Why do today’s builders need to know about energy efficient glass?

Did you know that nearly 40% of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions come from buildings? Climate change is as real as it can get, and it is high time we tackle it as a global threat. Since buildings account for almost half of the global energy-related greenhouse gas emissions, builders must adopt certain sustainable development techniques to cut emissions. One such technique is shifting to energy-efficient glass.

In case you are not aware, energy-efficient glass can help in reducing carbon emissions by providing better insulation and natural light. It ultimately reduces our over-reliance on air conditioners, heaters, and artificial lighting, helping in saving a lot on energy bills. In the long haul, the energy-efficient glass would assist in reducing the carbon footprint, making sure the building is as sustainable as it can be. In terms of build, it is pretty sturdy, which helps ensure it can sustain for a long time.

If you plan to shift to energy-efficient glass, we have compiled a complete list of its benefits. Here is all you need to know about these glasses:

1. Energy-efficient glass gives better insulation

Most of the structures that use ordinary glass have poor insulation. Why? Well, generic glass allows the flow of energy to and from the building. This translates to lower retention of cool or warm air. On the other hand, energy-efficient glass can keep the interiors cool during the summers and warm during the winters. With better insulation, energy-efficient glass paves the way for lower dependency on air conditioners or heaters, further leading to energy savings! Hence, this glass makes sure that it is both environmentally and cost-friendly.

2. Energy-efficient glass saves money in the long run

When air conditioners and heaters work round the clock, your energy bills would inevitably be high. But there is an alternative through which you can keep a check on the electricity bills without having to compromise on comfort. This alternative is energy-efficient glass!

As this glass has been explicitly made to provide robust insulation, the cold air from the air conditioners or the warm air from the heaters would remain confined within the structure. This means coolness or warmth for longer durations and lower runtimes of electricals. So, if you want to save money in the long run, these glasses are the best way to go!

3. Energy-efficient glass brightens up the interiors with natural light

As a builder, you must already know the immense benefits of natural light. It doesn’t only enhance the quality of a space but also makes it look roomier and alluring. Moreover, apart from improving the structure’s aesthetics, it also has numerous physiological and psychological benefits. This includes reducing stress as well anxiety, and depression. Energy-efficient glass specializes in improving the natural light in a structure. It allows optimal light to pass through it without any hindrance, ensuring every corner is properly lit up. This reduces the need for artificial lighting, hence, also contributing towards the conservation of energy.

4. Energy-efficient glass lowers the demand of artificial lighting

If you take air conditioners and heaters out of the picture, the next biggest energy consumer is artificial lighting. Yes, they make up a considerable chunk of your energy bills and might also be one of the biggest causes of greenhouse emissions. But this problem can be easily solved with energy-efficient glass. They allow up to 99% of natural light to pass through and can effortlessly light up the interiors, so much so that you won’t even feel the need for artificial lighting! Thus, this type of glass can significantly lower the demand for artificial lighting.

5. Energy-efficient glass shields the furniture from UV damage

Yes, natural light has a ton of benefits. However, since it comes along with ultraviolet radiation, it can also impose a lot of damage to your interiors, especially your furniture and curtains. The UV content of natural light can cause discolouration, resulting in permanent damage. Ordinary glasses don’t offer any protection against UV damage as they don’t have any special filter. On the contrary, energy-efficient glass features a special coating that filters out the harmful UV content and ensures it doesn’t cause any damage to the furniture. So, apart from saving energy and money, it can also protect your furniture.

6. Energy-efficient glass helps in reducing noise

Be it residential or commercial buildings, structures that are constructed near busy roads have to take certain measures to minimize the noise. But most soundproofing materials are expensive and won’t guarantee noise reduction. In comparison to traditional and ordinary glass, energy-efficient glass has a thicker and better build. Thanks to its composition, it can act as an effective soundproofing element. It can filter out most of the loud noises of car horns and the hustle and bustle of the streets, making sure the residents of the structure can relax or work in a pleasant environment.

7. Energy-efficient glass requires minimal maintenance

Most of the ordinary glasses out there require a lot of maintenance. They need to be scrubbed from time to time, and once dust or condensation accumulates on them, you have to spend hours cleaning them. But the story gets a little bit different with energy-efficient glass.

Since they ensure minimal transfer of energy, the pesky problem of condensation is significantly reduced. This comes of great relief as condensation can pave the way for water puddles, further leading to other severe problems, ranging from mould to mildew. These glasses also prevent the collection of dust on their surface. Considering these factors, we can say that energy-efficient glass significantly reduces the cleaning time, making them low-maintenance glasses.

8. Energy-efficient glass provides greater comfort

As you already know that these glasses maintain the optimal temperature inside a structure; they can provide greater comfort to its inhabitants. How? First things first, through its insulation. These types of glasses make sure that the coolness from air conditioners or warmth from heaters remains confined, giving no medium for escape. Second, they eliminate the cold or hot spots that make you feel warm or cool at different corners of the room. Hence, with energy-efficient glass, people would feel the ultimate comfort!

9. Energy-efficient glass improves the value of the property

Since these glasses dispense both long-term and short-term benefits to the residents, they would improve the property’s value. Moreover, as they are considered among the best additions to a modern home or office, they would give the property an edge over others, making sure you are a cut above your competitors.

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By now, you must be aware of what energy-efficient glass is and what its benefits are. Not only would it help in giving a structure better insulation, but it would also assist in brightening it up with natural lighting. It would play a significant role in saving a lot of money as it requires minimal maintenance and reduces the dependency on artificial lighting and air conditioners. To know how our products can help act as a noise-cancelling element, protect the furniture from UV damage, and improve the property’s value, get in touch today!

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