5 Misconceptions about using Mirror Glass at Home

From the monumental Hall of Mirrors at Versaillesto the astronomic marvel Burj Khalifa in Dubai, few architectural elements can compete with the mirror blaze.

Especially nowadays, mirrors have taken over modern décor like no other design element. Versatile and classy, they can spruce up your indoors to create a visual look you will want to flaunt.

You can use a large mirror to create a focal point or add depth to small rooms and dark corners. However, to create unmatched visual appeal, your best bet is to use mirrors as decorative elements. But unfortunately, not many know the myriad of benefits mirrors provide, because misinformation around them remain in circulation.

Below, we debunk five common misconceptions about using mirror glass at home.

#1 Mirror Glass Breaks Easily

Maybe a decade back, they did. But mirrors today are built more durable, thanks to the advancement in technology. Nonetheless, the longevity of mirror glass will depend mainly on the quality of the built, as well as how you maintain it over time. Good for you, mirrors do not require extreme care. You only need to wipe the mirror glass surface with a cleaning solution, to keep it looking brand new.

That said, mirrors can still break when met with force or impact. However, when installed securely, you can leave your worries to the wind!

#2 Mirror Glass Rusts Quickly

Mirrors with copper coating are usually the ones to rust over time. Primarily because copper oxidises when exposed to moisture and wears away.

This often causes a brownish stain or a thin layer of tarnish to appear on the mirror glass surface, mostly edges. As a result, the optical clarity of the mirror is compromised. However, if you use mirrors manufactured with protective coatings, you can avoid rusty mirror surfaces easily.

#3 Mirrors Are Inauspicious

A widely spread misbelief about mirror glass is how it invites negativity in homes, especially cracked or broken mirrors, which apparently symbolise “seven years of bad luck.” But in truth, Romans started the superstition only to make people take better care of their mirrors, which at the time were brittle but expensive.

In contrast, Vaastu Shastra – the Indian “Science of Architecture” – accords immense importance to the use of mirrors at homes. When placed strategically, mirror glass is said to become a source of positivity and better health. To that end, you should always use square or rectangular mirrors to improve the Vaastu component of your home naturally. 

#4 Mirrors Lack Style Flexibility 

Because mirrors are primarily used as looking glass, few know how to use them for décor purposes. However, you can use mirror glass in a host of creative ways to build visual interest. Play with shapes and sizes to find one which suits your taste; the market is full of ornately crafted mirror pieces ready for use.

Not only for minimalistic or contemporary styles, but mirrors will also be compatible with any aesthetic of your choice. Go for a mirror outlined with LED lights in bathrooms to mix premium aesthetics with functionality. Or else, rock a statement mirror in the old style to achieve a rustic, timeless ambience. In any case, mirrors will work significantly to alleviate your home décor. 

#5 Mirror Glass Reflects Too Much Light

Because mirrors reflect natural light, they are often used to make smaller spaces appear more expansive. However, some homeowners hesitate to use them in fears of increased indoor heat. While mirrors can increase the natural light cast inside, they only do so when placed in front of the light source.

The key is to position them in a way that amplifies the natural elements. Got a room without fenestrations? You can place mirror glass near a bulb or lamp source to double up the brightness naturally. Moreover, the reflective nature of mirrors can expand the space visually and add a sense of depth to any dark corners.

How to Spruce Up Your Home Décor with Mirror Glass

Now that we have debunked common misconceptions about mirrors, here are a few tips to help you make the most of them:

Always Complement Décor – Other than the light sources, you can use mirrors to reflect angular spaces in your homes. Mirrors can accentuate your home architecture to create excellent visual appeal.

Hang, But Not Too High – As a rule of thumb – always hang a mirror at eye level and use professional help to secure them safely in place. But if you do not want to hang the mirror glass, try propping up a statement mirror against a wall.

Ready to Buy?

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5 Design Tips to Use Mirrors for Interior Design

Isn’t it astounding how a mirror entirely amps up a space by providing it dimension and depth? From energy to luxury to the visual tricks, mirrors with bespoke designs can make a massive difference in the overall appearance of any room. Besides, given the handiness of mirrors, we take the liberty to say — mirrors are highly underrated interior decor pieces.

Below are five of our top design tips to put mirror glass to use for accentuating the beauty of your space while making the most out of them.

Placement is Key

When decorating your home with mirror glass, you don’t wish to miss any opportunity to squeeze the maximum out of this sparkly and one-of-its-kind décor piece. So, it all comes down to where and how you place a mirror.

The height at which the mirror is installed in conjunction with what it reflects, greatly influence the visual appeal of the space. If the mirror glass, for example, reflects a sloping ceiling, it is not the most flattering sight to behold. So, use mirrors to deflect attention away from any awkward or unpleasing spot of the room. Place it thoughtfully at a height to emphasise more on the plus points of the room. When placed strategically, they can become statement fillers in small but significant places that are too tiny for a piece of furniture.

Let There be Space!

For those of you looking for space and light, mirror glass turns out to be of use when installed in a small room or a narrow corridor. Go with oversize mirrors or other large wall mirrors to capture as much light as possible to give an expansive illusion to the room. In fact, mirrors can be placed as windows in a windowless room to make it brighter and instantly bigger.

Adding mirrors make light and images bounce off from different angles them and thus, imparting a sense of space in the interiors. A mirror distributes space and light in a way that contributes to the depth and energy of the room. This makes rooms look bigger and more spacious than they actually are.

Make the Mirror the Centre of All Attention

Without a shiny console or opulent furniture, a room tends to look dull and uninteresting. So, an essentially bare room can benefit from mirror glass as its architectural focal point.

A large mirror with an extensive frame can offer drama and playfulness to the room. While a more modern and distinct look can be achieved with a round mirror, for example, having golden or metallic detailing giving off that vintage vibe. Also, if the room has some focal point, a well-placed mirror can exaggerate its effect. Nonetheless, it is for you to decide how you wish to style the space to balance out all the elements of the room.

