Incorporating Privacy with Smart Glass

Glass is an incredible material used widely in the automotive and architectural industry. In the architectural industry, it also allows light and heat to enter the rooms and living spaces. However, this exposure to the outer-world can be unwanted, especially for those who value their privacy more than others.

If your home is located in a crowded area, which is usually the case with big cities, you learn to appreciate even the littlest space and privacy that can be mustered. For such a situation, instruct your chosen glass manufacturer to install smart glasses to solve all the issues of violation of privacy. Along with that, smart glasses are available in a variety of colour tints. Hence, it will help to uplift the aesthetics of your house.
Smart glass can be used in partition screens, uPVC windows, roof-lights and doors, along with security and teller screens. They can even work as HD projection screens! As this material is so flexible, architects and designers are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to use them.
Smart glasses have many applications:

  1. Commercial usage

The electronic properties allow smart glass to ensure transparency and privacy at the same time. One can switch between an open and connected office space to a private meeting room simply by flicking a switch.

  1. Residential areas

With smart glass, you can add an element of personalization in your home. It gives people an option to choose regarding where they want privacy and where they don’t.

  1. Hospitals and Clinics

Smart glass is perfect for the medical sector. Hospitals and clinics incorporate smart glass to ensure both transparency and privacy in the open spaces, and prevent the use of unhygienic curtains.

  1. Security

Since smart glass has a property that allows it to reduce noise, it can make any environment peaceful. There are many circumstances where we need this kind of technology in all spaces. Additionally, the ability to switch from transparent to opaque glass and vice versa is essential for security purposes. It helps by acting as a barrier against forced entry and can even protect from blasts and fires to an extent as well.
Hence, smart glass is a great alternative because it offers privacy without any drawbacks and adds to the aesthetic appeal of the place.

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