Decorative Glass – Customise to Suit Your Style

Don’t you think decorating a space with glass is a work of art and vision? The sheer joy of bringing your imagination and ambient fantasy into reality with this sublime material is exceedingly cathartic.

Sculpting and shaping designs with glass are already changing the way we style the spaces around us. Decorative glass never fails to add a charming sense of luxury and uniqueness. No wonder, contemporary designers and architects are borderline obsessed with the practice of using customised glass in different shapes, sizes, design as well as finish to bring a space to life.

Glass has always been an integral part of recreating luxe and chic expanses. But, today, having the ability to customise glass into desired shapes and sizes will let you go beyond the usual boundaries of creation. Here is why you must incorporate customised decorative glass designs into your structures.

Turn Structures Extraordinaire’ into Reality

Let your vision be free from the shackles and bonds of execution. With modern advancements in glass, a lot that was not possible a decade ago can be a reality today! So, recreate your vivid visualisations, explore your imagination and invent never-seen-before concepts.

Let every corner be unique, and every door be remarkable. Highlight your interiors with distinct designs and flow. With the ability to bring striking creation into existence, build the most exquisite of spaces and interiors with customised and decorative glass. Now glass may seem like a delicate element, but it has an immense ability to uplift any idea with layers of beauty encompassed into it. Therefore, don’t shy away from exploring glass’s ability to turn around any space into a masterpiece.

Keep Up with What’s Hot and What’s Not

The way architects created grand arenas, humble spaces, or even a compact corner has evolved over the years. Today, experts want to erect designs that move beyond the typical craft used over the last decade. And, including decorative glass in this new wave of designs makes the ambience merge with the modern and contemporary themes of the overall experience in any space.

The modified perspective of sophisticated structures has given birth to using customised glass to highlight ordinary things like doors, windows, elegant installations, and much more. This idea uplifts the space and the environment of the house to fit the right essence.

Set Yourself Apart with Statement Sections and Interiors

Using decorative glass to redefine spaces will set a distinct tone for your interiors. Customising glass that you will be using will allow you to set yourself apart. Make a statement by bringing extraordinary art to life with customisable decorative glass. Add an exciting touch to simple corners by filling the space with never-seen-before glass structures.

Recreate the doors with marvellous arches and fill your walls with seamless and expansive windows to dwell uniqueness in every corner. Maintain a balanced rhythm throughout the environment for a wholesome experience.

To Infinity and Beyond with Decorative Glass

Live through the world of extraordinary interiors with the help of customised decorative glass. Make the impossible come true with the wide range of customisable glass options at AIS Glass. Known for our brilliant craftsmanship, we strive to make the most unique and special creations that your imagination has to offer. We specialise in bringing even the most intrinsic and sleek designs to life for your homes and offices.

We at AIS Glass, understand the importance of your space and value the efforts you are willing to put in to make these spaces special. We provide a stunning dynamic of decorative glass for various purposes and utility. Tell us your concepts and designs for your homes, offices and other areas and watch them turn into reality. Our existing clientele speaks volumes about the work we do and its quick delivery.

We have created a legacy of luxury interiors and contemporary outlook. Allow us to extend this legacy by providing you with our high end and premium services. Avail our decorative glass and customise it to suit your style.

The world is continually looking at revolutionised ways of framing spaces and designs. Using decorative glass reflects the modern theme and palette of choice.

So, don’t wait any longer! Get in touch with us and expose your space to the expertise of AIS Glass today!


Myths about Decorative Glass

“Real comfort, visual or physical, is vital to every room,” said world-famous American interior designer, Mark Hampton. Have we drowned ourselves in taking care of the physical aspect to the extent that the visual gets the back-seat every single time? Heaven forbid that should be the case!

It’s not as important to know whether form follows function or vice-versa; what is critical to designing a livable and workable space is ensuring that each works in tandem with the other. To that end, decorative solutions for architecture are of high importance, if not more important than functionality.