Besides, when it comes to decorative art, mirrors with unique and eccentric frames can well substitute paintings. Invest in lavish and fancy-framed mirrors to exude elegance, luxury, and style.

Breathe Life into Those Dingy Corners

Most of us have a room in our house or office that has windows brightening up the entire room, except for one particular corner of the room. This is where you can bring mirrors into the picture. See the light bouncing in the room when you install mirror glass behind a lamp or with mirrored wall art/furniture.

Besides, you can not only make use of artificial lights but can also exploit natural lighting with mirrors. Positioning a mirror opposite the window enables the outdoor scenery to reflect on the mirror, which illuminates the space while producing a scenic viewpoint. However, to ensure the longevity of the reflective surface of the mirror, make sure sunlight doesn’t dawn upon it directly.

With the thoughtful placement of mirrors, you can achieve a luminous and warm ambience. Invest in a frameless polished mirror or a sizable vintage-styled mirror glass, and you can thank us later.

Play around with Geometric Shapes

Traditional rectangular mirror glass is an all-time classic. But you must not shy away from experimenting with different shapes, sizes, and colours of mirrors.

The decor of your space is a representation of your unique taste and personality. So, if sobriety is your calling, go with a bevelled mirror or a large round unframed mirror.  On the other hand, if you like going overboard with your interiors, then help yourself with opulent and eccentric mirrors in unusual shapes. The point is — mirrors are not bound to have practical use always. Enhancing your house or office with eccentric mirrors can be the aesthetic highlight of the space as well.

Apart from using mirror glass to reflect our faces, there are more than a few ways to decorate and utilise any space with them. Contact AIS Glass today and design your room with mirrors that align with the interiors of the room to complement its decor. Our AIS Mirror is 100% distortion-free, eco-friendly, and incredibly long-lasting with a high precision flatness for true-to-size images.

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Sparkling Mirror Glass Ideas for Your Living Space

“Look in thy glass and tell the face thou viewest.” Since the time of Shakespeare, mirrors or reflective glass surfaces have enjoyed a unique pedestal – that of being the centre of sonnets and lyrical verses. Perhaps what must have fascinated these poets and literary artists is the shimmer and shine of these important vanity pieces wherein one can see themselves crystal-clear.

Important as they have been in their role of letting many a maiden know whether they’re the “fairest of them all,” contemporary mirror glass’ usage is not merely limited to the realm of vanity. Today, mirrors are crucial architectural and interior design focal points, which, when used strategically, can render an other-worldly charm to a space.

So, what does it take to transform your living space from drab to fab? In this case, some sparkling mirror glass, an expert designer at-hand, and a few fun ideas as those mentioned below. Take a look.

Oh Vanity of Vanities, Desire!

Dear vanity, we know you’re a deceptive friend and a faithful foe, yet what would we do without you! Before you dread hearing about a vanity mirror, first things first – nobody’s asking you to go bland and uninspiring with your vanity mirror décor! Go for classic round mirrors to soften sharp angles or highlight the sparkle of your mirror glass with a gilded frame. However, if you wish to go all out with your vanity mirror décor, the ideal option is to opt for an eye-catching sculptural frame that can double as art or antique vintage mirrors that may transport you back to the time of the Victorian aristocrats, the lucky few to enjoy staring at their reflections all day long. Finally, maybe you’re among those who do not shy away from some drama. If yes, then install some LED or marquee lights around the vanity setup for a significant luxe-contemporary vibe. Plus, with such a setup, you can apply your makeup better!

Ah! Let a Sparkling Mirror Greet the Guests

Depending on the orientation, placement, design, shape and size, a mirror can be used for various purposes, the primary of which is opening up spaces and creating the illusion of a larger surface area. Does your living area open up to a narrow hallway? There’s no need to starve for space when you can mock-create more with the help of sparkling mirror glass! Incline a tall mirror, perhaps, floor-to-ceiling against the wall that directly faces the hallway entrance. However, in case you need a little more edge, how about installing various small mirrors along the entire length of the hallway? 

Moreover, sparkling mirrors for such fixtures would go best with accompaniments like a tall flower vase, matching analogue clock, indoor plants, etc. You can also go for a set of oblong or misshapen mirrors to create a lasting first impression on the visitor. Smart placement of unconventionally-shaped mirrors with multiple eccentric edges can go a long way in elevating your hallway space and making it more enticing.

Let Your Bedroom Come to Life!

You do not want your most intimate space to be the one where you’re the only one that’s alive; let your bedroom come to life and have a mind and personality of its own! By placing a mirror in unconventional spots, you can give a quick overhaul to your bedroom’s appearance. Not only does this facilitate productivity but also creates a positive environment where all your chakras can function at their optimal.

One way to do this can be by using a long rectangular sparkling mirror glass to reflect light. Do not be afraid of innovation, as you can often be pleasantly surprised by the results. By pointing the oversized mirror glass towards an open window, you can bring in more natural light, making the space brighter, more cheery and pleasant in general. You can also install a sparkling mirror glass backed by LED lights to act as a soothing replacement for a night light and give a surreal vibe to your room.

Take a 180° Turn on Style

Want to make your house stand apart in terms of décor? How about installing sparkling mirror glass just above the fireplace? Too eccentric? Then, play it safe by incorporating mirror glass along the full-length of doors. Use mirrored table-tops or maybe get a custom-made cabinet or stand made purely of mirror glass. Words simply can’t create the magic that you will feel in-person!

No matter what you do, don’t be afraid of going a little overboard or unconventional as mirror glass provides plenty of room for creativity.

Choose AIS Mirror for One-of-its-Kind Designing Needs

To help you create the most stunning living space, AIS Glass is here at your rescue! Our AIS Mirror is a 100% distortion-free glass with an even surface for the best reflections. It is eco-friendly and sturdy enough to last you for generations. Get custom-cut mirror glass for all your designing needs! Get in touch with AIS Glass today.


