quality which further solidifies its high-end functionality.

A significant use of reflective glass windows is for matters of privacy. Outsiders cannot look inside, through the glass; however, the insiders will have a clear view of the outside world. Another wonderful benefit of using reflective glass windows, especially for exteriors, is the beautiful reflections it will present when the sunlight bounces off it. Your home or office building will be shimmering with light, offering a spell-binding view to the spectator. Nothing can compare to the shine of reflective glass windows.

Why Use AIS Reflective Glass Windows?

AIS Glass provides reflective glass windows with customisable options to suit your architectural needs. You can consult our experts to ensure correct thickness and tint for your glass requirements. Reflective glass windows like the AIS Sunshield Trendz, AIS Opal, and AIS Heat-Strengthened glass will provide a dynamic colour palette for trendy exterior and interior applications. Available in a wide range of exciting products with different application benefits, we provide efficient heat-reflecting technology for optimal usage. AIS Glass specialises in highly durable, trendy, and value-for-money products with superior performance quality. We also offer glass processing as per your requirements. Contact us today to learn more!


Choosing an Ideal Reflective Glass: Aesthetics meets Functionality

The world of glass is an ethereal one indeed. There is a glass solution to meet every unique need. Be it that of strength, privacy, security, acoustic-insulation, or energy-efficiency; glass fulfills them all in style. And in this awe-inspiring universe of glass, reflective glass holds a significant place due to its superior aesthetics and stellar functionalities. After all, it allows buildings to achieve a great visual appeal while providing thermal comfort along with energy-efficiency.

What Is Reflective Glass?

Reflective glass is float glass with a thin metallic coating that provides it with a darker shade that helps combat solar glare. Reflective glass has diverse applications in both residential buildings as well as commercial enclaves. The interior applications include display cabinets, display windows, high-quality photo frames, table-tops, wardrobes, etc. The exterior applications include commercial façades, shop displays, restaurant fronts, air traffic control towers, petrol bunk windows, etc.

Reflective Glass: Perfect Blend of Aesthetics and Functionality

As discussed, reflective glass is a versatile material with multifarious applications. It is the perfect amalgamation of aesthetics and functionality. Let us understand a few of the key benefits of installing reflective glass in your home or office –

Optical Comfort

Tinted reflective glass undoubtedly encourages a more soothing atmosphere inside a building by reducing the solar glare along with providing a bold and sharp appearance to its façade. This type of glass allows for optimal sunlight filtration and hue neutrality that further eliminates the need to install blinds or window shutters. Reflective glass manufactured with a Low-E coating increases optical comfort and also makes the building more energy-efficient.

Colour Diversity

Reflective glass is available in varied hues such as bronze, silver, dark grey, green, dark blue, etc. You can choose the hue that aligns with the colour of your building’s framing, stonework, and metal panes. These hues protect your interiors from absorbing harmful UV rays and also significantly reduce the HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning unit) costs.

Ensures Privacy

The metallic coating on the glass surface provides a one-way mirror effect, rendering it opaque for people standing on the outside looking in. This allows for privacy while letting you or your guests or employees take advantage of the panoramic view of the outside. People and vehicles on the opposite side can simply see a reflection of themselves on the surface of such buildings.

Summer Comfort

Reflective glass allows for tonnes of natural light to shower in without absorbing any of the scorching heat that can make you uncomfortable. This treated glass surface allows light to reflect through but reflects away the heat the said light brings. This makes dwelling very comfortable, especially during the sweltering summer months.

Variety of Options to Choose From

Now that you have learned about the many benefits of reflective glass, you must be wondering about the variants. This type of glass comes in four major variants and is capable of addressing all your performance and design needs.

Opal Solar Control Reflective Glass

This type of reflective glass can be used for home and office exteriors as it cuts heat from your buildings. Opal is a popular choice for heat reflection and is available in several hues, thus enhancing the visual appeal to the building’s façade. This solar control glass comes in shades of royal blue, bronze, pearly grey, aqua blue, golden white and cool green. It is also available in a wide range of sizes and density. 

Ecosense Reflective Glass

Ecosense offers exceptional thermal comfort, reduces heat and UV absorption and makes your building energy-efficient. It is the ultimate amalgamation that provides optimum daylighting and aesthetics. This is a high-performance reflective glass and is specially designed to meet the requirement of every Indian customer who needs cooling more than heating. Ecosense can be installed in differing shades of blue and green. It can also be installed without any colour – clear reflective glass.

Super Silver Reflective Glass

Super silver is a heat reflective glazing solution manufactured through the process of CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition). CVD technology for making this type of reflective glass is far superior to the traditional spray-coated reflective glass available in the market. Super silver glass reduces solar glare and provides thermal as well as optical comfort inside the building. This glass reflects light during the day giving it one-sided mirror properties that also provide privacy to people inside. Super silver glass is available in various colours, sizes, and thickness.