Aesthetical Architecture: The Key to Feeling Better

Architect Philip Johnson shed some precious tears as he gazed upon the shimmering lines of the Guggenheim Museum. That’s when he quoted, “Architecture is not about words. It’s about tears.” We often confine architecture and space designing to a relatively small box; while we’re busy worrying about all the required functionalities, we fail to realise that the emotional impact of beautiful architecture can quite literally transcend the personal, as in the case of architect Johnson.

Now, just imagine how much more impactful can aesthetical architecture be for your personal spaces! History bears testimony to the fact that the materials and décor styles we choose to build our spaces with influence our way of life, our mood, and beyond. The possibilities are practically endless today since architects and interior designers have a rich palette of high-performance building and decorative materials at their disposal, the most striking of which is decorative glass.

It’s Not a Member, but a Family!

Decorative glass is not really a single member of the glass family; they’re also a family by themselves. Yes, decorative glass is an umbrella term, beautifully sheltering a range of solutions, each exclusively designed to suit different design sensibilities. How? Well, you can either go for the standard-coloured glass version of decorative solutions wherein the drama lies in the glass’ varying textures and patterns, or you can enjoy the fluid visual appeal of glass in a variety of vibrant shades that will inject your interiors with newfound life.

Creating Visual Art with Decorative Glass: Let Your Interiors Speak for Themselves

Beauty may perish in life but will remain immortal in art. And, architecture or interior designing; are they any different from art? Well, decorative glass solutions are not just ways to elevate your space’s luxe feel, but also effortless ways to do so. Get some design inspiration here.

Connecting-Separating Private and Public Spaces

Your living room with its luxurious sectional sofa – the primary spot for bonding over family movie nights – may need some respite from the mess going around in the kitchen just adjacent to it. Well, but is there a way to do so with pizzazz? Why a resounding yes with decorative glass partitions! You can either go for back painted glass in subtle or bold and vibrant tones or entirely steer clear of colours and play it safe with the icy and textured appearance of other members of the decorative glass family – carte blanche!

The same holds true for your office space – revive them from bland to grand with decorative glass partitions that seamlessly and stylishly separate the public area from confidential board and conference rooms.

Bringing in Swaths of Colour or Playful Charm

What is that one thing about colours that makes them so desirable? The fact that they are contagious! Yes, ever noticed those wildly colourful buildings that add a dash of colour to their surroundings as well? You can enjoy a piece of that glory too, by having decorative glass installed in your space’s doors or windows. Light, when refracting through these colourful glass panes, will not just light your interiors, but enliven them to a whole different level.

Oh, so you’re not a fan of different-coloured rays playing with each other inside your space? No problem! Other members of the decorative glass family, such as frosted or textured glass, can come to your rescue. They will create stunning light patterns and aesthetics without disturbing the fluid-like appeal intrinsic to glass.

Striking Furniture Pieces

“The depth of the furniture should be less and in a subtle combination of neutral and tonal colours. For bigger rooms, the design can be more luxurious, with heavier, chunkier, and more experimental forms,” says Punam Kalra, the Creative Director at the Centre for Applied Arts. Well, sometimes, the permutations and combinations of furniture placement can be too overwhelming to wrap your head around. For such times, and for those when you really want to experiment with your colour options, the way-to-go is to incorporate decorative glass in your furniture pieces – table-tops, wardrobes, cabinets, vases, kitchen island, and more.

The best part about decorative glass furniture? You’ll have one less stylistic need to worry about, as even a minimalist approach will work volumes in terms of enhancing the look of the space.  

Unfurl the Potential of Decorative Glass with AIS Glass

The designing possibilities are limitless with decorative glass solutions! So, ready to go from drab to fab in a jiffy? We’re here to make your journey smooth and hassle-free. AIS Glass has been the leading integrated glass manufacturer of India for decades, and as such, we offer a range of decorative glass solutions for your aesthetic needs.

