Design Your Space With A Stylish Range of uPVC Windows and Doors

A versatile innovation of the modern world, uPVC is a polymer that finds application in myriad facets of our daily life. Based on polyvinyl chloride (PVC), it offers a sophisticated way to design doors and windows in homes and offices. Low maintenance and available in a variety of hues, it is a highly stylish option for designing spaces with aesthetically pleasing and utilitarian doors and windows.

What Can uPVC Windows and Doors Do For Me?

uPVC windows and doors offer unique benefits, with an additional edge of utility to their elegant appearance. uPVC windows and doors provide:

  • Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

When it is cold, they prevent the warmth inside your house from escaping. When it is warm, the heat outside is kept away. Vinyl windows are excellent insulators against both heat and sound.

  • Insulated Frames

When it comes to insulation against dirt, dust, and UV particles, the double sealing and EPDM gasket help keep these out. The EPDM is a material which helps to seal the area between the window glass and its body.

  • Low Maintenance and Eco-Friendly

No painting is required on uPVC products, so they are completely free of lead. This also makes the windows easier to clean.

  • Durability

A uPVC frame is superior to wooden frames – it is 100% resistant to termites and doesn’t rot like wood does. Since it does not need a coat of paint ether, your space is free from shabby-looking windows peeling at their edges. Galvanized steel reinforcements form part of the frame, so both aesthetic beauty and structural stability are guaranteed.

  • Aesthetics

Window frames and doors made of uPVC look modern and stylish – not out of place in the grandest of homes. Available in a wide range of designs and colours, uPVC allows for freedom in design.

  • Energy Efficiency

As the effect of heat insulation helps keep rooms warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, the need for air conditioners and heaters is vastly reduced, subsequently saving you energy and money.

What Styles are uPVC Windows Available in?

Too many cooks spoil the broth, but too many design choices never hurt your space. Windows with uPVC frames, as well as doors made completely out of uPVC, can be done up in the style of classic wooden doors and frames. No matter what the rest of your home furnishings look like, there is a variety of uPVC options to go with them.

Apart from a plain but inviting white, uPVC windows and doors are available in a variety of wooden finishes, including:

  • Golden oak, emanating a gentle and warm aura that lends a cosy vibe to your space
  • Dark oak, that makes your home feel safe and private, while retaining a bit of nature’s flavour
  • Walnut, giving a relaxed feel to your space, perfectly suited for a space you can unwind in at the end of a long day

Apart from wooden finishes, the colour and pattern of the door or window frame can make for your space’s personality pop. What makes uPVC particularly versatile is the fact that it can be fitted into a wide range of window shapes and designs.

  • Arch designs for windows are a timeless classic. Since uPVC is an especially flexible polymer, it makes stylish arch designs possible. These can be inscribed with intricate patterns to add to their beauty.
  • A bay window is perfect for letting in sunlight. Coupled with the energy efficiency that uPVC naturally provides, this gives you even more of a chance to save electricity. A bay window can be fitted with a cosy windowsill seat and makes for a great reading spot.
  • Corner windows serve as a lovely bridge between the interior of the house and the outside world. They, too, let in an abundant amount of sunlight and a uPVC wooden finish can have them looking almost like portals to nature.
  • Casement windows open vertically and let ample sunlight into your house. They are also one of the most secure options when it comes to a window, since their locks are embedded within their window-frames.

uPVC windows and doors are, then, both pleasing to look even as they serve the functionality your space needs. uPVC can be customised to give your doors and windows a unique look. This makes it the perfect choice for your spaces, no matter personal or professional.

At AIS Group, we offer stunning uPVC window and door design solutions that transform the look of your space. Be it casement uPVC windows, wooden French windows, uPVC French doors, or simple sliding doors you’re looking for, our customized solutions will lend your space just the unique appeal it needs. Get in touch with us for elegant uPVC window and door designs today.

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