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3 Laminated Glass Types You Should Know About

December 8, 2017

In the glass industry, laminated glass is held in very high regard. It is an extremely important type of glass which finds numerous applications due to its properties and benefits. In the field of architecture and automobiles, laminated glass is used almost everywhere: windows, doors, facades, table-tops, bathrooms, meeting rooms, partitions, cabins, car windscreen, etc.

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For the uninitiated, laminated glass is manufactured by sandwiching a plastic interlayer, usually polyvinyl butyral (PVB), between two or more glass panes. This layer acts like a glue and a buffer zone which provides the glass with many highly beneficial properties like impact resistance, acoustic insulation, temperature control, etc. One very important property of laminated glass is that, if at all it does break, it does not shatter like ordinary glass or tempered glass. The glass sheets crack but do not separate as they remain stuck to the plastic interlayer.

Depending upon their usage and functionality, there are many different types of laminated glass available in the market. Here are the three of them:

1.Laminated Glass for Noise Cancellation
It has become increasingly essential for the interior atmosphere of any building, whether it be a home or an office, to be harmonious and peaceful. This means that all the unwanted external noise and disturbances that might affect people inside need to be eliminated.

In such a scenario, laminated glass varieties that are specifically built to cancel out external noise, such as AIS AcousticglasTM, should be incorporated in the building architecture. This type of glass has a PVB interlayer that dampens sound by up to 90%, and is ideal for not only the building exterior, but the partitions, cabins and meeting rooms inside as well.

2.Laminated Glass for Security & Safety
The primary use for laminated glass comes in the form of reinforcing the safety and security of a building and its interiors. In the architectural segment, high grade specialized laminated glass is used so as to provide not only protection against heavy impact and damage, but also forced entry and intrusion.

Most of these glass types don’t even require grills or shutters, and can be combined with multi-locking systems to safeguard your home, office or retail store. Additionally, laminated safety glass is also highly durable and provides high light transmission as well. Some laminated glass varieties, like the AIS SecurityplusTM with Dupont Sentry interlayer, are five times stronger than ordinary laminated glass.

3.Laminated Glass for Automotive Windshields
Cars are incomplete without laminated glass. In order to deliver a high performance glass in the windshield needs to be laminated. This is because windshields are the most prone to accidental damage, which makes the driver and side-passenger vulnerable to critical injury.

Since laminated glass doesn’t shatter in to sharp pieces and is highly impact resistant, it is preferred in the windscreen. Other value-added laminated glass products are also available for automobiles, such as solar control glass, infrared-cut windshields and PET windshield.

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Best Glass Types for Constructing an Energy-Efficient Building

December 5, 2017

The term eco-friendly has become a common occurrence nowadays because of the concerns surrounding the environment and the rapid decline caused by global warming. A lot of counter measures are being taken because of the same cause, and real estate developers have also taken up the mantle to protect the environment and make their buildings less intrusive and with a smaller global footprint. One way they can achieve this is through using glass for window panels that can be environment friendly and energy efficient. Using different types of glass also guarantees a stylish and unique architecture for buildings, which makes it another advantage for builders looking for green solutions. Here are a few types of glasses that can be used for the same.


Ecosense, manufactured by AIS, is a great solar control energy efficient glass solution which lets the building use the sunlight to brighten up the interiors while eliminating the factor of heat. It is basically a high performance glass with a low-E coating which limits the emissivity of light passing through the glass. Ecosense absorbs or reflects away majority of the infrared rays responsible for the heat.

This helps in controlling the temperature inside the building and also makes it more comfortable for the occupants, while simultaneously reducing any glare. It is also available in different shades and colours which help the building have an exclusive and distinctive look that increases the style quotient while reducing the impact on environment.


This type of glass not only keeps the heat factor away, but it also reduces the sharp glare of the sun at locations where they can become irritating. The SunShield is a essentially a heat reflecting glass which is equipped with advanced solar control technology.  The SunShield glass is layered with a superior protective coating that reflects back UV radiation. With different shades that are available for this glass, it also gives a variety of options for people to choose from. It is perfect for home and commercial applications.


The Opal solar control glass is another wonderful energy efficiency glass product from the house of AIS. This hard-coated glass has become a very popular choice when it comes to choosing a glass for window frames in under-construction buildings. Its thickness and durability can be compared to that of the modern windshield glass on vehicles as its cutting edge technology makes it long lasting. It also lets glass manufacturers make it in different shapes and sizes, which offers a range of customizations, suitable for any need.

