5 Misconceptions about using Mirror Glass at Home

From the monumental Hall of Mirrors at Versaillesto the astronomic marvel Burj Khalifa in Dubai, few architectural elements can compete with the mirror blaze.

Especially nowadays, mirrors have taken over modern décor like no other design element. Versatile and classy, they can spruce up your indoors to create a visual look you will want to flaunt.

You can use a large mirror to create a focal point or add depth to small rooms and dark corners. However, to create unmatched visual appeal, your best bet is to use mirrors as decorative elements. But unfortunately, not many know the myriad of benefits mirrors provide, because misinformation around them remain in circulation.

Below, we debunk five common misconceptions about using mirror glass at home.

#1 Mirror Glass Breaks Easily

Maybe a decade back, they did. But mirrors today are built more durable, thanks to the advancement in technology. Nonetheless, the longevity of mirror glass will depend mainly on the quality of the built, as well as how you maintain it over time. Good for you, mirrors do not require extreme care. You only need to wipe the mirror glass surface with a cleaning solution, to keep it looking brand new.

That said, mirrors can still break when met with force or impact. However, when installed securely, you can leave your worries to the wind!

#2 Mirror Glass Rusts Quickly

Mirrors with copper coating are usually the ones to rust over time. Primarily because copper oxidises when exposed to moisture and wears away.

This often causes a brownish stain or a thin layer of tarnish to appear on the mirror glass surface, mostly edges. As a result, the optical clarity of the mirror is compromised. However, if you use mirrors manufactured with protective coatings, you can avoid rusty mirror surfaces easily.

#3 Mirrors Are Inauspicious

A widely spread misbelief about mirror glass is how it invites negativity in homes, especially cracked or broken mirrors, which apparently symbolise “seven years of bad luck.” But in truth, Romans started the superstition only to make people take better care of their mirrors, which at the time were brittle but expensive.

In contrast, Vaastu Shastra – the Indian “Science of Architecture” – accords immense importance to the use of mirrors at homes. When placed strategically, mirror glass is said to become a source of positivity and better health. To that end, you should always use square or rectangular mirrors to improve the Vaastu component of your home naturally. 

#4 Mirrors Lack Style Flexibility 

Because mirrors are primarily used as looking glass, few know how to use them for décor purposes. However, you can use mirror glass in a host of creative ways to build visual interest. Play with shapes and sizes to find one which suits your taste; the market is full of ornately crafted mirror pieces ready for use.

Not only for minimalistic or contemporary styles, but mirrors will also be compatible with any aesthetic of your choice. Go for a mirror outlined with LED lights in bathrooms to mix premium aesthetics with functionality. Or else, rock a statement mirror in the old style to achieve a rustic, timeless ambience. In any case, mirrors will work significantly to alleviate your home décor. 

#5 Mirror Glass Reflects Too Much Light

Because mirrors reflect natural light, they are often used to make smaller spaces appear more expansive. However, some homeowners hesitate to use them in fears of increased indoor heat. While mirrors can increase the natural light cast inside, they only do so when placed in front of the light source.

The key is to position them in a way that amplifies the natural elements. Got a room without fenestrations? You can place mirror glass near a bulb or lamp source to double up the brightness naturally. Moreover, the reflective nature of mirrors can expand the space visually and add a sense of depth to any dark corners.

How to Spruce Up Your Home Décor with Mirror Glass

Now that we have debunked common misconceptions about mirrors, here are a few tips to help you make the most of them:

Always Complement Décor – Other than the light sources, you can use mirrors to reflect angular spaces in your homes. Mirrors can accentuate your home architecture to create excellent visual appeal.

Hang, But Not Too High – As a rule of thumb – always hang a mirror at eye level and use professional help to secure them safely in place. But if you do not want to hang the mirror glass, try propping up a statement mirror against a wall.

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