Mirror Glass: The Most Versatile Home Décor Piece

Before mirrors, people used rivers, ponds, or other water streams to see their reflections. While the first mirror was produced in the third century A.D., the first modern mirror was not developed until the 19th century. But ever since then, mirrors have played essential roles in various aspects of human lives, from science and technology to home décor.

Mirror Glass as an Architectural Element

Often overlooked as an architectural element, mirror glass is mainly used for home decoration and as image reflectors for personal care. But mirrors are more than mere decorative pieces. They also serve various functional purposes.

Mirror glass is an excellent addition to create an illusion of space. When placed strategically, mirrors can make a room look more expansive and less stuffy. As mirrors reflect natural light, you can add them to any room and enjoy brighter, cheerful indoors. But most homeowners either do not know how to use mirrors or use them thoughtlessly.

Given how tricky mirrors can be, most homeowners find it challenging to use them for home decoration. Facing the same challenge? Here are the best ways you can style and place a mirror to elevate the overall visual appeal of your home.

How about Extracting Dual Benefits?

In 2020, mirrored furniture is back in style. Get mirrored display shelves, wardrobes, doors, nightstands, coffee tables, cupboards, or any other contemporary furniture, and they will work effortlessly. Often the main attraction in a room, mirror pieces can add depth and style to your space.

However, make sure not to use mirror pieces in a cluttered room. You can use mirrored furniture to light up smaller or darker rooms and nooks in your home instead. Add a touch of chic glam or understated elegance to your home with mirror glass.

Think Shape, Think Size

Get small decorative mirror pieces to accentuate the entryway or a decorative mirror piece with an ornate frame. You should always consider size as well as the shape of the mirror pieces. If you have a windowless wall or need a focal point in your room, use a larger mirror piece.

You can also layer a mirror piece with the wallpaper in your room and create a seamless style blend. Play with different shapes; instead of the classic square or oval, you can add odd-shaped mirror pieces for a touch of surprise and beautiful eccentricity.

Hang, but Thoughtfully

While mirror glass works fantastically to enhance the appearance of your home, it can be counterproductive if hung without a plan. For the best effect, mirrors should be placed opposite or at an angle from something you want to be reflected.

You can place them above mantles, in entryways, in galleries, or on accent walls to ramp up the visual appeal. But do not use mirrors only to fill an empty space. Plan out where to place the mirrors to improve daylighting and expand space optically.

Go the Extra Mile

Now, don’t be shy to put multiple mirrors on the same wall. You can use small mirror pieces to accentuate a dark wall, gallery, or staircase. As wall décor, mirror pieces can become the focal point of attraction, especially in a room with minimal clutter.

Get a different variety of frames, from metal accents to simple wood based on your style preference. You can experiment with different shapes and styles to create the mood you want. Be it vintage, ultra-modern, or contemporary décor – mirrors are highly versatile.

Style Matters

Different mirrors cater to different types of décor styles, which is why one must consider the desired style before making the purchase. You can choose any mirror style – edgy, modern, classic, rustic, or industrial to create a specific mood and character for your home.

For an ultra-modern, contemporary style, you can choose mirror pieces with metallic or wooden frames to create a chic and refine space. As for vintage or boho style, you can turn to simple, frameless mirror pieces and match them with vintage furniture. In any case, make sure they blend in with the overall home décor.

To Sum Up

Even in Vaastu Shastra as well as Feng Shui, mirror glass has been associated with positive energy and good health. When placed strategically, mirrors are believed to harness the energy of natural elements into your home for prosperity. If you want to improve your home’s visual appeal, a mirror piece is all you need.

Want to add mirror pieces to your home? Get premium-quality mirror glass from AIS Glass!

About AIS Glass

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How to Use Mirrors for the Elegant Look of the Bedroom?

 “Mirror, mirror on the wall, I see myself reflected in you, but is that all?”

Seldom, if ever, do we take time out of our decadent mirrors sitting luxuriously on our vanity tables to ponder over a question such as this. However, the charm of mirrors extends above and beyond their practical use as an aid for personal grooming. Strategically-placed mirrors can turn the tables on any dull-looking space, even one that is the most sacred and remains customarily hidden from the public eye – the bedroom.

Be it oversized or vanity-sized, ornate or plain, vintage or sleek, mirrors in all of their glory can double up light and accent pieces, deceive the eye in a good way, dictate the centre of the room, and even act as windows to windowless corners. If soft-coloured walls, muted flooring, a four-poster bed, and cosy floor-to-ceiling drapes have failed to meet your definition of an ultimate snooze sanctuary, then it’s probably the humble mirror that can fill the void.

First Things First: Feng Shui

When it comes to people and their relationship with their environments, the ancient Chinese art, science, or philosophy of ‘Feng Shui,’ which literally translates into ‘wind and water’ has a significant role to play. “If you create a balanced representation in your home, it can reflect how you’re reacting to outside experiences. It becomes a metaphor for everything in life,” explains Laura Cerrano of Feng Shui Manhattan. Based on the principle of balancing yin and yan energies, Feng Shui has much to say about the use of mirrors in a space, especially the bedroom. For instance – placing mirrors facing each other, installing a mirror above the bed, and positioning a mirror reflecting the bed are considered to be bad Feng Shui for a mix of practical and spiritual reasons. Clever Feng Shui use of mirrors can not only make your bedroom appear larger and brighter but can attract more of the right energy into your space, creating an abundance of calm and warmth. 

Accentuate the Beauty of Your Bedroom with Right Mirror Placements

Now that you know the basic rules, let’s work around them to discover the world of possibilities a modest mirror can open up for your homey refuge.

