Switchable Privacy Glass for Homes and Offices

In the dynamic landscape of modern architecture and design, the search for innovative solutions that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality is crucial. Enter switchable privacy glass—an avant-garde technology reshaping how we perceive and interact with our living and working spaces. 

In the section below, we’ll explore the switchable privacy glass, its applications, benefits, and its transformative impact on the ambience of homes and offices.

How Switchable Privacy Glass Works

Switchable privacy glass, often called smart glass or electrochromic glass, operates on the principle of electrochromism. In simpler terms, it can change its transparency level by applying an electric voltage. This remarkable feature enables users to toggle between a transparent and opaque state, offering unprecedented control over privacy and natural light.

Applications in Homes: Creating Versatile Living Spaces

1. Smart Windows for Adaptive Privacy

Switchable privacy glass in homes provides just that. With a simple switch, you can transform transparent windows into private screens, creating versatile living spaces that cater to your comfort and style.

2. Open Concept Living with a Touch of Privacy

For homes embracing open-concept living, switchable privacy glass becomes a game-changer. Convert open spaces into intimate settings for family gatherings or quiet reading nooks by adjusting the glass transparency.

3. Dynamic Bathroom Environments

In bathrooms, where privacy is paramount, switchable glass offers an elegant alternative to traditional blinds or curtains. Enjoy the luxury of a transparent bathroom ambience that can be switched to a private retreat at the touch of a button.

4.Adaptable Meeting Rooms

Office dynamics often call for versatile meeting spaces. Switchable privacy glass in meeting rooms provides an adaptable environment. Maintain an open, collaborative atmosphere or easily transform the space into a private boardroom.

5. Flexible Workstations with Personalized Privacy

In open office layouts, personal space is a premium. Switchable glass partitions between workstations allow employees to control their privacy without compromising the overall spacious feel of the office.

6. Impress Clients with Smart Conference Rooms

Elevate your office’s tech-savvy image with smart conference rooms featuring switchable privacy glass. Impress clients by seamlessly transitioning from a transparent presentation room to a private space for confidential discussions.

The Advantages of Switchable Glass

a.Energy Efficiency

Switchable glass contributes to energy efficiency by controlling the amount of sunlight entering a space. This reduces glare and minimises the need for artificial lighting, resulting in energy savings.

b. UV Protection

Protect interiors from the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays. Switchable glass can be adjusted to block UV rays while allowing natural light, preserving furniture, artwork, and flooring over time.

c. Contemporary Aesthetics

From a design perspective, switchable glass adds a contemporary and sophisticated touch to any space. The sleek and minimalist appearance compliments modern architectural trends.

Installation Insights

Professional Installation Matters

While switchable privacy glass is futuristic, its installation requires precision. Professional installers ensure seamless integration and optimal functionality, maximising the benefits of this cutting-edge technology.

Customisation Options

Switchable glass comes in various tint levels, customised to suit each space’s unique needs and preferences. The options are diverse, from lightly tinted for subtle privacy to fully opaque for complete seclusion.


Switchable privacy glass transcends conventional notions of privacy and design. It is a technological innovation and a paradigm shift in how we interact with our surroundings. Whether in homes or offices, the versatility and functionality of switchable glass redefine the possibilities of modern living and working spaces. As we embrace the future, switchable privacy glass stands as a symbol of sophistication, efficiency, and a harmonious blend of form and function. So, if you want to elevate your space, embrace the future with switchable privacy glass into your home or office today. Choose AIS Glass to get the right switchable glass for your home or office.


The Best Types of Privacy Glass for Your Home

Privacy is crucial in your home, whether you reside in a busy city or a peaceful suburb. Managing your privacy is vital, and there are different types of privacy glass for home, each offering distinct advantages and features. In this article, we’ll explore the different types of privacy glasses that you must consider for your home. 

1.Traditional Frosted Glass

Traditional Frosted Glass is a timeless and versatile option for enhancing privacy in your home. It’s produced through techniques like sandblasting or acid etching, where one side of the glass is treated to achieve a frosted appearance. Its ability to balance privacy and natural light perfectly makes it a popular choice. 

