Sparkling Mirror Glass Ideas for Your Living Space

“Look in thy glass and tell the face thou viewest.” Since the time of Shakespeare, mirrors or reflective glass surfaces have enjoyed a unique pedestal – that of being the centre of sonnets and lyrical verses. Perhaps what must have fascinated these poets and literary artists is the shimmer and shine of these important vanity pieces wherein one can see themselves crystal-clear.

Important as they have been in their role of letting many a maiden know whether they’re the “fairest of them all,” contemporary mirror glass’ usage is not merely limited to the realm of vanity. Today, mirrors are crucial architectural and interior design focal points, which, when used strategically, can render an other-worldly charm to a space.

So, what does it take to transform your living space from drab to fab? In this case, some sparkling mirror glass, an expert designer at-hand, and a few fun ideas as those mentioned below. Take a look.

Oh Vanity of Vanities, Desire!

Dear vanity, we know you’re a deceptive friend and a faithful foe, yet what would we do without you! Before you dread hearing about a vanity mirror, first things first – nobody’s asking you to go bland and uninspiring with your vanity mirror décor! Go for classic round mirrors to soften sharp angles or highlight the sparkle of your mirror glass with a gilded frame. However, if you wish to go all out with your vanity mirror décor, the ideal option is to opt for an eye-catching sculptural frame that can double as art or antique vintage mirrors that may transport you back to the time of the Victorian aristocrats, the lucky few to enjoy staring at their reflections all day long. Finally, maybe you’re among those who do not shy away from some drama. If yes, then install some LED or marquee lights around the vanity setup for a significant luxe-contemporary vibe. Plus, with such a setup, you can apply your makeup better!

Ah! Let a Sparkling Mirror Greet the Guests

Depending on the orientation, placement, design, shape and size, a mirror can be used for various purposes, the primary of which is opening up spaces and creating the illusion of a larger surface area. Does your living area open up to a narrow hallway? There’s no need to starve for space when you can mock-create more with the help of sparkling mirror glass! Incline a tall mirror, perhaps, floor-to-ceiling against the wall that directly faces the hallway entrance. However, in case you need a little more edge, how about installing various small mirrors along the entire length of the hallway? 

Moreover, sparkling mirrors for such fixtures would go best with accompaniments like a tall flower vase, matching analogue clock, indoor plants, etc. You can also go for a set of oblong or misshapen mirrors to create a lasting first impression on the visitor. Smart placement of unconventionally-shaped mirrors with multiple eccentric edges can go a long way in elevating your hallway space and making it more enticing.

Let Your Bedroom Come to Life!

You do not want your most intimate space to be the one where you’re the only one that’s alive; let your bedroom come to life and have a mind and personality of its own! By placing a mirror in unconventional spots, you can give a quick overhaul to your bedroom’s appearance. Not only does this facilitate productivity but also creates a positive environment where all your chakras can function at their optimal.

One way to do this can be by using a long rectangular sparkling mirror glass to reflect light. Do not be afraid of innovation, as you can often be pleasantly surprised by the results. By pointing the oversized mirror glass towards an open window, you can bring in more natural light, making the space brighter, more cheery and pleasant in general. You can also install a sparkling mirror glass backed by LED lights to act as a soothing replacement for a night light and give a surreal vibe to your room.

Take a 180° Turn on Style

Want to make your house stand apart in terms of décor? How about installing sparkling mirror glass just above the fireplace? Too eccentric? Then, play it safe by incorporating mirror glass along the full-length of doors. Use mirrored table-tops or maybe get a custom-made cabinet or stand made purely of mirror glass. Words simply can’t create the magic that you will feel in-person!

No matter what you do, don’t be afraid of going a little overboard or unconventional as mirror glass provides plenty of room for creativity.

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