Go Big or Go Home

“Everything in a bedroom should contribute to an atmosphere of peace,” says New York interior design legend, Billy Baldwin. Does your bedroom look like a hot mess and make you feel smothered under the sheets despite being clutter-free? Then, the ideal way to open up your compact boudoir without disturbing the cocoon-like ambience would be to have a floor-to-ceiling mirror positioned next to a window. This simple trick can do wonders for your secret sanctuary, ushering in heaps of natural light while simultaneously giving an enlarged appearance to the space.

Not impressed with the idea of an oversized mirror sitting next to a window? Have one lean against one of the walls, and it will do the trick just as good, and what’s more, is that you can snap that perfect mirror selfie on your way out.

If You Wish, Go Bigger

If two heads are better than one, then why can’t two oversized mirrors be better than one ‘too’? However, a word of caution – do not place the mirrors willy-nilly around the room. “The worst thing a decorator can do is place mirrors so they’re reflecting random things in your home,” says expert interior designer Vanessa Deleon. For example – a full-length mirror reflecting an unattractive piece of furniture or a pile of clutter is a distasteful sight; the last thing on earth is to have two such mirrors doing the same. Deleon further adds, “You want a mirror to reflect a nice view or bounce light.” In case you’re confused and want to play it safe, position the two mirrors in a manner that they reflect the ceiling; this will add much depth and volume to the room.

Opt for Mirrored Furnishings

Want to meet two needs with a single deed? Then, drop the notion of an independent mirror altogether and have one incorporated onto the wardrobe or attached-bathroom door. Everything else aside, the topmost benefit of choosing such a mirrored-décor is that a single piece suffices; you need not worry about mixing and matching other items across the room to give the interiors of your ultimate snooze sanctuary a sense of completeness. Plus, what else could be more practical than picking out outfits from the wardrobe and instantly trying them out in front of the mirror attached to it? The same rule applies to a bedside table covered in a coating of crystal-clear mirror glass that becomes the focal point of the room.

Substitute the Idea of a Mirrored-Headboard

In case you are among those who follow the principles of Feng Shui religiously, there’s still room for you to enjoy mirror placements above your bed; just go a little off-centre. In lieu of a massive mirrored-headboard, have two slim rectangular pier mirrors installed on the walls extending to either side of the bed. To take the elegant vibe a step further, have small bedside cabinets in front of each mirror and place downward-focused standing lamps on each of the two cabinets. The calming effect will be all the more evident during the night time.

Ready to shop for premium-quality mirror glass that will enhance your bedroom’s elegance and promote quality hibernation? AIS Glass is here at your service! Our AIS Mirror is a distortion-free, eco-friendly, and copper-free mirror glass that is highly resistant to harsh cleaning products. Not just varied sizes and thicknesses, but AIS Mirror is even available in four unique colour shades to go along with the décor you have in mind for your personal space.

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A Complete Mirror Glass Buying Guide for Home

Often regarded as only grooming aids, mirrors are so much more than that! Nowadays, architects and interior designers are increasingly experimenting with home décor, and amongst the many things that have caught the fancy of architects and interior designers, mirror glass ranks among the highest. Nowadays, mirror glass is being utilised as a crucial decorative tool that can quickly transform the interior space of your home. 

History of Mirror

Before the modern mirror glass as we know it came to be, mirrors, in general, have been around for quite some time. The very first mirrors were probably the quiet pools of water, where people first started looking at their reflections. The earliest human-made mirrors were made from polished obsidian (volcanic glass) and were found in Turkey. These mirrors are dating back about 8,000 years. Along with this, there has also been evidence of different cultures, creating reflective mirrors at various times throughout history. For example, ancient Egyptians used polished copper to make mirrors, and in China, mirror makers crafted mirrors out of bronze. 

The silvered mirror glass that is used around the world now first got its start in Germany almost 200 years ago. In 1835, Justus von Liebig- a German chemist developed the process of applying a thin layer of metallic coating on one side of a clear glass pane. This technique was soon adopted by many and then subsequently improved upon, which led to the production of modern mirrors as we know it.

Mirror Glass: What is The Science Behind It?

A significant component of a mirror is glass; however, as glass is a poor reflector; it must be coated to make a mirror. Mirror glass is created by applying multiple layers or coatings of aluminium or silver to the backside of a float glass sheet or pane. This process of applying the metallic coating is called silvering. This metallic coating creates reflection. This is done because light reflects best from those surfaces which are opaque or non-diffusive. The modern manufacturing process of mirror glass begins with smoothening and flattening of the glass surface and then applying the metal coatings of uniform thickness on the inner side of the glass surface. While applying these metal coatings, utmost care and attention should be given because if even one of the coatings become thicker than the rest, the mirror glass will distort the reflection and make you look thinner or fatter or stretched than usual. If in any circumstance, the metallic coating ends up being scratched, the brightness will become uneven. On the other hand, if the metallic coating is applied too thin, you will be able to see through to the other side of the mirror, even if slightly.

A Plethora of Benefits of Mirror Glass

Mirror glass not only adds an aesthetic touch to your home, but it also brings with it a host of benefits, which is why they are the perfect addition to your home. Here are some of the benefits. 

Make the Rooms Appear Larger

If you have a small apartment or a small drawing-room, bathroom, bedroom, then a sure-shot way of making your space appear larger is to incorporate mirror glass into your interior décor. As mirrors reflect objects, an instant illusion of space and length can be created if the mirror glass is installed at the right place. This means that irrespective of how small your living space may be on square footage, mirror glass can make it appear bigger. You can install mirror glass on one side of your cramped corridors to give an illusion of space and make it seem less narrow. Another great way of using mirror glass is to install it above your bed, instead of portraits or pictures. This will make your bedroom appear larger than it is. You can also cover a single wall in your bathroom with mirror glass. This will not only make your bathroom appear more spacious, but it will also make the light bounce, making your bathroom look brighter. Placing mirrors strategically around your home can give your living space a spacious and airy vibe. 