When you have Traditional Frosted Glass in your windows or doors, it allows the gentle glow of natural light to filter through. The frosted surface diffuses this light, creating a soft, welcoming ambience in your living space. This maintains your privacy and eliminates the need for heavy curtains or blinds, giving your home a cleaner and more open feel. 


  • Timeless Aesthetics:

    Frosted glass offers a timeless, elegant look that can complement various interior styles. 
  • Diffused Light:

    It diffuses light, creating a soft, welcoming ambience. 
  • Low Maintenance:

    Easy to clean and maintain, making it a practical choice for homes.

2.Modern Switchable Privacy Glass

Switchable Privacy Glass, also called Smart Glass, is a fantastic advancement in glass technology. It’s a high-tech solution that lets you control your privacy with a simple button press or flip switch. Imagine having a window or glass partition that instantly transforms from a transparent view to complete opacity, offering you privacy on demand. This remarkable transition is achieved by applying an electrical current to the glass. 


  • Customizable Privacy:

    You have complete control over the level of privacy, making it a versatile choice. 
  • Energy Efficiency:

    It can regulate light and heat, reducing energy consumption. 
  • Contemporary Design:

    Adds a modern, high-tech touch to your home. 

3.Integrated Blinds

Integrated Blinds are a remarkable solution that seamlessly combines the benefits of both blinds and double-glazing. These blinds are cleverly enclosed within the airspace of a double-glazed unit, creating a harmonious and stylish addition to your windows and doors. The genius of integrated blinds lies in their versatility. You can control them manually, just like traditional blinds, by using a user-friendly mechanism that adjusts the slats to your desired angle. This manual operation is perfect for those who prefer a tactile experience. 


  • Sleek and Tidy:

    Integrated blinds are neatly concealed between glass panels, maintaining a clean and modern appearance. 
  • Sound Insulation:

    They provide additional sound insulation, enhancing your living environment. 
  • Easy Maintenance:

    Since the blinds are sealed within the glass, they are protected from dust and damage. 


The best privacy glass for your home depends on your preferences, needs, and budget. Traditional Frosted Glass offers a timeless and cost-effective solution. Modern Switchable Privacy Glass provides advanced control and energy efficiency. Integrated Blinds offer a sleek and practical option. Consider the unique features of each type and choose the one that suits your home and lifestyle best.  

Ultimately, the goal is to create a space where you feel comfortable and secure, and these privacy glass options can help you achieve just that. Elevate your living space with AIS Glass and enjoy the perfect blend of privacy and natural light. Contact us today to look at our wide range of solutions and add a touch of elegance to your home.


Privacy Glass in Hotels and Hospitality: Comfort and Security

When it comes to hotels and hospitality, providing a comfortable and secure environment for guests is paramount. Privacy plays a crucial role in ensuring guest satisfaction and creating a sense of relaxation and tranquility. Privacy glass, also known as switchable glass or smart glass, has emerged as a game-changer in the hospitality industry. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of privacy glass in hotels, highlighting how it enhances both comfort and security for guests.

Enhanced Privacy with Privacy Glass

Privacy glass is a versatile solution that allows for instant privacy when needed without compromising the flow of natural light or the aesthetic appeal of a space. It offers several benefits, making it an ideal choice for hotels and hospitality settings.

Transparency Control

Privacy glass can switch between transparent and opaque states with a switch’s flick or a remote control’s use. This feature empowers guests to control their level of privacy at any time, providing a sense of autonomy and comfort. By simply activating the privacy mode, guests can shield themselves from prying eyes in an instant.

Flexible Privacy Options

Privacy glass can be adjusted to different levels of opacity, ranging from fully transparent to fully opaque. This flexibility allows hotels to cater to individual preferences, accommodating guests’ varying needs for privacy in different areas such as guest rooms, bathrooms, meeting rooms, or spas.

Natural Light and Openness

Unlike traditional blinds or curtains, privacy glass allows natural light to pass through, creating a bright, airy atmosphere. It preserves the feeling of openness in the space while providing the desired privacy. Guests can enjoy the outside view during the day and maintain privacy during the night without compromising the flow of natural light.

Benefits of Privacy Glass in Hotels

Implementing privacy glass in hotels and hospitality settings offers numerous advantages, enhancing the overall guest experience and security measures.