Choose our back painted AIS Décor for colourful interiors, our frosted AIS Krystal for stunning textures, or our laminated AIS Disegno for a mesmerising icy appearance. Whichever you choose, we guarantee end-to-end expert help, timely quality work, and, most importantly, an end result that exceeds your expectations. 

So, get in touch with us today for interiors that will inspire awe and enchant its beholders!


Create a Custom Decorative Glass for Your Home

“Every home tells a story. Welcome to ours” – words in which modern homes can be summed up. There was a time when almost every home looked similar to the one next to it. As for today, such a scenario is a mere memory. But homes today are not merely built to be different from the others. The purpose is much more grand – modern architects and homeowners alike understand the importance of designing a customised home for the comfort and well-being of the occupants.

Though individual needs for aesthetics, privacy, security, energy-efficiency, and acoustic insulation are varied, the reason for customisation stems from the depths of the psyche – homes that reflect the personality and tastes of the residents have been found to exude a safer and more comfortable vibe as compared to those that do not. This is because of familiarity – customisation resonates with the individual, making them feel “at home.”

And to bring this to pass, modern-day glass solutions play a huge role. Here, we will talk about how contemporary decorative glass solutions can be used to transform your home to tell your unique story.               

Here are the most common decorative glasses that you can add to your space –

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is a common decorative glass available in the market. Frosted glass is a type of glass that has been turned opaque through the process of sandblasting or acid-etching. If you are looking for decorative glass that not only enhances the look of your interiors but also provides you with adequate privacy, there is no better option than frosted glass.

Frosted glass obscures the view while still allowing light to pass through. The translucent surface of the frosted glass allows for light transmission while reducing the glare of the sunlight. So you see, you can experience comfortable interior temperature, ample natural light, while at the same time enjoying your personal space. Frosted glass is also highly resistant to scratches and requires minimal maintenance. 

You can use frosted glass as a decorative glass on doors, windows, partitions, interior screens, furniture, cabinets and shelves, staircase, bannisters, false ceiling/roof, and more.

Your Best Choice

Looking for premium-quality frosted glass? Choose AIS Krystal! Manufactured by India’s leading integrated glass manufacturer, our AIS Krystal is the only branded frosted glass in the country that offers privacy without compromising on natural light. Available in a variety of sizes, you can customise AIS Krystal to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space – be it bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, or living room!

Back-Painted Glass

As the name itself suggests, back-painted glass refers to glass panels that are coated or painted on one side, making the glass’ surface opaque. The glass is installed with the unpainted side facing outwards. In recent years, back-painted glass has gained huge popularity as decorative glass.

Installing back painted glass is the easiest way to give your house an elegant and contemporary look. It is very easy to maintain back-painted glass. All it requires is a wipe using a clean dust cloth to remove any dirt that settles on it. Since the painted or coated side is comfortably hidden away, the paint never gets distorted or chipped. This gives the back-painted glass a fresh and vibrant look even after years of installation. The multiple coatings of paint also structurally strengthen the glass, hence increasing its durability. 

Back-painted glass finds a host of applications – not limited to aesthetics alone. As decorative glass, it can be used in the kitchen as wall panels, backsplash, or cabinets and shelves to add a pop of colour to a bland interior. Moreover, its easy-to-clean feature makes it desirable for a space that often sees curry stains and spill-overs. You can even use back-painted glass in bathrooms as it is humidity-resistant – wall panelling, washbasin tops, etc. This decorative glass can also be used as colourful marker boards for easy-to-remember recipes and to-dos for the day.

Your Best Choice

When it comes to back-painted glass, there is no better option than AIS Décor. AIS Décor is highly durable with heat, UV, and humidity-resistant properties, is low-maintenance, 100% eco-friendly, long-lasting, and can enhance your interiors with its smooth finish in a jiffy.

AIS Glass has emerged as India’s largest organised player in the architectural glass processing segment. We manufacture a range of high-grade architectural glass products and are known to provide our customers with 360-degree glass solutions for all their glass needs. Come to us to fulfil all your decorative glass needs. And what’s more, is that our decorative glasses are also highly functional!

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!