Light Up Your Living Space          

Since mirrors reflect light, they are an excellent way to maximise a room’s lighting and brightness. If your home or one of the rooms is poorly lit or is gloomy, mirror glass can easily help remedy the situation. With carefully positioned mirrors, you can take advantage of the mirror glass’ reflective properties and optimally use whatever light you already have in your home. You can do this by placing two mirror glass facing each other on opposite sides of the room. This way, the artificial light or ambient light can get reflected off the glass surface, making the room brighter. If you have a magnificent chandelier, you can place a mirror around it so that its light spreads throughout your living space. Oversized mirror glass can reflect more substantial amounts of light, which is why you can use them as wall piece in place of artwork.

Furthermore, mirror glass can also help you spread natural light throughout your living space. You can do this by placing mirror glass on the same or adjacent walls of windows so that the natural sunlight can be reflected at an angle to brighten up the room. By optimising natural light inside your home with the help of mirror glass, you can reduce the usage of artificial lights, especially during the day. This will ensure that your home consumes less electricity, which will lead to you saving more on electricity bills. 

Tasteful Way to Hide Problems with Your Walls

Not every home or apartment is perfect. Your room’s wall could have a hole, or the wall could be damaged; in such a case, you may choose to call a masonry expert to have it fixed, but sometimes you might not get an immediate response from the expert. In such a situation, you can get an attractive mirror glass installed over it to conceal the area. The mirror glass will not only add a visual appeal to your home but will also protect the area from any further damage. This way, the mirror glass can prove to be an aesthetic solution that adds a touch of style to your home till you can get a reliable expert to get the wall fixed or patched over. 


Mirror glass can turn out to be an incredible addition to your home. They can be cut in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them a perfect fit for any home. Moreover, mirror glass can also be customised by using different ways like cutting, polishing, sizing, or edging. If you want a mirror glass of a specific size, you can get it customised as per your exact specifications so that it goes well with your home décor.

Make a Unique Style Statement: How to Use Mirror Glass at Home? 

Mirror glass is exceptional as a décor item as they can instantly make your home look chic and stylish. Most people think that a mantelpiece or a colourful painting can only become the focal point of a home. However, that’s not the case as mirror glass can also be used to make a style statement. An array of mirror glass cut in different shapes and sizes with decorative frames can be installed on a wall and make it the focal point of that room. Instead of using paintings that do nothing to open up space, you can use mirror glass behind your bed or the sofa. You can also use mirror glass strategically so that the reflection can bring attention to the beautiful vase or any other attractive element of your home. This way, the mirror glass can become an intelligent way to highlight the already-existing focal points of your room. 

Mirror glass can also change the way your bathroom looks. You can add a customised mirror glass installed over your bathroom vanity. You can also opt for recessed mirror glass cabinet in your bathroom. This can include shelving so that you can have space for storing your toiletries and cosmetics. You can play with the different décor possibilities with mirror glass and make your bathroom look more modern. 

Since mirror glass offers such extensive possibilities for personalisation, they can surely fit well with your stylistic tastes. Mirror glass oozes sleekness and is aesthetically pleasing, which is why they are excellent décor choices for those who love to experiment with their interior design. If you are thinking of remodelling your home or want to change the way it looks, it is the perfect time to work with mirror glass

The Right Choice: AIS Mirror

When you are looking to purchase mirror glass for your home, head to AIS Glass. AIS Glass is known to be India’s most significant and organised player in the architectural glass processing segment. Our mirror glass– AIS Mirror is a high-grade mirror glass due to its superior manufacturing process, and it lasts three times longer than conventional mirrors. The AIS Mirror is free of copper coatings which ensure that no oxidised stains appear. Our mirror glass is also environment-friendly as it is lead-free. Moreover, it offers unparalleled resistance to corrosion and ageing. Our product is also compatible with a vast range of adhesives. Furthermore, the AIS Mirror is also available in various sizes, and thickness options. We also offer you a complete 360-degree solution for all your glass needs.

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Different Ways How Custom Mirror Glass Can Improve Your Interiors

In the past few decades, architects and interior designers have started experimenting increasingly with their choice of home design and décor materials. Items once reserved for select buildings across the world can now be seen in almost every residential and commercial building. One of the most versatile and stylish materials being used increasingly in décor and designs is a mirror. While most people use mirrors while getting ready, they have immense applications in architecture and décor.

Mirrors are basically polished glass, i.e., when one surface of the glass is polished or coated to make it shiny and reflective, a mirror is created. Mirrors can be cut in a variety of sizes and shapes, making them perfect for even the most unconventional of buildings. They can be customised in various ways using methods like cutting, edging, polishing, or sizing. They are also aesthetically pleasing, and ooze sleekness and bold character, and hence are excellent for those who love to experiment with interior design. Moreover, they provide a variety of other benefits and are greatly maintenance free.

How Does Custom Mirror Glass Add Value to Your Building?

There are several unrivalled advantages of custom mirror glass that make it perfect for every building, regardless of its design or décor. Here are some ways mirrors enhance your building.

Add an Illusion of Extra Space

Some rooms in your home or office building might be very small. You may choose to tear down walls to make them look bigger, but a far easier and clever way to do so would be installing custom mirror glass throughout the room. Since mirrors reflect objects, an instant illusion of length and space is created if they are set at right angles. You can also install mirrors in constricted hallways to make them appear more spacious or wider. Overall, custom glass mirrors are an excellent way to add an illusion of space in your house without doing anything extravagant.

Light Your Building Better

Most people spend thousands on properly lighting their homes and offices, only to be left with a few dark and gloomy rooms. Since mirrors reflect light, they are an excellent way to light up almost every space. With carefully positioned mirrors, you might not have to install artificial lighting in every corner of your space. Even if you have a gorgeous chandelier or a bright lightbulb in one corner of your room, you can place a mirror around it to have its light spread throughout your space. Custom mirror glass, therefore, also ensures that your building consumes less electricity.