Enhanced Guest Comfort

Privacy glass creates a comfortable and private environment, allowing guests to relax and rejuvenate without feeling exposed. Whether they are resting in their rooms, using the bathroom facilities, or enjoying the hotel’s amenities, privacy glass provides a sense of seclusion and tranquility.

Increased Security

Privacy glass serves as an additional layer of security for guests. It can be used to secure private areas, such as spa rooms or VIP suites, ensuring that guests feel safe and protected. The ability to instantly switch from transparent to opaque mode adds extra confidentiality, making it difficult for unauthorized individuals to see inside restricted areas.

Design and Aesthetics

Privacy glass adds a modern and sleek design element to hotels and hospitality spaces. Its seamless integration into the overall interior design enhances the visual appeal of the environment. It can be customized to match the desired aesthetics, allowing hotels to maintain a consistent and luxurious ambiance.

Seeking Professional Assistance

Implementing privacy glasses in hotels requires professional expertise to ensure optimal results. Consulting with experienced glass manufacturers and installers is essential for properly installing and operating privacy glass systems. These professionals can provide guidance on the right type of privacy glass, its features, and maintenance requirements.


Privacy glass has revolutionized the hospitality industry by providing hotels with a versatile and effective solution to enhance guest comfort and security. Its ability to switch between transparent and opaque states and control over natural light offer guests a customizable privacy experience. By investing in privacy glass, hotels can create a welcoming and secure environment that exceeds guests’ expectations. To ensure a successful implementation, it is crucial to collaborate with professionals who specialize in privacy glass technology. So, embrace the benefits of privacy glass and elevate the comfort and security of your hotel for an unforgettable guest experience.


Types of Privacy Glass and Different Applications

Privacy glass is a type of value added glass range for interior and window that uses advanced technology to control light and visibility in your home. Modern architecture is incorporating privacy glass, a glass solution that is cleverly designed and technologically sophisticated, into practically every type of building. The manner that architects and designers use ensures that your space has enough light without obstructing your privacy. Numerous businesses, from the home décor to the hotel sectors, have numerous uses for various privacy glass kinds. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the types of privacy glasses and their applications. 

So, let’s get started. 

Types of Privacy Glass 

There are several types of privacy glass available on the market today that offer different levels of visibility and protection from the elements. 

  • Traditional Frosted Glass 

Traditional frosted glass provides a classic and timeless aesthetic that complements various interior design styles. The frosted appearance of the glass helps to distribute and diffuse natural light evenly, creating a soft and pleasing ambiance in the space. Moreover, Frosted Glass can be customized with different levels of opacity or patterns, allowing for personalized privacy solutions that suit specific needs and design preferences. 

  • Modern Switchable Privacy Glass  

The more modern switchable privacy glass, like the AIS Swytchglas, utilizes cutting-edge glass technology and can be switched from transparent to opaque at the tap of a button. They offer the ability to switch between transparent and opaque states with a simple tap of a button or through smart automation systems. This allows users to instantly control their privacy needs in real-time. In addition to privacy, switchable privacy glass can also provide sound insulation properties, reducing noise transmission and creating a more peaceful environment. This is the reason why these types of glass are often used in commercial spaces for conference rooms or office dividers, allowing occupants to control how much light and visibility they get. 

  • Integrated Blinds 

Finally, you have integrated blinds! They are not only great for ensuring privacy but also add to the overall appearance of the space while eliminating the typical maintenance problems associated with regular blinds. Integrated blinds offer the convenience of adjustable blinds incorporated directly within the glass unit. This allows users to regulate the amount of light and privacy they desire, providing a comfortable and customizable environment. They seamlessly integrate into the overall appearance of the space, contributing to a clean and modern aesthetic. Moreover, they can be customized with various colors and styles to match the interior design theme. 

Privacy Glass Use Cases 

Privacy glass can be used in a variety of situations, such as: 

  • Office spaces to divide workspaces and provide privacy. 
  • Restaurants to create private dining areas or prevent kitchen smells from entering the dining area. 
  • Homes to increase security and privacy while allowing natural light into the space. 
  • Healthcare facilities to ensure patient privacy while still allowing doctors and nurses access. 

