uPVC Windows – Best Replacement Windows for Your Home

Modern homeowners like to make a unique stylistic statement with their homes. It is always a reflection of their personality and tastes, which extend to everything, from furniture to fenestration, and the latter has always been a significant element in architecture and interior design. However, windows and doors can need replacement after a few years, especially if they weren’t of the right type and quality, to begin with.

If you have been looking to replace your home windows, you should look for elegant, stylish, and pragmatic uPVC frames. Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride or uPVC is a synthetic material that has become a popular fenestration material in recent years. Read on to find out why uPVC frames are the best replacement option for your home windows.

Benefits of Getting uPVC Windows for Your Home

Here are some benefits of uPVC windows that make them the perfect replacement for your old glass windows.


Windows that open your home to the outside view are exposed to wear-and-tear caused by weather, changing temperature, and dust. You are probably replacing your old windows only because they have succumbed to everyday wear-and-tear. Therefore, the new window you choose must be incredibly durable in all climatic conditions. uPVC windows are extremely durable and can withstand exposure to impact, saltwater, UV rays, heat, and chemicals. Since uPVC is synthetic, it does not facilitate the growth of termite and pests and remains pristine even after years of being exposed to harsh conditions. The material also does not lose its colour or scratches easily, ensuring that you do not have to go for frequent window replacement.


Windows are one of the most significant components of your home’s overall design. uPVC windows fit in well with a wide range of décor choices since they can be personalised in everything from colour and size to cutting and installation. Whether you are replacing your French and bay windows or your regular casement windows, uPVC frames can be sized and customised perfectly to fit in. They are perfect for spaces like bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, balconies, patios, swimming pools, and lawn entrances. You can experiment with patterns and shades or go with a minimalist design depending on the rest of your home’s architectural style. In short, uPVC windows will give you a lot of stylistic choices.


Since most windows of the home open outside, they have to be completely secure. With uPVC windows, safety will never be your concern. uPVC window frames come with galvanised steel reinforcements that make it impossible for burglars and robbers to break-in. Moreover, their anti-crowbar feature provides added protection. uPVC windows also have fire-retardant properties and will keep your home safe from fire accidents. In case you wish for more security, you can ask your window installation company to equip your uPVC windows with a multi-point locking system.

Environmental Friendliness

Despite being a synthetic material, uPVC is completely environmentally friendly. It is recyclable, non-toxic, and phthalate, lead, and BPA-free. Since it is highly durable, it does not have to be replaced often, which means the amount of waste that goes into the environment is reduced. For reduced carbon footprint and ecologically sustainable home, it is best for you to choose uPVC windows as a replacement for your old glass windows.

Noise Insulation

Living in noisy streets can hamper your peace and productivity. Due to noise pollution, you might face increased stress and anxiety even in your home. It is, therefore, essential to maintain a noise-free interior. With advancements in fenestration technology, soundproofing or noise insulation is no longer a cumbersome job. All you need to do is replace your old windows with brand new uPVC windows to make your entire home free from noise pollution. For added soundproofing, you can always use acoustic glass instead of regular glass with uPVC window frames that come with high-quality silicone sealants.


Modern homes contain windows of different styles and sizes and include windows that double as doors for areas like patios, balconies, or swimming pools. Such windows are prone to moisture-induced damage since they are exposed to water accumulation. All your windows, therefore, must have excellent drainage systems in place, a quality that is present in uPVC windows. uPVC window frames come with special drainage mechanism that prevents water stagnation at all times. If you have been forced to replace your old windows because of a water stagnation problem, having uPVC windows installed would be an excellent decision.


Across India, climatic conditions can be extreme. As a result, most people spend lakhs on electricity bills for cooling or heating their homes. Your energy bills will skyrocket even further if your home is not insulated correctly. For adequate heat insulation, uPVC windows are perfect. uPVC windows do not allow heat to escape your home and therefore prevent energy loss. As a result, you can expect your energy bills to lower.

Choosing the right kind of uPVC windows to replace your current ones is necessary. Looking for quality glass solutions for your uPVC window frames, contact AIS Glass – India’s most trusted integrated glass manufacturer. We have glass for your every need, be it that of privacy, security, noise insulation, or energy-efficiency, and advanced aesthetics.

So, what are you waiting for? contact AIS Glass today!

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