Different Ways How Custom Mirror Glass Can Improve Your Interiors

In the past few decades, architects and interior designers have started experimenting increasingly with their choice of home design and décor materials. Items once reserved for select buildings across the world can now be seen in almost every residential and commercial building. One of the most versatile and stylish materials being used increasingly in décor and designs is a mirror. While most people use mirrors while getting ready, they have immense applications in architecture and décor.

Mirrors are basically polished glass, i.e., when one surface of the glass is polished or coated to make it shiny and reflective, a mirror is created. Mirrors can be cut in a variety of sizes and shapes, making them perfect for even the most unconventional of buildings. They can be customised in various ways using methods like cutting, edging, polishing, or sizing. They are also aesthetically pleasing, and ooze sleekness and bold character, and hence are excellent for those who love to experiment with interior design. Moreover, they provide a variety of other benefits and are greatly maintenance free.

How Does Custom Mirror Glass Add Value to Your Building?

There are several unrivalled advantages of custom mirror glass that make it perfect for every building, regardless of its design or décor. Here are some ways mirrors enhance your building.

Add an Illusion of Extra Space

Some rooms in your home or office building might be very small. You may choose to tear down walls to make them look bigger, but a far easier and clever way to do so would be installing custom mirror glass throughout the room. Since mirrors reflect objects, an instant illusion of length and space is created if they are set at right angles. You can also install mirrors in constricted hallways to make them appear more spacious or wider. Overall, custom glass mirrors are an excellent way to add an illusion of space in your house without doing anything extravagant.

Light Your Building Better

Most people spend thousands on properly lighting their homes and offices, only to be left with a few dark and gloomy rooms. Since mirrors reflect light, they are an excellent way to light up almost every space. With carefully positioned mirrors, you might not have to install artificial lighting in every corner of your space. Even if you have a gorgeous chandelier or a bright lightbulb in one corner of your room, you can place a mirror around it to have its light spread throughout your space. Custom mirror glass, therefore, also ensures that your building consumes less electricity.

Make a Unique Décor Statement

Mirrors have been popular as décor items for decades. They make your space chic, bold, and pretty. Custom mirror glass can be cut into different shapes and sizes, fixed into frames, and installed in almost every wall of your house. Since mirrors offer such immense possibilities for personalisation, they are sure to fit in well with your stylistic tastes. They will instantly amp up the appeal of your home or office.

Quick Fix for Accidents

Did any of your building’s walls face heavy impact recently, and have been damaged as a result? You may choose to call a masonry expert and have your wall fixed, but this option will almost always be time-consuming; sometimes, you might not get an immediate response from the expert. In such a case, you can have a mirror cut into an attractive shape and fix it over your damaged wall. This way, you can not only hide imperfections but also protect the area from further damage, giving yourself more time to contact a reliable expert to fix it.

Provide Added Security

Many showrooms around the world have mirrors installed in various corners. These mirrors have a variety of stylistic and practical purposes, one of which is surveillance. With strategically-placed mirrors, you can have views of sensitive spaces within your home or office at all times. While you should not have to utilise a custom glass mirror in this way, it never hurts to have added security in your home.

If you have decided on having custom mirrors installed throughout your living or working space, contact AIS Glass. Our custom mirror glass is completely free of distortion, is environment-friendly, and lasts three times longer than regular mirrors. Since we do not use copper or lead to manufacture our mirrors, they are easily recyclable as well. AIS Mirror also does not turn brownish since no copper oxidation occurs. Even as it ages, it does not deteriorate or develop stains easily, which means you can clean it without much of a hassle.

For excellent-quality custom mirror glass for your homes and offices, get in touch with AIS Glass today!