In all these cases, privacy glass is an excellent option for providing occupants with visibility and light control. With its versatility and convenience, it’s no wonder that more people are turning to privacy glass in their homes and businesses. 

The Bottom Line 

When it comes to guaranteeing your privacy in a variety of situations, whether it be in your house or a commercial location, privacy glass is the best choice. Installing privacy glass will be a smart move if you are willing to achieve the ideal balance between fashion and necessity with this assistance. Therefore, whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, investing in privacy glass is sure to pay off for years to come.


Learn More about Privacy Glass

Privacy glass is a modern window covering option that provides you with the privacy you need while allowing natural light to flow into your space. It works by using a special film that can be applied to existing windows, so there’s no need for construction or remodeling. The tint of the film is designed to block visibility from the outside and look opaque when viewed looking inward; however, it will still allow natural light to filter through and illuminate your room.

Here are all the details you need to know about privacy glass, including its types, applications, benefits, and drawbacks.

Types of Privacy Glass:

There are four main types of privacy glass, each with its unique features and advantages:

Electrochromic Glass:

As the name suggests, it uses electric current to change its tint from opaque to clear and vice versa, so you can adjust the level of privacy in your space at any time. This type of privacy glass can be used to control the amount of light that comes through. So, they are commonly used in windows, skylights, and partitions.

Thermochromic Glass:

This type is designed to change its tint in response to temperature changes. The level of privacy will increase as the temperature rises and decrease as the temperature cools. It’s a great option for people who want adjustable privacy without electricity. You can use this glass in car windows, greenhouses, and residential windows.

Suspended Particle Device (SPD) Glass:

SPD uses a film containing suspended particles that can be aligned or dispersed using an electric current. When the particles are aligned, the surface becomes opaque, providing privacy. When the particles are

dispersed, the surface becomes clear, allowing light to pass through. SPD glass is commonly used in skylights, windows, and doors.

Liquid Crystal Glass:

This type of surface uses a liquid crystal film to change the tint of the glass. The liquid crystals align when there is an electric current which makes the surface opaque. When the current is turned off, the liquid crystals return to their random state, making it clear. It is ideal to use in conference rooms, offices, and partitions.

Applications of Privacy Glass:

It has many applications across various industries. Some of the most common applications include:

Commercial Buildings:

They are often used in commercial buildings to provide privacy in conference rooms, offices, and other areas where privacy is essential. Residential Buildings:

They are increasingly being used in residential buildings to provide privacy in bathrooms, bedrooms, and other areas of the house.


One can use them in healthcare settings, such as hospitals and clinics, to provide privacy in patient rooms, exam rooms, and other areas.


They can be used in cars and other vehicles to provide privacy for passengers.

Benefits of Privacy Glass:

Privacy glass has many benefits, including:


They provide a high level of privacy, making them an excellent choice for areas where privacy is essential.

Energy Efficiency:

They can help reduce energy costs by blocking out sunlight and heat, reducing the need for air conditioning.

Safety and Security:

They can enhance safety and security by providing a barrier against intruders and preventing broken glass from spreading.

Aesthetic Appeal:

They can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a building or vehicle, making it an attractive option for architects and designers.

Drawbacks of Privacy Glass:

Privacy glass also has some drawbacks, including:


They are more expensive than traditional glass, making them a less affordable option.


Some of its types require more maintenance than traditional ones, such as electrochromic types, which require regular cleaning to maintain their effectiveness.

Limited Transparency:

They are often not fully transparent, which can reduce natural light and views.

Reliance on Technology:

They rely on technology to change their tint, which can malfunction or fail if there is a power outage or technical issues.

Limited Availability:

They may not be available in all sizes, shapes, or colors, limiting design options.


Some types require professional installation, which can add to the overall cost.


Overall, privacy glass has many benefits and applications, but it is vital to consider the potential drawbacks before deciding to use it. If privacy, energy efficiency, safety, and aesthetic appeal are important considerations, they may be a great option. However, if cost, maintenance, limited transparency, reliance on technology, limited availability, installation, and health concerns are major concerns, it may be better to consider alternative options.