Sunshield Reflective Glass

If you live or work in a particularly hot location then Sunshield glass is for you. Its strong coating provides a building with ultimate cooling comfort. Sunshield can be installed in several colours, thickness and sizes. It allows the light to reflect through without absorbing the heat and also helps provide solid protection against UV rays.

Get the Best of Reflective Glass at AIS Glass

Can’t decide which type of reflective glass to choose from? Turn to AIS Glass for all your reflective glass-related woes. We offer the aforementioned variety of reflective glass in several colours and customized sizes and thickness. Experience optimal daylight and glare management and keep unwanted heat at bay with AIS Glass’ innovative glass solutions. Get in touch today!


Different Uses of Reflective Glass

Reflective glass holds a significant place in the awe-inspiring universe of glass due to its superior aesthetics and stellar functionalities. It protects against solar glare, contributes to architectural aesthetics, and energy efficiency. The reflective glass reflects away a greater amount of heat as compared to ordinary float glass and is also less prone to thermal breakage.

What Is Reflective Glass?

Reflective glass is standard float or annealed glass with a thin metallic coating that provides it with a darker hue. The primary benefit of this type of glass is to help combat excessive solar glare. There are two methods through which reflective glass is manufactured.

1) Production Pyrolitic (On-Line)

In this method, the metal oxides responsible for tinting or shading are directly applied to the hot glass while it is still inside the annealing lehr (furnace). The coating is fused with the glass when the furnace is at around 1200°C. This process provides the glass pane strength and durability; it can be easily cut, drilled, heat strengthened or toughened afterwards. Coatings applied in this manner are called hard coatings and are relatively more sustainable and eco-friendly. This method is also cost-effective.

2) Vacuum (Magnetron) Process (Off-Line)

In this method, one or more metal oxide coatings is applied to finished glass by creating a vacuum. These coatings are softer and more susceptible to damage, which is why they are applied on the inner side of the glass panels. Their low resistance makes them more usable for double glazing. These soft coats are relatively more expensive as opposed to hard coats provided by the pyrolytic glass.  

Benefits of Reflective Glass

As seen above, Reflective glass is a versatile material with multiple applications. Its prime advantage is that of significantly reducing solar glare absorption, but that is not all. Listed below are a few key benefits of installing reflective glass at your home or office.

Optical comfort

Coated reflective glass undoubtedly provides a more soothing atmosphere inside an office space by reducing the harsh solar glare. It is designed specifically for optimal sunlight infiltration. The tint or hue further eliminates the need to install blinds or window shutters inside a room, which means you get an enhanced sense of space. Reflective glass manufactured with a Low-E coating increases optical comfort and makes the building more energy-efficient. Energy efficiency makes a structure more sustainable, reduces energy bills, provides enhanced thermal comfort, reduces the need for artificial lighting, and much more.

Varied colour choices

Reflective glass is available in various shades such as bronze, silver, dark grey, green, dark blue, etc. You can choose a shade that best aligns with the colour of your structure’s framing, panelling, stonework, etc. Reflective glass panes also significantly reduce the HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning unit) costs and also enhancing their lifespan. 

Ensures privacy

A certain type of thin metallic coating on the glass’s surface can also provide it with a one-way mirror effect, rendering it opaque for people standing on the outside looking in. This gives people on the inside of the glass structure privacy while letting them take advantage of the panoramic views of their external surroundings. People and vehicles on the outside can only see a reflection of themselves on the surface of such buildings.

Summer comfort

Reflective surfaces cut back on the solar glare and scorching heat but allow for tonnes of natural light to pass through, enhancing overall thermal comfort inside a building. This makes dwelling behind reflective glass very comfortable, especially during the sweltering summer months. If you work or live inside a structure that in the direct line of solar glare, reflective glass is the perfect solution for you.

Unsung health benefits

The hues on the reflective glass are not just for show. The coating protects the interiors of your building from absorbing harmful ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) rays. This is not only beneficial for you but also your furnishings like upholstery, carpets, rugs, etc. Exposure to harsh sunlight routinely can cause these furnishings to fade quickly.  

Applications of Reflective Glass

Glass with reflective coatings has found several applications in architecture. These coatings have high reflectance that provides UV and IR protection. Listed below are some of its applications for your reference. 

Exterior applications

Reflective glass is widely used in exteriors of commercial façades, shopping malls, educational institutions, stand-alone storefronts, air traffic control towers, restaurants, hotel rooms, petrol bunk windows, and much more.    

Interior Applications

Interior applications of reflective glass include picture framing, display cabinets, display windows, tabletops, wardrobes, machine control rooms, smaller residential windows, township community centres or clubhouses, etc. 

 The Bottom Line

Looking to get reflective glass panes installed? Turn to AIS Glassxperts for all your glass-related woes. We offer high-quality reflective glass in several colours, sizes and thicknesses. AIS Glasxperts has been one of the leading glass manufacturers in India for over 30 decades. We provide end-to-end services with quick turnaround time. Log on to our website or give us a call to get a customised quote today!