#FindYourPerfectMatch with AIS Glass

Have you watched our video to ‘Find Your Perfect Match’ yet? AIS decided to help you find your match in an interesting way, i.e. through a video. The video not only describes the characteristics but also the features of the different characters in an impressive style.

Meet the characters here and know more about them!

Mr. Stronglas is 5 times stronger than any other ordinary glass. He is strong and protective of everyone around him. He makes sure that people around him are always safe.
If at all it breaks, AIS Stronglas shatters into small blunt pieces and protects you from injuries. With it, you don’t need to worry about any danger as it will keep you safe, and injury free.
Stronglas can be used for different applications such as table tops, shelves, partition, facades, wash basins and many more. If you are concerned about keeping intruders out or have smaller kids in the house, AIS Stronglas is the perfect match for you!

Do you like to show-off your home to everyone? If yes, Mr. Aesthetic is the best match for you.  He is not just attractive but also charming. With him around, you are sure to grab attention.
AIS Aesthetic glass is used in interiors and gives it a fresh and an innovative look. It can make any space look stylish and classy.
AIS Aesthetic Glass is used for interior applications. It is available in different shades and patterns to beautify your spaces.  Wide range includes Frosted Glass, Patterned Glass, Fabric Laminated Glass and much more.

EcosenseAIS Ecosense is cool as well as charming. When it comes to protection from heat, Ecosense is the best choice! He knows how to keep you comfortable in your home or office.
Ecosense aims to provide a cool or warm environment as per your needs. It is eco-friendly and maintains the perfect balance between the indoors and the outdoors. It can fit in any climatic condition and is a mix of architectural, aesthetic, economic, energy efficiency and environment sense.
Ecosense is used for exterior glass applications like facades, and windows in homes and offices.

AcousticAre you tired of all the noise around you? Mr. Acousticglas is perfect for you!
He is silent, peaceful and calm. You can trust him with all your secrets because he will never let them out. You can blindly trust him with all your information.
Stay calm with AIS Acousticglas- it will not only ensure that your words are not overheard by anyone, but also keep outside unwanted noise out.
AIS Acousticglas can be used in board room or office cabin partitions, windows in houses, facades, shop -fronts etc.

SwytchglasMr. Swytchglas is the perfect blend of latest technologies, modern innovation and focuses on the current need for privacy. He is smart and knows when to provide you privacy when most needed. He is very flexible and easy to be with.
With AIS Swytchglas, you can turn transparent glass opaque with just the click of a button. It strikes the perfect balance between style and necessity, and blocks visibility at the switch of a button.
AIS Swytchglas can be used in varied applications in multiple verticals like windows, walls and partitions, conference rooms, hospitals, salons and many more places where you need to ensure privacy.
With AIS, you can get a variety of different options as per your needs and requirements. So with all these bachelors around you, did you #FindYourPerfectMatch? Watch this video to know more:

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