Make a Unique Décor Statement

Mirrors have been popular as décor items for decades. They make your space chic, bold, and pretty. Custom mirror glass can be cut into different shapes and sizes, fixed into frames, and installed in almost every wall of your house. Since mirrors offer such immense possibilities for personalisation, they are sure to fit in well with your stylistic tastes. They will instantly amp up the appeal of your home or office.

Quick Fix for Accidents

Did any of your building’s walls face heavy impact recently, and have been damaged as a result? You may choose to call a masonry expert and have your wall fixed, but this option will almost always be time-consuming; sometimes, you might not get an immediate response from the expert. In such a case, you can have a mirror cut into an attractive shape and fix it over your damaged wall. This way, you can not only hide imperfections but also protect the area from further damage, giving yourself more time to contact a reliable expert to fix it.

Provide Added Security

Many showrooms around the world have mirrors installed in various corners. These mirrors have a variety of stylistic and practical purposes, one of which is surveillance. With strategically-placed mirrors, you can have views of sensitive spaces within your home or office at all times. While you should not have to utilise a custom glass mirror in this way, it never hurts to have added security in your home.

If you have decided on having custom mirrors installed throughout your living or working space, contact AIS Glass. Our custom mirror glass is completely free of distortion, is environment-friendly, and lasts three times longer than regular mirrors. Since we do not use copper or lead to manufacture our mirrors, they are easily recyclable as well. AIS Mirror also does not turn brownish since no copper oxidation occurs. Even as it ages, it does not deteriorate or develop stains easily, which means you can clean it without much of a hassle.

For excellent-quality custom mirror glass for your homes and offices, get in touch with AIS Glass today!


Make Your Home to Look Larger With Mirror Glass

Mirrors are extraordinary things. They reflect the object standing in front of them without any malice. They tell it the way it is. No sugar coating, no lying; an accurate image of the object standing in front. However, they also hold enough power to give you an impression of that which is not.

Using mirror glass is the perfect way to make your home appear larger than it is. They can reflect both natural and artificial light to create an optical illusion for the human eye. Mirror glass can act as a highly efficient decorative tool for refined home décor. Moreover, their excellent light reflecting properties can make a room look more spacious, brighter and expansive. Here are some ways in which you can make your home appear larger with the use of mirror glass

Mirror! Mirror! on the Wall

Architects and interior designers have utilised the excellent reflective tendencies of mirror glass to brighten the interiors of numerous structures. This tendency provides the optical illusion necessary for creating a sense of false space inside a room. Placing mirror glass on walls opposite to a window will instantly light up the space in your room. You can experiment with all sorts of shapes and sizes to beautify your walls since mirror glass is flexible to use.

This also works exceptionally well with walls in the smaller rooms of your home. Spaces like kitchens and bathrooms can be made to appear extensive and spacious using this trick. You can cover a single wall in your bathroom to make the light bounce around. It will also serve you well for other grooming needs in the bathroom. Mirror glass placed opposite the entrance door in a kitchen or used on the surfaces of the cabinets will also fill out the spaces well.

Make Them Tall, Slender and Shimmering

Tall and slender mirror glass can be an excellent fashionable addition to your home. As they stand tall, they can be utilised to fill a corner or hidden spaces without making a visual mess with unnecessary room clutter. You can use a tall and slender mirror glass in your bedroom for your dressing needs. It will automatically brighten up your room by bouncing off light from its surface. Without overdoing it, mirror glass will stage your room to an extensive finish.

When placed strategically, a tall mirror draws the eye upwards to create an illusion of expansive space. You can set such mirror glass at the end of a hallway or in an alcove to bring out this illusion. Especially in a hallway, it can lend a sense of continuum and make the space feel lighter and larger. Mirror glass will reflect way excessive glare when placed in the living room since it is usually lit by the sunlight coming in from the windows. This way, you can make use of tall and slender mirror glass for bright shimmery solutions.

Go Big or Go Home

Don’t be afraid of making ‘big’ choices when it comes to mirror glass. Huge mirrors can work well with rooms which are already spacious. You can liven up your living or dining space by placing a mirror glass on the wall or by simply propping it up against one. They make for great ornamental pieces, especially with an antique design, for the interiors. Again, mirror glass can very easily light up the space to give a false sense of enlargement.

Big mirror glass has such a dramatic appeal. You can put it up on your bedroom wall, just above your bed, to illuminate the room without disrupting the cosy feel of it. Another effective way is to position it adjacent to your window. This will make sure that you get ample daylight in your bedroom while providing the illusion of depth, effortlessly.

Give Depth to Small Nooks

You can brighten up the darker nooks and corners of your house too. Mirror glass used in the hallways, in study spaces, and in areas that do not receive direct sunlight, can open up the spatial contours by lending them a sense of depth and continuity. Mirror glass placed above your study desk, on the surface of a hidden cabinet, or in your closet can work efficiently in enlarging the space. These darker spaces can seem gloomy and closed, but with a reflective surface, it can be altered to bright and roomy alternatives.

AIS Mirror is unlike other ordinary mirror glass due to its superior manufacturing process. It is a product which does not use lead and copper in its making. The product is eco-friendly and compatible with different kinds of adhesives. Such mirror glass stands for high-end functionality with stringent quality and strict resistance standards. It is a long-lasting, durable product that can last three times longer than conventional mirrors. We also offer customised solutions for all your structural needs. For more such products, contact us today!


All You Need to Know About One Way Glass

Best option for interiors? Glass! Best option for exteriors? Glass! Indeed, glass is one material that can transform your basic structural designs to sleek, elegant, and modern masterpieces. You can add so much oomph to your projects with the versatility of glass. There are also many different types of glass available in the market that can cater to all your architectural needs.

With the advancement in technology, glass has also undergone many changes. You can now get this material processed specifically for your requirements. This has significantly improved the sturdiness as well as the effectiveness of our designs.

