Make Your Home to Look Larger With Mirror Glass

Mirrors are extraordinary things. They reflect the object standing in front of them without any malice. They tell it the way it is. No sugar coating, no lying; an accurate image of the object standing in front. However, they also hold enough power to give you an impression of that which is not.

Using mirror glass is the perfect way to make your home appear larger than it is. They can reflect both natural and artificial light to create an optical illusion for the human eye. Mirror glass can act as a highly efficient decorative tool for refined home décor. Moreover, their excellent light reflecting properties can make a room look more spacious, brighter and expansive. Here are some ways in which you can make your home appear larger with the use of mirror glass

Mirror! Mirror! on the Wall

Architects and interior designers have utilised the excellent reflective tendencies of mirror glass to brighten the interiors of numerous structures. This tendency provides the optical illusion necessary for creating a sense of false space inside a room. Placing mirror glass on walls opposite to a window will instantly light up the space in your room. You can experiment with all sorts of shapes and sizes to beautify your walls since mirror glass is flexible to use.

This also works exceptionally well with walls in the smaller rooms of your home. Spaces like kitchens and bathrooms can be made to appear extensive and spacious using this trick. You can cover a single wall in your bathroom to make the light bounce around. It will also serve you well for other grooming needs in the bathroom. Mirror glass placed opposite the entrance door in a kitchen or used on the surfaces of the cabinets will also fill out the spaces well.

Make Them Tall, Slender and Shimmering

Tall and slender mirror glass can be an excellent fashionable addition to your home. As they stand tall, they can be utilised to fill a corner or hidden spaces without making a visual mess with unnecessary room clutter. You can use a tall and slender mirror glass in your bedroom for your dressing needs. It will automatically brighten up your room by bouncing off light from its surface. Without overdoing it, mirror glass will stage your room to an extensive finish.

When placed strategically, a tall mirror draws the eye upwards to create an illusion of expansive space. You can set such mirror glass at the end of a hallway or in an alcove to bring out this illusion. Especially in a hallway, it can lend a sense of continuum and make the space feel lighter and larger. Mirror glass will reflect way excessive glare when placed in the living room since it is usually lit by the sunlight coming in from the windows. This way, you can make use of tall and slender mirror glass for bright shimmery solutions.

Go Big or Go Home

Don’t be afraid of making ‘big’ choices when it comes to mirror glass. Huge mirrors can work well with rooms which are already spacious. You can liven up your living or dining space by placing a mirror glass on the wall or by simply propping it up against one. They make for great ornamental pieces, especially with an antique design, for the interiors. Again, mirror glass can very easily light up the space to give a false sense of enlargement.

Big mirror glass has such a dramatic appeal. You can put it up on your bedroom wall, just above your bed, to illuminate the room without disrupting the cosy feel of it. Another effective way is to position it adjacent to your window. This will make sure that you get ample daylight in your bedroom while providing the illusion of depth, effortlessly.

Give Depth to Small Nooks

You can brighten up the darker nooks and corners of your house too. Mirror glass used in the hallways, in study spaces, and in areas that do not receive direct sunlight, can open up the spatial contours by lending them a sense of depth and continuity. Mirror glass placed above your study desk, on the surface of a hidden cabinet, or in your closet can work efficiently in enlarging the space. These darker spaces can seem gloomy and closed, but with a reflective surface, it can be altered to bright and roomy alternatives.

AIS Mirror is unlike other ordinary mirror glass due to its superior manufacturing process. It is a product which does not use lead and copper in its making. The product is eco-friendly and compatible with different kinds of adhesives. Such mirror glass stands for high-end functionality with stringent quality and strict resistance standards. It is a long-lasting, durable product that can last three times longer than conventional mirrors. We also offer customised solutions for all your structural needs. For more such products, contact us today!

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