All You Need to Know About One Way Glass

Best option for interiors? Glass! Best option for exteriors? Glass! Indeed, glass is one material that can transform your basic structural designs to sleek, elegant, and modern masterpieces. You can add so much oomph to your projects with the versatility of glass. There are also many different types of glass available in the market that can cater to all your architectural needs.

With the advancement in technology, glass has also undergone many changes. You can now get this material processed specifically for your requirements. This has significantly improved the sturdiness as well as the effectiveness of our designs.

An example of such advancement in glass solutions is the one way glass.

What is One Way Glass?

One way glass is also called a two-way mirror glass or a half-silvered mirror glass. One way glass is a kind of glass that is transparent on one side and reflective on the other, unlike standard glass, which is transparent on both sides. A thin, almost transparent metallic coating is applied on the surface one of the glass surfaces. This enables more light to penetrate through the coated surface as compared to the little amount of light that it reflects.

However, to work efficiently, one side of the mirror requires twice the amount of light that the other side is receiving. In this way, the darkened side can see through the brightly-lit side but not vice-versa. This is also a reason because of which the glass is called one way glass. For those on the bright side of the glass, it appears to be like any other mirror glass, but for those on the darker side, one way glass acts like a transparent glass.

Application of One Way Glass

One way glass has a wide number of use cases, as given below.

Privacy Matters

Don’t we all love opening up windows, early in the morning, to get that fresh gust of wind? Soaking in a little extra sunshine during the cold winter months? Modern designs are all about large glass windows. And when your house has large glass windows, privacy often gets compromised.

One way glass can help you balance privacy matters without cutting down on the benefits of daylight, fresh wind, and ventilation. Since the glass acts as a mirror on one side, the half-silvered side can be used for the exteriors. In this way, the outsiders will not be able to see inside but you will have a clear vision of the outside world. One way glass windows serve well for a one-way observation.

Glass Partitions

In the latest interior designs, more effort is being made to inculcate a sense of openness in the plans. Using one way glass for partitions in cabins or as walls is an excellent idea to promote a sense of openness while getting a broad view of what lies beyond the glass partition. This way you can monitor the activity around your office space without making the employees conscious of it.

Sliding Glass Doors          

To get a sense of extension, designers and architects make use of sliding glass doors that open up to a garden or patio. One way glass sliding doors are perfect for this. You will receive optimum daylight without exposing your living space. Since the glass is also highly durable, it will last you longer.

Low-E Automotive Windows

One way glass is often used to make automotive windows with low-E coating to provide protection against harmful solar glare and to block heat. Automobiles can get unusually hot when they are under the sun. This can cause major discomfort and reliance on the air-conditioner. To prevent this, one way glass windows are installed in automobiles.

Along with protection against harmful UV rays, one way glass windows also block the view for outsiders. You can drive comfortably without anyone peering inside your vehicle and sing along to your music freely. Also, stopping at red lights will become less bothersome.

Types of One Way Glass

Tinted Glass

This glass is treated with a film or coating that reduces the transmission of light through it. The thickness of the coating is flexible; it can be accommodated to your needs. The coating prevents harmful UV rays from passing through and controls solar glare.

AIS Glass offers AIS Tinted that can absorb 30-40% of sun’s heat to offer thermal comfort. It also protects against glare and comes in a variety of colour styles to choose from.

In Summation

One way glass is a perfect solution for privacy and security matters. However, there is a wide variety of glass for you to choose from. Identify the glass that suits your architectural style before you make your purchase.

If you are looking for 360-degree one way glass solutions, AIS Glass must be your top pick. As a leading brand in integrated glass solutions, we provide expert consultations, effective delivery, and world-class services to you. You can opt from a range of trendy and appealing glass products to fit your structural requirements. Are you interested in learning more about glass products and how they can benefit you? Get in touch with us today to secure an expert consultation!

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