Use Customised Mirror Glass for Home Décor

In the awe-inspiring universe of glass, mirror glass takes a significant place. Mirror glass panes can be used to specifically serve as mirrors and also to manufacture reflective surfaces for architectural and home décor purposes, such as furniture tops and exterior facades. In this article, we will explore the benefits and applications of mirror glass but, before that let us clearly understand the science behind this product.

The Science Behind Mirror Glass

The modern mirror glass is made by silvering, which essentially is achieved by applying multiple layers of aluminium or silver on the backside of a float glass pane. It is important to understand that light reflects best from surfaces that are non-diffusive, meaning opaque. Modern innovation in mirror glass begins with smoothening and flattening the glass surface and then applying metal coatings of uniform thickness on the inner side of the surface. If even one of these coatings ends up being thicker than the rest, you will either look thinner or fatter than normal. If the metallic coating ends up being scratched, the brightness will become uneven. In case the coating is too thin, you will be able to see through to the other side of the mirror, if only slightly.  

Difference Between Mirror Glass and One-Sided Mirror Glass

You must have noticed that certain types of mirrors are not completely opaque and while you can see your reflection in them from a distance, it is hazy and not as well-defined as when you look at yourself in your dressing table mirror. These are one-sided mirrors and have applications in interrogative or observatory practices. A mirror is completely opaque and a person standing on the other side of it will be unable to see you. Whereas, a one-sided mirror allows the person on the other side to see you without you finding out. One-sided mirror glass also has the same metallic coating like the one used to make a mirror. The difference, however, lies in the coating thickness. One-way mirror glass has a thin metallic coat painted on one side which makes it easier for a person to look through the surface to the other side.

Take a Style Detour with Mirror Glass

Using mirror glass to decorate your home can provide multiple aesthetic benefits. If you think mirrors are only good for looking at your reflection, then you need to check out our list of awesome décor ideas using mirror glass

Opens up Spaces

Mirror glass makes spaces larger, meaning it gives a sense of space no matter how short you are on square footage. This can truly be a bonus for smaller bedrooms, drawing rooms, or even cramped corridors. Place a full-length mirror on one side of the corridor to create an illusion of space. Alternatively, you can choose to install a big rectangular mirror glass, instead of painting(s) behind the mast of your bed. This will liven up your bedroom and suddenly make it seem double the size. Similarly, placing a couple of mirrors in important corners of your drawing room can transform your space unlike anything else.

Brightens up Spaces

Place two mirror glass panes facing each other on opposite sides of the room. Alternatively, place a mirror opposite a window. Both these applications will lead to room brightening. The ambient light will get reflected off the glass’s surface, making the space cheery and bright. Installing a ceiling to floor-length mirror glass in the passage leading to the main door will also help make the passage brighter.

Creates Focal Points

Place a mirror inside a stained glass or a tiled pattern frame to decorate a single wall in your room. On the chosen blank wall, hang an array of framed mirrors or framed convex mirrors and turn the wall into true eye candy. This is an ingenious method of adding a focal point to spaces. Using mirror glass to design interiors also amplifies the pre-existent focal points.

Livens up Furniture

Mirror glass is a fantastic material to jazz up spaces and can transform an ordinary-looking piece of furniture into something that stands out. For example, you can use mirror glass for coffee table tops, chest of drawers, wardrobe doors, etc. as this will boost the visual aesthetics of the room. You can also use mirrored furniture pieces to give your office an enhanced and unique aesthetic appeal. A smaller conference table with a mirror glass table-top will enhance the overall look of the room and make it brighter.

See More Clarity with AIS Mirror

Whatever your aesthetic goals may be, make a statement with mirror glass. Mirrors these days are sturdy and safe to use for home décor. Turn to AIS Glass for all your mirror glass needs. Our mirror glass is free from any copper coatings ensuring that no oxidised stains appear throughout the lifetime of the glass, is environment-friendly, provides unparalleled resistance to corrosion and aging and is compatible with a wide range of adhesives.  Moreover, AIS Mirror is available in a wide variety of sizes, thickness options, and fun colour varieties. Get in touch with us today to explore the unique world of AIS Mirror!

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