How can solar control glass help homeowners?

Did you know that an ordinary glass can allow up to 80% of the light to pass through? This unfiltered light doesn’t only carry unbearable heat but also ultraviolet radiation. This combination paves the way for higher energy costs, unpleasant living conditions, and worse, discolouration of furniture! If you are a homeowner and want to put an end to the unfiltered light, you must consider taking a look at a solar control glass.

Don’t know what solar control glass is? Well, in simple terms, a solar control glass has a layer of a special coating that reflects the UV rays of the sun along with the unbearable heat while allowing the natural light to pass through. This results in optimal natural daylight, significant energy savings, and a pleasant home environment. If you want to find out more about the benefits of solar control glass in a home, we have shortlisted its top five benefits. So, without any further ado, let’s begin with the first benefit:

1. A solar control glass prevents the discolouration of furniture

While natural light does make an interior space look more spacious and appealing, its UV content can discolour the furniture. Since an ordinary glass cannot reflect UV rays, there would be no barrier between your furniture and the light. On the contrary, with solar control glass, the sun’s harmful UV rays would get reflected. This means filtered natural light would pass through the glass that would eventually prevent the discolouration of your furniture.

2. A solar control glass lower energy bills

Another vital benefit of this glass is that it helps in lowering energy bills in the long run. Since solar control glass cuts down the transmission of heat from the sun and prevents the interiors from heating up, it makes sure your home is always cool. This, in turn, lowers your dependency on air conditioners, giving way to reduce costs. Moreover, since they also have robust insulation properties, they won’t allow the heat to escape from your home, ensuring every corner remains heated. Hence, these types of glasses would undoubtedly help you in lowering your energy bills!

3. A solar control glass gives optimal daylight

As you can tell, natural light has many benefits to its name, such as improving the aesthetics of your home and décor. Moreover, it also has several psychological benefits, ranging from boosting your mood to reducing stress and anxiety.

Solar control glass makes sure your entire home brightens up with natural light. Once this glass filters out the harmful UV radiation and heat from the sunlight, your home receives refined natural light. Moreover, it would also reduce the need for artificial lighting, allowing you to further save a lot on energy bills!

4. A solar control glass prevents solar glare

Solar glare occurs when a mirror-like object causes a direct reflection of the sun. While these solar glares might not sound to be a great deal, they can stir a bit of trouble ranging from headaches to even eye infections.

An ordinary glass might become a source of these glares, thanks to its uncoated and plain surface. But a solar control glass can prevent these glares as they come equipped with a special coating. Thus, this glass can also help by preventing solar rays.

5. A solar control glass helps in creating a pleasant home environment

During the scorching summers, your home can become a burning furnace. Similarly, amid winters, your home can become extremely cold. This takes place because your home does not have proper insulation. The primary reason behind poor insulation in most homes is ordinary glasses.

However, through solar control glass, your home would get proper insulation. It would act as a barrier and prevent cold air from the outside slipping into your home and warm air from escaping. This would lead to creating a pleasant home environment, where you could relax comfortably, even in the most extreme of weather. Hence, these types of glasses help in creating a lovely home environment.

Why should you get solar control glass from AIS Glass?

Overall, a solar control glass from AIS Glass offers many benefits that can help any homeowner. Featuring a special coating that filters out UV radiation, these glasses prevent the UV rays from entering your home, protecting your furniture and curtains from any possible discolouration. Moreover, its insulation properties prevent the hot or cold air inside of your home from escaping to the outside. This leads to lower dependency on air conditioners and heaters and a lot of energy savings! Allowing natural light to brighten up your home in the most refined way possible, a solar control glass also makes sure you don’t need artificial lighting during the day.

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