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5 Reasons To Pick Toughened Glass For Your Home

December 1, 2017

Home décor and furnishing trends have come a long way. From wood to metals and now glass, there are stylish designs options that can instantly beautify your interiors. Nowadays, usage of glass has become very popular among home owners as it not only adds beauty and grace to the décor, but also increases the functionality of the space. However, if quality glass material is not used, it can be a serious safety hazard. It is therefore important for homeowners to invest in quality glass which is breakage and injury free. Toughened glass, also known as tempered glass, is the perfect solution to all your worries. Listed below are the top reasons why you should go for it over other glass materials:

1.Glass was always looked up as a fragile material. However, with modern advancements in technology, today it is one of the strongest materials. Toughened glass is five times stronger than regular glass, and thus can bear load without breakage. This safety and resilient quality of toughened glass makes it a perfect fit for homes, especially those with young children.

Toughened Glass

2.Toughened glass is manufactured by exposing regular glass to extreme heat. The glass is then cooled rapidly. The quick heating and cooling process changes the chemical composition of the glass, making it more resilient.

3.Another benefit of using toughened glass over other types of glasses is that in a situation of severe impact, which may cause it to break, the glass does not shatter into spikes/shards. Rather, it crumbles into very small, blunt pebbles. This significantly reduces chances of any injury. Annealed glass, on the other hand, breaks into long, sharp spikes and can cause serious injury.

4.The impact resilience of toughened glass makes it a safer option to invest in. It adds a sense of security to the place. Moreover, doors and windows fixed with toughened glass can be adapted to provide sound proof solution, which makes it a perfect choice for every area/neighbourhood.

5.Another benefit of choosing this material is that it is very flexible and versatile, allowing you to customize it as per your choice and requirements. Toughened glass is available in variety of styles, which makes it a perfect choice for modern interior settings. One can choose from a myriad of options available or can also get it customized for a unique and personal touch. Nowadays, toughened glass with frosted appearance has become very popular as it allows privacy and also enhances the aesthetics of the space.

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The Best Glass Type for Your Swimming Pool Glazing

September 19, 2017

A swimming pool is always a great addition to any house, and not just because of the fun and relaxation that it has to offer. A well-designed swimming pool can elevate the aesthetics of your house as well, thereby contributing to a rise in the property value.

These days, swimming pools constructed of glass are gaining huge popularity. Despite what people might think, glass is far from a brittle material. With technological processes, various varieties of glass have been produced that offer unmatchable strength, toughness and durability. Additionally, glass can be used to extraordinary effect in order to construct glazing for swimming pools, or turning them into infinity pools where the water flows over the edge, giving the impression of a boundary-less pool.

If you are wondering which type of glass will be suitable for your swimming pool glazing, then the answer is laminated glass. As the name suggests, it consists of three layers: two sheets of glass with a PVB (Polyvinyl butryl) layer sandwiched in between. This architectural glass is carefully crafted to be shatter-proof, and allows the swimming pool walls to handle a large amount of pressure. Let’s take a look at the different varieties of laminated glass on offer:

Glass for Swimming Pool


  1. Securityglas

This laminated glass type has specialized PVB plastic interlayers which offer a high degree of intrusion resistance. The lamination doesn’t dampen visibility, and one is able to see through the glass more clearly than ever. It is widely used in roof lights, canopies, windows, overhead glazing, skylights, domes, glass lift walls, and, of course, swimming pool glazed areas.

  1. Valuglas

This is a heat-strengthened laminated glass which provides tremendous structural strength and durability. It is distortion-free, and comes with a 1.14 mm PVB interlayer. Again, it is also used in doors, windows, stairways, roof lights, canopies, and glazing.

  1. Securityplus

This laminated glass type is the strongest of them all, offering up to five times more strength than conventional laminating materials. It employs a reinforced layer of DuPont Sentry Glass TM which lets it provide unbeatable structural stability without much support. It is used to design structures that are hurricane and explosion-resistant, and can tolerate high stress loads. The glass also remains clean and clear despite years of usage.

Always remember to order laminated glass for your swimming pool glazing from recommended architectural glass manufacturers. Designing and constructing a swimming pool for your home is a very critical process, and demands materials of only the highest quality and guarantee.



September 12, 2017

Inordinate heat and glare due to the sun can be the cause of significant discomfort in indoor environments. In a tropical country like India, the right type of glass facades can considerably reduce the amount of heat that enters buildings. Here are a few options that can be installed at your workplace to offer refuge from the sweltering heat-

Solar Control Glass
Solar control glass possesses a microscopically thin coating on one side that reflects heat from the sun. This type of glass also aids in reducing the uncomfortable glare that comes from direct sunlight. Solar Control glasses eliminate heat whilst adding an aesthetic appeal. This energy efficient glass is available in a wide range of dimensions, colours and patterns that make them a ‘value for money’ purchase.

Heat Reflective Glass

Places that see warm summer months and chilly winters make good use of heat reflective glass as these double glazed units can reflect and absorb heat. As they are durable, they will last you years. The glass facades also offer protection from the harmful UV rays. The unmatched benefits also extend to aesthetics. Available in a number of shades and sizes, you can be sure to find a suitable option for your space.

