Windload Calculator

The facade of every building is subjected to some kind of pressure from the environment. The AIS Wind load software is designed for wind-loads for various Indian cities specified in IS 875. The software then uses the calculations specified by ASTM standards to calculate the effect of winds on various glass types, and provides results on whether the glass type chosen by the user is safe for use for that particular application.


  • City for past 30 years of weather data for that city
  • Location of building
  • Size of building
  • Size of glass panels
  • Type of glass being used
  • Type of glazing and support for glass


  • Total load on the glass
  • Total deflection of glass
  • Acceptable limits specified in ASTM standard
  • Glass passes or not
  • Detailed Report and minimum configuration required to pass for the same glass size


One of the design requirements of glass used in buildings is to resist the loads created by wind. Wind Load module of Glass configurator 1.0 provides the professional and other specifying authorities to determine the appropriate glass thickness and type to meet the wind load at selected location in India. It generates the results that are consistent with ASTM E 1330 standards and Proposed Indian Standards. The inputs that are required for the calculation are the location and the terrain where the building is located, the height and width of the building, height and the width of the glass pane and type of glass that can annealed/ heat strengthen/ tempered/ laminated.

If you need a calculation to be made, please contact your AIS Technical Sales Manager.