Mirror Glass: The Most Versatile Home Décor Piece

Before mirrors, people used rivers, ponds, or other water streams to see their reflections. While the first mirror was produced in the third century A.D., the first modern mirror was not developed until the 19th century. But ever since then, mirrors have played essential roles in various aspects of human lives, from science and technology to home décor.

Mirror Glass as an Architectural Element

Often overlooked as an architectural element, mirror glass is mainly used for home decoration and as image reflectors for personal care. But mirrors are more than mere decorative pieces. They also serve various functional purposes.

Mirror glass is an excellent addition to create an illusion of space. When placed strategically, mirrors can make a room look more expansive and less stuffy. As mirrors reflect natural light, you can add them to any room and enjoy brighter, cheerful indoors. But most homeowners either do not know how to use mirrors or use them thoughtlessly.

Given how tricky mirrors can be, most homeowners find it challenging to use them for home decoration. Facing the same challenge? Here are the best ways you can style and place a mirror to elevate the overall visual appeal of your home.

How about Extracting Dual Benefits?

In 2020, mirrored furniture is back in style. Get mirrored display shelves, wardrobes, doors, nightstands, coffee tables, cupboards, or any other contemporary furniture, and they will work effortlessly. Often the main attraction in a room, mirror pieces can add depth and style to your space.

However, make sure not to use mirror pieces in a cluttered room. You can use mirrored furniture to light up smaller or darker rooms and nooks in your home instead. Add a touch of chic glam or understated elegance to your home with mirror glass.

Think Shape, Think Size

Get small decorative mirror pieces to accentuate the entryway or a decorative mirror piece with an ornate frame. You should always consider size as well as the shape of the mirror pieces. If you have a windowless wall or need a focal point in your room, use a larger mirror piece.

You can also layer a mirror piece with the wallpaper in your room and create a seamless style blend. Play with different shapes; instead of the classic square or oval, you can add odd-shaped mirror pieces for a touch of surprise and beautiful eccentricity.

Hang, but Thoughtfully

While mirror glass works fantastically to enhance the appearance of your home, it can be counterproductive if hung without a plan. For the best effect, mirrors should be placed opposite or at an angle from something you want to be reflected.

You can place them above mantles, in entryways, in galleries, or on accent walls to ramp up the visual appeal. But do not use mirrors only to fill an empty space. Plan out where to place the mirrors to improve daylighting and expand space optically.

Go the Extra Mile

Now, don’t be shy to put multiple mirrors on the same wall. You can use small mirror pieces to accentuate a dark wall, gallery, or staircase. As wall décor, mirror pieces can become the focal point of attraction, especially in a room with minimal clutter.

Get a different variety of frames, from metal accents to simple wood based on your style preference. You can experiment with different shapes and styles to create the mood you want. Be it vintage, ultra-modern, or contemporary décor – mirrors are highly versatile.

Style Matters

Different mirrors cater to different types of décor styles, which is why one must consider the desired style before making the purchase. You can choose any mirror style – edgy, modern, classic, rustic, or industrial to create a specific mood and character for your home.

For an ultra-modern, contemporary style, you can choose mirror pieces with metallic or wooden frames to create a chic and refine space. As for vintage or boho style, you can turn to simple, frameless mirror pieces and match them with vintage furniture. In any case, make sure they blend in with the overall home décor.

To Sum Up

Even in Vaastu Shastra as well as Feng Shui, mirror glass has been associated with positive energy and good health. When placed strategically, mirrors are believed to harness the energy of natural elements into your home for prosperity. If you want to improve your home’s visual appeal, a mirror piece is all you need.

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