CVD Heat Reflective Glass

This type of heat reflective glass is coated with a glazing solution that makes use of Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD). The CVD heat reflective glass is a cut above other spray coated glasses widely available in the market. This type of glass can be used as a tempered glass or, if used in combination with other glass, as a laminated or even a double-glazed unit.  The benefits this type of glass offers are endless. As they are easy to manufacture and install and are also available in a variety of colours and sizes, one is free to experiment with the diverse options available. Furthermore, this type of glass provides privacy to the people inside the building as they reflect light during the daytime. The UV protection and solar heat reduction ensures maximum comfort for the people residing in the structure.

These energy efficient glasses serve as a perfect solution for those looking to install new windows in their edifice as these glasses provide numerous benefits.


All You Need To Know About AIS Ecosense Glass Range

August 25, 2017

Imagining a building or modern architectural structure without any glass is nearly impossible. Glass windows have been vital in creating light-filled interiors. Along with a sense of space, they also provide a great view, lots of daylight, and ventilation. Glass windows give shape to ideal interiors, creating a positive and energetic environment.

AIS Ecosense is a high-performance glass manufactured by India’s largest integrated glass manufacturer AIS. It strikes the perfect balance between indoors and outdoors, aesthetics and economics, function as well as finesse. It is designed primarily to suit the requirements of the Indian consumers who prefer maintaining cooler indoors due to the overall warm climate of the subcontinent.

It is widely used on exterior facades of the building to keep indoors brighter and cooler. The glass optimizes the inflow of daylight through the facade, creating naturally controlled indoor temperature and improving energy efficiency indoors.

AIS Ecosense nails the amalgamation between intelligent design, utility, and economy, encompassing every aspect considered by an architect before making the final choice of glass solutions for the project undertaken. Also offering practical features like thermal insulation, solar control, safety and security and acoustic insulation, this glass simply sets up higher standards of green architecture.

AIS Ecosense is a unique range of high performance glass in natural shades available in below range —

  1. The Ecosense Enhance Solar Control Glass
  2. The Ecosense Exceed Solar Control Low-E Glass
  3. The Ecosense Essence Low-E
  4. The Ecosense Edge Solar control Glass & Thermal Insulation – Low-E
  5. Ecosense Excel Solar Control Double Low-E

By addressing various needs of a façade and offering multiple solutions under one common brand, AIS Ecosense is the most energy efficient glass and an architect’s first choice towards eco-friendly designs.


Common Uses of Smart Glass

August 9, 2017
smart glass

The market for smart glass has been growing slowly but steadily over the past few years. Rising demand for energy efficiency, light and heat control, privacy, automated shading and design innovation are the major reasons for it. Smart glass, also known as electronically switchable glass, opens an array of possibilities for architects and interior designers to control light, glare and UV radiation. It is highly durable, , and offers  privacy at the flick of a switch. The above properties make it perfect for venues like restaurants, bars and business centers.

Here we have listed some common applications of this cutting edge glass technology:


Windows and Doors

The ability of controlling the amount of light and privacy makes smart glass/switchable glass an ideal choice for windows and skylights. It allows one to enjoy clear view or privacy as per the need of the person.

Walls and Partitions

Of all the glass types available in the market, smart glass is the only glass that ensures privacy at the flick of a switch. By installing it in partitions  in homes and offices, one can toggle between clear to translucent by simply pressing a button, and thus ensure higher privacy. So if you wish to make an impression on your clients in office, all you need to do is install this switchable glass in conference rooms and click the button to make the glass transparent or translucent as and when required.

Hospital Interiors

Privacy is of prime importance in places like hospitals. Hospital suppliers often use switchable glass for areas like patient rooms, testing laboratories, operation theaters, external doors and windows. It not only ensures privacy of patients, but also allows the hospital staff to safely review the well-being of patients. Since smart glass surfaces are easy to clean, they help in creating hygienic interiors.

Hotels and Restaurants

Hotels widely use this glass technology for privacy screens between guest bedrooms and bathrooms, external doors and windows, toilets and shower cubicles etc. Smart glass from top glass manufacturers helps hoteliers design their interiors better and thus offer a luxurious experience to their customers.


How Glass Makes Your Home Energy Efficient

August 3, 2017
Glass Makes Your Home Energy Efficient

Modern architecture is adopting eco-friendly techniques to ensure a healthy living environment. Today home designs include planning of home orientation, landscaping, façade design and usage of energy efficient glass windows and doors. This makes your home the first place that will contribute towards reducing carbon footprints for a safer environment.