4 Myths of Privacy Glass

“Privacy – like eating and breathing – is one of life’s basic requirements.”

The drawing of curtains, shutting of doors, and closing of windows are some common acts we perform to protect our privacy. But what if there was a better solution for it?

After all, privacy is everyone’s natural right.

Why Choose Glass For Privacy Matters?

Although an unapparent choice, glass is the perfect element to address your privacy concerns with. As a flexible architectural element, it has been vastly used by interior designers and architects alike for various internal and external applications.

Thanks to advanced glass technologies, glass can now be used to provide high-quality privacy, security, and aesthetic solutions.

And based on the level of privacy needed, different types of privacy glass solutions are available in the market such as tinted, frosted, and smart glass solutions.

Here is a list of four myths about privacy glass that you shouldn’t believe in.

Privacy Glass does not Block Heat

Not only does it offer protection against solar glare, but it also absorbs the harmful UV rays of the sun.  Contrary to the myth, privacy glass can absorb solar radiation and prevent solar glare.

This ability assists privacy glass to lower the amount of heat ingress. For instance – AIS Tint Float Glass can absorb around 30-40 % of the solar heat incident on its surface, helping you save on energy costs.

As a result, the indoors remain pleasant and comfortable. In summers, it keeps the heat out and in winters, it traps the heat inside for a cosier ambience. It is useful for both residential and commercial applications.

Best of all, it can decrease your energy consumption as reliance on cooling/heating appliances is reduced as well. You can enjoy ample natural light without worrying about the interiors heating up.

Privacy Glass Offers No Flexibility of Design

Nowadays, in glass manufacturing, form and function are given equal importance. And the same goes for privacy glass solutions. In truth, they’re flexible in design, style, and built as well.

If you search the market, you’ll find diverse shades and styles of privacy glass solutions. They’re available in different tints and thicknesses as well. For instance, tinted glass comes in a variety of colours that can be incorporated in various windows’ and doors’ designs.

There’s frosted glass that finds numerous interior design applications in false ceiling, doors, partitions, screens, shower screens, designer panels, etc. And to achieve a glossy and sleek finish, no other solution can beat smart glass. 

Privacy glass obscures vision while allowing natural light to flood in – a perfect privacy and aesthetic solution for modern homes and offices.

Privacy Glass only Offers Visual Privacy

In talks of privacy, precedence is given to visual privacy over audio privacy. However, having quality acoustics is necessary for achieving 100% privacy, especially in the commercial spaces.

Nowadays, privacy glass solutions are manufactured using premium techniques to make them soundproof as well. They can reduce the noise to promote a quieter ambience, providing a complete visual and audio privacy solution.

Privacy Glass isn’t Transparent

For premium privacy solutions and aesthetics, privacy glass comes in transparent, translucent, and opaque variants. While tinted and frosted glasses are translucent, smart glass can switch from being transparent to being opaque, and even translucent with a simple switch.

In smart glass, opacity levels can be adjusted using the same switch to get the desired privacy level. It offers varying levels of visual privacy to its users. Yet, at the same time, it allows light infiltration and blocks excessive heat.

Presently, glazed units with in-built blinds such as AIS Integrated Blinds are also available in the market. One can draw the blinds installed in the unit, whenever a privacy need arises.

The Bottom Line

Recently, cases of privacy violation have increased at an alarming rate. And as you know, privacy and security are two sides of the same coin. Therefore, as a precaution against peeping toms, nosy strangers, and burglars, optimising privacy solutions in residential and commercial spaces has become necessary.

For an effective privacy solution, incorporating privacy glass elements in internal and external applications is recommended. Besides, you get advantages like ample natural light, low maintenance, better acoustics, and efficient heat control.

AIS Glass to the Rescue!

If you’re looking for premium-quality privacy glass solutions, then look no further than AIS Glass!

AIS Glass – India’s leading integrated glass manufacturing company – offers end-to-end, 360-degree solutions across the automotive and architectural glass value chains. We provide high-end services right from the manufacturing of glass, processing, selection to fabrication, installation and post-installation.

Choose from a wide range of best-in-class products suited to your architectural needs – AIS Swytchglas is a smart glass that can be operated with the touch of a button; while AIS Krystal is India’s only branded frosted glass that is ideal for privacy.

