How to Use Mirrors for the Elegant Look of the Bedroom?

 “Mirror, mirror on the wall, I see myself reflected in you, but is that all?”

Seldom, if ever, do we take time out of our decadent mirrors sitting luxuriously on our vanity tables to ponder over a question such as this. However, the charm of mirrors extends above and beyond their practical use as an aid for personal grooming. Strategically-placed mirrors can turn the tables on any dull-looking space, even one that is the most sacred and remains customarily hidden from the public eye – the bedroom.

Be it oversized or vanity-sized, ornate or plain, vintage or sleek, mirrors in all of their glory can double up light and accent pieces, deceive the eye in a good way, dictate the centre of the room, and even act as windows to windowless corners. If soft-coloured walls, muted flooring, a four-poster bed, and cosy floor-to-ceiling drapes have failed to meet your definition of an ultimate snooze sanctuary, then it’s probably the humble mirror that can fill the void.

First Things First: Feng Shui

When it comes to people and their relationship with their environments, the ancient Chinese art, science, or philosophy of ‘Feng Shui,’ which literally translates into ‘wind and water’ has a significant role to play. “If you create a balanced representation in your home, it can reflect how you’re reacting to outside experiences. It becomes a metaphor for everything in life,” explains Laura Cerrano of Feng Shui Manhattan. Based on the principle of balancing yin and yan energies, Feng Shui has much to say about the use of mirrors in a space, especially the bedroom. For instance – placing mirrors facing each other, installing a mirror above the bed, and positioning a mirror reflecting the bed are considered to be bad Feng Shui for a mix of practical and spiritual reasons. Clever Feng Shui use of mirrors can not only make your bedroom appear larger and brighter but can attract more of the right energy into your space, creating an abundance of calm and warmth. 

Accentuate the Beauty of Your Bedroom with Right Mirror Placements

Now that you know the basic rules, let’s work around them to discover the world of possibilities a modest mirror can open up for your homey refuge.

Go Big or Go Home

“Everything in a bedroom should contribute to an atmosphere of peace,” says New York interior design legend, Billy Baldwin. Does your bedroom look like a hot mess and make you feel smothered under the sheets despite being clutter-free? Then, the ideal way to open up your compact boudoir without disturbing the cocoon-like ambience would be to have a floor-to-ceiling mirror positioned next to a window. This simple trick can do wonders for your secret sanctuary, ushering in heaps of natural light while simultaneously giving an enlarged appearance to the space.

Not impressed with the idea of an oversized mirror sitting next to a window? Have one lean against one of the walls, and it will do the trick just as good, and what’s more, is that you can snap that perfect mirror selfie on your way out.

If You Wish, Go Bigger

If two heads are better than one, then why can’t two oversized mirrors be better than one ‘too’? However, a word of caution – do not place the mirrors willy-nilly around the room. “The worst thing a decorator can do is place mirrors so they’re reflecting random things in your home,” says expert interior designer Vanessa Deleon. For example – a full-length mirror reflecting an unattractive piece of furniture or a pile of clutter is a distasteful sight; the last thing on earth is to have two such mirrors doing the same. Deleon further adds, “You want a mirror to reflect a nice view or bounce light.” In case you’re confused and want to play it safe, position the two mirrors in a manner that they reflect the ceiling; this will add much depth and volume to the room.

Opt for Mirrored Furnishings

Want to meet two needs with a single deed? Then, drop the notion of an independent mirror altogether and have one incorporated onto the wardrobe or attached-bathroom door. Everything else aside, the topmost benefit of choosing such a mirrored-décor is that a single piece suffices; you need not worry about mixing and matching other items across the room to give the interiors of your ultimate snooze sanctuary a sense of completeness. Plus, what else could be more practical than picking out outfits from the wardrobe and instantly trying them out in front of the mirror attached to it? The same rule applies to a bedside table covered in a coating of crystal-clear mirror glass that becomes the focal point of the room.

Substitute the Idea of a Mirrored-Headboard

In case you are among those who follow the principles of Feng Shui religiously, there’s still room for you to enjoy mirror placements above your bed; just go a little off-centre. In lieu of a massive mirrored-headboard, have two slim rectangular pier mirrors installed on the walls extending to either side of the bed. To take the elegant vibe a step further, have small bedside cabinets in front of each mirror and place downward-focused standing lamps on each of the two cabinets. The calming effect will be all the more evident during the night time.

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