Changing trends in building Façade

For architects, facades play a vital role from a design and structural point of view. Facades are usually known to set the tone for the complete glass infrastructure. Architecturally the most important aspect of a building, facades have transformed, altered and evolved into an expression of contemporary design and reflect the brilliance and concept of the architect themselves. Also, if considered from an engineering facet, facades play a very important role in altering the constitution and sustainability of a building.
History of Facades:
Evolving from the Neo-Greek and Egyptian architecture to the Georgian buildings, facades have evolved from the simple and majestic Great Pyramids of Egypt to the elegant and royal Buckingham Palace in London, to the massive glass skyscrapers we see now.  Contemporary facades are even more diverse and add to the sustainability of the building, not just its artistic value.
The changing trends in glass facades reflect a contemporary amalgamation of the traditional and non-traditional ideas. The modern facades extend far beyond the mere use of glass and composite panels for the spandrel area.
Indoor to outdoor boundaries can be diminished by using a more open façade that merges seamlessly with the interior of the building, giving it a more contemporary look. Architects can provide clients/customers with better lighting solutions, heating solutions and add vibrancy to the building by using a combination of tempered glass glazing and other laminates.
Depending on the degree of glazing, glass can conserve energy and reduce the need for artificial lighting. It will also retain heat in the cold season, hence keeping the rooms warm during winters. During summers, the glazing also prevents excessive heating and keeps the glare and harmful rays out. This gives the room a more open and enriched look and will increase the architectural evaluation of any building. The glazing solutions will enhance the façade of any structure and make it ecologically enhanced.
AIS Ecosense Glass and AIS Opal Glass are two popular façade solutions that can be used by architects and designers. These value-for-money products are available in a variety of natural shades that require the least amount of maintenance. Buying them from the right provider guarantees tailored solutions that suit your requirements.
Take a look at what we have to offer-
AIS Ecosense Glass: This type of glass is available in four different types of natural shades as mentioned below:

  1. Enhance (Solar Control)
  2. Exceed (Solar Control Low-E)
  3. Essence (Low-E) and
  4. Edge (solar control glass & thermal insulation – Low E)

By using AIS Ecosense glass you can create the perfect balance between indoor and outdoor that suit the unique Indian climate.
AIS Opal Glass:  A popular choice for heat reflective glass, using this product will help your clients maintain a comfortable temperature within the buildings. As a result, this type of glass is a smart choice for exterior glass and looks stylish as well.
With such products and technology at your disposal, creating the ideal aesthetic, economic and environmental solution can be done without any difficulty.


Use of glass in hospitality industry

Noise pollution is detrimental to health. It can cause psychological and physiological damage to a person. As a result, noise becomes hostile and can make your environment unpleasant.  By using the right glass, architects can decrease the amount of unwanted noise and make your surroundings pleasant. One such important commercial segment where noise pollution needs to be kept at bay is the hospitality industry. Besides noise pollution, high energy bills and excessive light are other major problems faced by players in the restaurant and hotel sector. As the industry focusses on the comfort of their guests, such issues need to be resolved effectively.
Why use glass?
Installing glass doors and windows can help create audacious designs and aesthetic environments. If privacy is what you are looking for, make sure you use frosted glass. Acoustic insulation glazing can be used to cancel the noise and create that tranquil setting you desire.  Glass has added benefits such as durability and high performance, and will assist in creating an aesthetic appearance. Therefore, architects who are working on a project should explore the option of using glass as it is a highly versatile building material.
Types of glass
In this competitive market, hoteliers often find it challenging to provide customers with the very best. The noise, poor glazing, and many other issues result in unsatisfactory conditions for guests. By making use of architectural, float, or annealed glass, you can create the right conditions for guests and make rooms look appealing, too. Architects are guaranteed to impress their clients / customers with these aesthetic layout designs that can keep the decibel levels
very low.
Take a look at our noise proof glass and energy-efficient solutions listed below:
Aesthetic: AIS Aesthetic glass in hotels not only gives an appealing look to the interiors, but it also adds a touch of modernity. Using attractive glass also enhances the beauty of the interiors.
Sound Insulation: The interlayers of AIS Acousticglas can reduce any kind of external sound. It is multifunctional and offers high-performance benefits. This glass can also be useful to preserve the aesthetic appearance of a structure. Besides reduction of noise pollution, there are many other options that provide an array of energy-saving solutions. Such solutions can be useful to reduce the energy consumption drastically.
Security: It is the perfect solution for contemporary living spaces. AIS Securityglas can provide level-2 and level-3 protection from burglar attacks. With such solutions architects can ensure that a building’s aesthetics are satisfactorily addressed, while taking care that occupants’ safety and security aspects are not compromised.
Privacy: The latest AIS Swytchglas is designed with modern technology that will help you maintain your privacy at just the click of a button. This unique glass technology enables the transformation of transparent glass to opaque glass with just the flick of a switch.
Energy Efficiency: With AIS Ecosense glass, one can achieve that subtle balance between the environment inside and outside the structure. Getting optimum daylight and energy efficiency in every sense is achieved by using this glass.
This green-standard glass is available in a variety of shades. They are classified further into three categories, as follows:

  • Enhance (Solar Control)
  • Exceed (Solar Control Low E0)
  • Essence (Low E) and Edge (Solar Control & Low E)

With these glass solutions, building the world closer to nature is easier. The glass can be useful to improve efficiency, aesthetics, and eco-sensitivity.
Hotels and restaurants built in certain parts of India require thermal insulation and better light transmission. These glass solutions can adequately meet such requirements. With the availability of this glass in different shades, implementing energy-efficient and aesthetic building designs has now become possible.


#FindYourPerfectMatch with AIS Glass

Have you watched our video to ‘Find Your Perfect Match’ yet? AIS decided to help you find your match in an interesting way, i.e. through a video. The video not only describes the characteristics but also the features of the different characters in an impressive style.

Meet the characters here and know more about them!

Mr. Stronglas is 5 times stronger than any other ordinary glass. He is strong and protective of everyone around him. He makes sure that people around him are always safe.
If at all it breaks, AIS Stronglas shatters into small blunt pieces and protects you from injuries. With it, you don’t need to worry about any danger as it will keep you safe, and injury free.
Stronglas can be used for different applications such as table tops, shelves, partition, facades, wash basins and many more. If you are concerned about keeping intruders out or have smaller kids in the house, AIS Stronglas is the perfect match for you!

Do you like to show-off your home to everyone? If yes, Mr. Aesthetic is the best match for you.  He is not just attractive but also charming. With him around, you are sure to grab attention.
AIS Aesthetic glass is used in interiors and gives it a fresh and an innovative look. It can make any space look stylish and classy.
AIS Aesthetic Glass is used for interior applications. It is available in different shades and patterns to beautify your spaces.  Wide range includes Frosted Glass, Patterned Glass, Fabric Laminated Glass and much more.

EcosenseAIS Ecosense is cool as well as charming. When it comes to protection from heat, Ecosense is the best choice! He knows how to keep you comfortable in your home or office.
Ecosense aims to provide a cool or warm environment as per your needs. It is eco-friendly and maintains the perfect balance between the indoors and the outdoors. It can fit in any climatic condition and is a mix of architectural, aesthetic, economic, energy efficiency and environment sense.
Ecosense is used for exterior glass applications like facades, and windows in homes and offices.

AcousticAre you tired of all the noise around you? Mr. Acousticglas is perfect for you!
He is silent, peaceful and calm. You can trust him with all your secrets because he will never let them out. You can blindly trust him with all your information.
Stay calm with AIS Acousticglas- it will not only ensure that your words are not overheard by anyone, but also keep outside unwanted noise out.
AIS Acousticglas can be used in board room or office cabin partitions, windows in houses, facades, shop -fronts etc.

SwytchglasMr. Swytchglas is the perfect blend of latest technologies, modern innovation and focuses on the current need for privacy. He is smart and knows when to provide you privacy when most needed. He is very flexible and easy to be with.
With AIS Swytchglas, you can turn transparent glass opaque with just the click of a button. It strikes the perfect balance between style and necessity, and blocks visibility at the switch of a button.
AIS Swytchglas can be used in varied applications in multiple verticals like windows, walls and partitions, conference rooms, hospitals, salons and many more places where you need to ensure privacy.
With AIS, you can get a variety of different options as per your needs and requirements. So with all these bachelors around you, did you #FindYourPerfectMatch? Watch this video to know more:

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