For further information, get in touch with us today!


Privacy Glass Solutions: Myths & Facts

We all safeguard our privacy with the utmost care. Needless to say, the times we’re living in, demand additional efforts to preserve our private spaces. Think – peeping toms and prying spectators – trying to invade your personal space when they shouldn’t, and you’re left with a sense of terror.

Why Privacy Matters?

In contemporary times, privacy violations are becoming rampant. If you’re constantly on the edge while inside your homes, offices, or cars, something is not right and must be changed. For many, it seems as if the benefits of enhanced transparency and openness come at the cost of neglected privacy. Moreover, if you constantly feel like you’re under surveillance, your mind is also impacted negatively.

This is why privacy matters are significant today. You can start by re-designing your residential and commercial spaces to accommodate these privacy concerns. You must also preserve your personal space in a way that does not compromise on transparency and openness. And surprisingly, Glass is the element with which you can achieve this.

What is Privacy Glass?

Glass technology has seen several advancements in recent years that have vastly enhanced both its form and functionality. This is one of the reasons why Glass has become such a popular element in structural designs. Glass is no longer fragile but has been made smarter. And it is on this front that smart Glass is emerging as an exciting option.

Also known as switchable Glass, smart Glass is a type of Glass whose opacity levels can be adjusted on the application of voltage, heat, or light.  With the click of a switch, this alternation or “switch” happens as light-transmitting properties of the Glass are changed.

The technology used behind smart Glass is known as Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals (PDLC). When smart Glass is connected to a power outlet, the running current aligns the liquid crystals together, and it becomes opaque. Still, when the current is turned off, the crystals scatter away, rendering the Glass translucent or opaque.  

Smart Glass: Myths vs. Facts

Here are some common myths surrounding smart Glass.

Smart Glass does not Provide Solar Control

Wrong! Smart Glass does have solar glare reduction abilities. At the click of a button, smart Glass changes its light transmission properties and filters out harmful sun rays. Especially during the summer months, it can block harmful UV rays and excessive solar glare while maintaining a moderate indoor temperature. Conversely, during winter months, smart Glass helps to preserve heat indoors. But more importantly, smart Glass performs these functions without compromising on the lighting conditions.

Smart Glass isn’t Sound-Proof

It is obvious that smart Glass offers excellent privacy solutions but does it block out sound too? Why, yes! One of the most common myths with regards to smart Glass is that it doesn’t impair sound but only visibility. In reality, with smart Glass, you can block out sound with ease to get audible privacy as well. It can insulate the space against external noise to provide you with excellent acoustics. For commercial spaces that are always buzzing with employees, smart Glass is a suitable solution to get visible and audible privacy.

 Smart Glass Is Difficult to Maintain

Nothing could be further from the truth! In reality, smart Glass requires really low maintenance. Unlike the traditional privacy options like curtains and blinds, smart Glass doesn’t become a breeding ground for germs. It is also resistant to mould, dust, and corrosion. And even if smart Glass gets stained, it can be wiped off with ease. With smart Glass, you get to enjoy optimum privacy without worrying about the maintenance cost.

Privacy Glass doesn’t Look Appealing

If you have laid your eyes on smart Glass installed in commercial and residential spaces, you know how striking they look but if not, you’re missing out! Smart Glass is available in a variety of shades and tints, making it a highly versatile option for numerous design styles. Under bright lights, smart glass solutions glimmer and shine while giving your space a polished look. You can instantly enhance your décor with privacy glass solutions such as smart Glass.

In Summation

One of the easiest ways to optimise your living space is through the use of smart glass technology, and privacy glass solutions are no exception. With a remote control device, you can instantly change smart Glass from a state of transparency to a state of translucency and monitor your privacy needs. The revolutionary technology of smart Glass can assist you in transforming your residential and commercial space into a highly efficient, smart, and modern one.

Looking for premium-quality smart Glass? Come to AIS Glass! As a leading company in integrated glass solutions that has been in the market for over 30 years, we offer high-end quality products and services that can be customised to suit all your architectural needs. Our AIS Swytchglas is made using extra clear Glass and activates in less than 10 microseconds. It works well in temperatures between 0° to 55° C and blocks up to 50% of light in its ‘Off’ mode. Moreover, our smart Glass is available in a wide variety of tints!