An example of such advancement in glass solutions is the one way glass.

What is One Way Glass?

One way glass is also called a two-way mirror glass or a half-silvered mirror glass. One way glass is a kind of glass that is transparent on one side and reflective on the other, unlike standard glass, which is transparent on both sides. A thin, almost transparent metallic coating is applied on the surface one of the glass surfaces. This enables more light to penetrate through the coated surface as compared to the little amount of light that it reflects.

However, to work efficiently, one side of the mirror requires twice the amount of light that the other side is receiving. In this way, the darkened side can see through the brightly-lit side but not vice-versa. This is also a reason because of which the glass is called one way glass. For those on the bright side of the glass, it appears to be like any other mirror glass, but for those on the darker side, one way glass acts like a transparent glass.

Application of One Way Glass

One way glass has a wide number of use cases, as given below.

Privacy Matters

Don’t we all love opening up windows, early in the morning, to get that fresh gust of wind? Soaking in a little extra sunshine during the cold winter months? Modern designs are all about large glass windows. And when your house has large glass windows, privacy often gets compromised.

One way glass can help you balance privacy matters without cutting down on the benefits of daylight, fresh wind, and ventilation. Since the glass acts as a mirror on one side, the half-silvered side can be used for the exteriors. In this way, the outsiders will not be able to see inside but you will have a clear vision of the outside world. One way glass windows serve well for a one-way observation.

Glass Partitions

In the latest interior designs, more effort is being made to inculcate a sense of openness in the plans. Using one way glass for partitions in cabins or as walls is an excellent idea to promote a sense of openness while getting a broad view of what lies beyond the glass partition. This way you can monitor the activity around your office space without making the employees conscious of it.

Sliding Glass Doors          

To get a sense of extension, designers and architects make use of sliding glass doors that open up to a garden or patio. One way glass sliding doors are perfect for this. You will receive optimum daylight without exposing your living space. Since the glass is also highly durable, it will last you longer.

Low-E Automotive Windows

One way glass is often used to make automotive windows with low-E coating to provide protection against harmful solar glare and to block heat. Automobiles can get unusually hot when they are under the sun. This can cause major discomfort and reliance on the air-conditioner. To prevent this, one way glass windows are installed in automobiles.

Along with protection against harmful UV rays, one way glass windows also block the view for outsiders. You can drive comfortably without anyone peering inside your vehicle and sing along to your music freely. Also, stopping at red lights will become less bothersome.

Types of One Way Glass

Tinted Glass

This glass is treated with a film or coating that reduces the transmission of light through it. The thickness of the coating is flexible; it can be accommodated to your needs. The coating prevents harmful UV rays from passing through and controls solar glare.

AIS Glass offers AIS Tinted that can absorb 30-40% of sun’s heat to offer thermal comfort. It also protects against glare and comes in a variety of colour styles to choose from.

In Summation

One way glass is a perfect solution for privacy and security matters. However, there is a wide variety of glass for you to choose from. Identify the glass that suits your architectural style before you make your purchase.

If you are looking for 360-degree one way glass solutions, AIS Glass must be your top pick. As a leading brand in integrated glass solutions, we provide expert consultations, effective delivery, and world-class services to you. You can opt from a range of trendy and appealing glass products to fit your structural requirements. Are you interested in learning more about glass products and how they can benefit you? Get in touch with us today to secure an expert consultation!


Different Applications of Mirror Glass

For all of us, mirrors are fundamental grooming aids, but that is not the only benefit they provide. They also act as vital decoration tools that transform spaces and provide a sense of openness. You can set a lively and cheery mood in any room with the help of mirrors decorated tastefully. Mirrors have been a part of the human lifestyle since ancient times. The Greeks, Egyptians and Romans used handheld polished metal mirrors thousands of years ago. Mirrors made of glass came with the Venetians. They were the pioneers of casting glass into sheets and then silvering those sheets into mirror panes.  

The Science behind Mirror Glass

Mirrors are nothing but clear glass panes metallically coated on one side with either aluminium or silver that renders them reflective. This process is called silvering. The metallic coat is usually applied in multiple layers on a float glass pane. The manufacturing process of mirror glass begins with smoothening and flattening the glass’ surface before applying metal coatings of uniform thickness on the inner side of the surface. These coatings have to be applied very carefully because if even one layer of the coating ends up being thicker than the rest, the mirror will either make you look fatter or thinner, or stretched out. If the silvering is too thin, you will be able to see through to the other side of the mirror. This is how one-sided mirrors are made.

Types of Mirrors

Mirrors are an affordable way to enhance the beauty of any space. They light up any room they are placed inside. Mirror glass is readily available in three major types. They are listed below for your quick reference –

Plane Mirrors –These are the most commonly used flat mirrors that reflect an object or a person situated in front of them in normal proportions and reversed from left to right. Plane mirrors are used by all of us daily in our bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, etc.

Convex Mirrors – These mirrors are spherical and bulge out slightly, distorting the image placed in front of them by making it look smaller. Convex mirrors are used in sunglasses, telescopes, roads with blind curves, etc.

Concave Mirrors – These mirrors are also spherical, however, unlike convex mirrors, they curve inward like a spoon. Convex mirrors make an image look larger, and are typically found in make-up and shaving mirrors, etc.   

Varied Mirror Glass Applications

Mirror or mirror glass has a wealth of applications and they are not all aesthetic. Let us look at how mirrors in different shapes, sizes, thickness and brightness have diverse applications – 

Ornamental Applications

Clear mirrors reflect a lot of light, to the extent of visually doubling the size of a room. This is a great benefit for people living in metropolises with limited square footage. You can place a couple of full-length mirrors on the walls of your cramped corridor. Mirrors also work beautifully as a masthead behind your bed, as opposed to putting up paintings that do nothing to open up space. Interior decorators love working with mirrors rightly so. You can yourself carry out a small experiment with mirrors to gauge its impact. Place a couple of floor-length mirrors at the entrance and other important corners of your home and see the space transform.