Go smart with AIS Swytchglas! Get in touch today.


Privacy Smart Glass is a Smart Choice for Office Space

Architecture is no longer limited to brick and mortar walls, steel fences, and wooden doors. In the past decades, architects and interior designers have started experimenting with innovative materials to enliven a building – one of them being glass.

Glass’ natural brilliance and property of letting light pass unobstructed make it a preferred choice for commercial buildings. It gives a modern touch to your office and facilitates maximum interaction between employees. However, one significant problem with regular glass is its inability to provide even an iota of privacy without bulky curtains or blinds. To solve this issue, glassmakers have developed a special type of privacy glass called smart glass.

What is Smart Glass?

Smart glass is an electrically enhanced version of regular glass that can change its opacity by adjusting the position of specific ions within itself. At the click of a button, this type of glass can become completely opaque or completely transparent, even translucent.

How does Smart Glass Work?

In the smart glass, a unique polymerized film is sandwiched between two layers of glass. This film contains randomly located liquid crystals that align themselves in a straight line as the voltage is applied to the film. As the crystals align, they allow light to pass through. As the voltage is withdrawn, the crystals return to their random positions and start obstructing light.

Due to this adjustable opacity of smart glass, it is perfect for all kinds of offices. Read on to find out where you can use this privacy glass in your office to add oomph to your space.

Uses of Smart Glass in Commercial Spaces

Here are some interesting ways you can use smart glass in your office space for enhanced aesthetics and maximum functionality.

Meeting Rooms

Conference or meeting rooms are office spaces where some of the most significant discussions are held. The decisions taken in meeting rooms impact your business profoundly. However, not all of these discussions are public to all your employees. Some information might be for a select few, and if your meeting rooms have regular glass windows and doors, maintaining privacy during meetings can be challenging. With smart privacy glass windows, you don’t have to choose between an open and aesthetically-pleasing meeting room and a private one. At the click of a button, you can get both.


Glass staircases are one of the most innovative décor choices for commercial buildings. They add instant charm and sleekness to your office without appearing over-the-top. However, privacy can be a considerable problem with glass staircases. If any female members of your office wear skirts or dresses to work, they might have trouble walking up and down the stairs without feeling uncomfortable. Smart privacy glass staircases are not only more durable but can also be adjusted for opacity to allow employees to walk around the office comfortably.

Partition Walls

Most offices have either cubicles or separate rooms for each employee. While an open environment facilitates maximum conversation and honesty, too much noise and lack of privacy can disrupt productivity. Choosing privacy glass such as smart glass for wall partitions or cubicle walls can be a wise choice if you want to strike the perfect balance between an open working environment and maximum employee privacy.


Building facades look exceptionally sleek, attractive, and inviting. This is why an increasing number of commercial buildings now incorporate glass façades instead of solid brick walls. Despite their attractiveness, however, glass façade walls are almost always expensive, and not just in their purchase or installation. Since regular glass allows the unobstructed flow of light and heat, it makes a building and its occupants highly vulnerable to the eyes of the outside world. With smart privacy glass facades, all of these problems are eliminated. Since the opacity of smart glass façades can be adjusted, you can control the amount of light entering your office, and therefore not only maintain privacy but also allow ample natural light and reduce energy bills. Privacy glass facades ensure aesthetic brilliance and practicality together.

You shouldn’t compromise with the quality of your smart glass either. Choosing the right company for installing privacy glass in your office is crucial if you want assurance of quality and efficiency.

AIS Glass is India’s leading integrated glass solutions provider. We customise glass windows, doors, partitions, and facades for our clients and offer a wide range of insulating, acoustic, and privacy solutions. Our smart glass, called AIS Swytchglas, utilises cutting-edge technology and activates in 10 microseconds to provide you absolute privacy or a transparent interior. AIS Swytchglas works using a remote-controlled device and blocks up to 50% light in its opaque or “off” mode. It also blocks out the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Our technicians ensure seamless customisation, delivery, and installation of your chosen smart privacy glass. Contact us today to revamp or design your office with smart glass fixtures!

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