Safety Applications

Countless lives are made safer and more functional with the help of rear-view and side-view mirrors used in cars and two-wheelers that protect drivers, riders as well as passengers from accidents. Road safety is a major concern in India and automotive mirrors go a long way in making our streets safer. Security personnel also occasionally use mirrors to supervise hard to reach areas inside a parking lot or garage. Another safety application of mirror glass is in the form of lenses in your sunshades that protect you from retinal damage when you step out in the sun.        

Textile Applications

Fashion designers and merchandisers use mirrors to gauge their designs from all angles simultaneously. This helps them assess the practicality and overall impact of the garment. All apparel retailers affix three-way mirrors inside trial rooms so that customers can accurately evaluate how well a piece of clothing fits them. Small mirror pieces are also stitched into clothing to give it a more ethnic appeal. Mirrors are cut into different shapes and stuck onto skirts, tops, dresses, etc. and are very popular among buyers.      

Scientific Applications

Mirrors and lenses when combined are used in magnification technologies. For instance, all telescopes used to study celestial bodies, or keep an eye on new species of birds and animals require high-quality mirrors to function in tandem. Mirrors help scientists evaluate and investigate objects that are at a great distance and not visible to the naked eye.  

The Bottom Line

Whatever your aesthetic or scientific goals may be, mirror glass will surely find an application within them. High-quality mirrors, especially made by leading glass manufacturers like AIS Glass have copper-free coatings, are resistant to corrosion and are eco-friendly. We also offer tinted mirrors that carry high optical clarity and are available in several colours, sizes and thicknesses. Our team of professionally-trained experts are equipped to provide you with end-to-end solutions with quick turnaround time. So, get in touch with us today!


Use Customised Mirror Glass for Home Décor

In the awe-inspiring universe of glass, mirror glass takes a significant place. Mirror glass panes can be used to specifically serve as mirrors and also to manufacture reflective surfaces for architectural and home décor purposes, such as furniture tops and exterior facades. In this article, we will explore the benefits and applications of mirror glass but, before that let us clearly understand the science behind this product.

The Science Behind Mirror Glass

The modern mirror glass is made by silvering, which essentially is achieved by applying multiple layers of aluminium or silver on the backside of a float glass pane. It is important to understand that light reflects best from surfaces that are non-diffusive, meaning opaque. Modern innovation in mirror glass begins with smoothening and flattening the glass surface and then applying metal coatings of uniform thickness on the inner side of the surface. If even one of these coatings ends up being thicker than the rest, you will either look thinner or fatter than normal. If the metallic coating ends up being scratched, the brightness will become uneven. In case the coating is too thin, you will be able to see through to the other side of the mirror, if only slightly.  

Difference Between Mirror Glass and One-Sided Mirror Glass

You must have noticed that certain types of mirrors are not completely opaque and while you can see your reflection in them from a distance, it is hazy and not as well-defined as when you look at yourself in your dressing table mirror. These are one-sided mirrors and have applications in interrogative or observatory practices. A mirror is completely opaque and a person standing on the other side of it will be unable to see you. Whereas, a one-sided mirror allows the person on the other side to see you without you finding out. One-sided mirror glass also has the same metallic coating like the one used to make a mirror. The difference, however, lies in the coating thickness. One-way mirror glass has a thin metallic coat painted on one side which makes it easier for a person to look through the surface to the other side.

Take a Style Detour with Mirror Glass

Using mirror glass to decorate your home can provide multiple aesthetic benefits. If you think mirrors are only good for looking at your reflection, then you need to check out our list of awesome décor ideas using mirror glass

Opens up Spaces

Mirror glass makes spaces larger, meaning it gives a sense of space no matter how short you are on square footage. This can truly be a bonus for smaller bedrooms, drawing rooms, or even cramped corridors. Place a full-length mirror on one side of the corridor to create an illusion of space. Alternatively, you can choose to install a big rectangular mirror glass, instead of painting(s) behind the mast of your bed. This will liven up your bedroom and suddenly make it seem double the size. Similarly, placing a couple of mirrors in important corners of your drawing room can transform your space unlike anything else.

Brightens up Spaces

Place two mirror glass panes facing each other on opposite sides of the room. Alternatively, place a mirror opposite a window. Both these applications will lead to room brightening. The ambient light will get reflected off the glass’s surface, making the space cheery and bright. Installing a ceiling to floor-length mirror glass in the passage leading to the main door will also help make the passage brighter.

Creates Focal Points

Place a mirror inside a stained glass or a tiled pattern frame to decorate a single wall in your room. On the chosen blank wall, hang an array of framed mirrors or framed convex mirrors and turn the wall into true eye candy. This is an ingenious method of adding a focal point to spaces. Using mirror glass to design interiors also amplifies the pre-existent focal points.

Livens up Furniture

Mirror glass is a fantastic material to jazz up spaces and can transform an ordinary-looking piece of furniture into something that stands out. For example, you can use mirror glass for coffee table tops, chest of drawers, wardrobe doors, etc. as this will boost the visual aesthetics of the room. You can also use mirrored furniture pieces to give your office an enhanced and unique aesthetic appeal. A smaller conference table with a mirror glass table-top will enhance the overall look of the room and make it brighter.

See More Clarity with AIS Mirror

Whatever your aesthetic goals may be, make a statement with mirror glass. Mirrors these days are sturdy and safe to use for home décor. Turn to AIS Glass for all your mirror glass needs. Our mirror glass is free from any copper coatings ensuring that no oxidised stains appear throughout the lifetime of the glass, is environment-friendly, provides unparalleled resistance to corrosion and aging and is compatible with a wide range of adhesives.  Moreover, AIS Mirror is available in a wide variety of sizes, thickness options, and fun colour varieties. Get in touch with us today to explore the unique world of AIS Mirror!

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