Let’s have a look at how you can make use of glass in a constructive design manner to create an energy efficient space:

Reduces Heat Ingress

Heat Reflective or Solar control glass greatly reduces the sun’s heat from coming into a room. this reduction of amount of heat that comes from sunlight helps to decreases the air conditioning load; thus bringing down energy consumption.

Places with extreme climatic conditions experience drastic temperature differences and passive cooling/heating is the only way to ensure efficient energy consumption and reduced electricity bills. This is where these energy efficient glasses come into play.

Boost Natural Light

There is a never-ending debate over white or yellow lights for home interiors. Amidst all this, it is certain that natural light is the best possible way to light up your home. Apart from having thermal properties, glass is an excellent source of letting in natural sun light. If designed properly one can incorporate solar control glass for passive lighting at home along with avoiding harmful UV rays of the sun. Not only will this boost productivity and good health but also reduce electricity consumption.


Why green buildings have become the need of the hour

June 2, 2017

The environmental impact during construction of spaces like buildings can be quite massive. In most cases, they account for extensive debris, disturbance of the soil and topography of the area, as well as severe energy consumption along with toxic waste. Green buildings, however, are revolutionizing this concept by emerging as eco-friendly, energy saving and low waste generating solutions.

Google Headquarters, Gurgaon

AIS Ecosense Exceed – Green Radiance

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A green building has been defined as one which uses less water, optimises energy efficiency, conserves natural resources, generates less waste and provides healthier spaces for occupants, as compared to a conventional building.

The increasing concerns over global warming and environmental pollution have mandated the need for eco-friendly practices from everyone. In architecture, the emergence of sustainable materials like glass and uPVC have been a massive boom in allowing for green buildings. Not only do these structures offer enhanced comfort with superior aesthetics but go a long way in reducing one’s carbon footprint.

A green building is an architectural space that is created from natural and sustainable materials as well as formed using a process that does not significantly damage the environment around it. Glass plays a unique and important role in building design and the environment and can affect design, appearance, thermal performance and occupant comfort. The selection of the right glass is a crucial component of the design process. With modern glass customised to offer numerous benefits from insulation, safety, security and even privacy in a durable manner, this solution has become the prime choice for architects everywhere.

Cummins, Pune

Ecosense Enhance — Spring, Snow, Aura

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One of the main types of glass transforming interior comfort and environment safety is energy efficient glass. This modern glass solution works wonders to reflect the heat waves and optimise the amount of daylight permeating the interiors in a bid for comfortable interiors naturally. The use of this type of glass across the facade of the building can help maintain a cooler temperature naturally while making full use of the natural brightness of the sun.

A green building made of glass looks impressive and modern while also doing wonders for the environment. This glass solution reduces the dependence on various artificial temperature and lighting gadgets drastically reducing the drain on the Earth’s natural resources. In addition, over time it can also lead to significant saving on energy bills. Further, a constantly run air conditioner or blower also releases harmful CO2 emissions in the environment further adding to the toxic levels. There are several popular energy efficient glass solutions for architects to choose from based on the location and type of building. These include:

Ecosense: A great solar control low E glass solution, Econsense allows interiors to take advantage of the bright sunlight without worrying about the heat. Available in natural shades this glass solution keeps your indoors bright and cheerful while keeping away the heat and infrared rays. This high performance glass is available in a number of variants to suit your needs such as

  • Ecosense Enhance (Solar control)
  • Ecosense Exceed (Solar control glass Low-E)
  • Ecosense Essence (Low – E)
  • Ecosense Edge (Solar control glass & thermal insulation – Low E)
  • Ecosense Excel (Solar Control Double Low-E range)

Opal: A leading heat reflective glass, this solution uses cutting-edge technology resulting in a durable and long-lasting shield. It is available in a wide range of shades, size and thickness, customisable for every customer’s need.

Sunshield:  The harsh glare of the sun during summers can be quite uncomfortable. The sunshield glass solution works perfectly to optimise light and curb heat transfer as its superior protective coating is available in different shades that allow optimum daylight in without the sharp glare or harmful UV radiation.

Supersilver: A perfect glass solution with heat-reflective glazing solution, supersilver is a must for anyone looking to protect their interiors from the heat of the sun while enjoying its bright light. In addition, this type of glass can also be used in combination with other glasses for providing solar, thermal and acoustic insulation.

These glass solutions are also extremely durable and resilient avoiding the need for constant repair work. Further, they can last for decades without any concerns avoiding the need for environmental damage with constant manufacturing and repair solutions. Along with solar control, glass solutions can also be customised to offer acoustic insulation, aesthetic decor, privacy on demand, burglar-proof security and interior safety benefits making it a complete solution in itself.

With climatic change reaching new heights every year, green buildings and sustainable architecture have become a responsibility for everyone. Adopting high performance glass with frames like uPVC enables individuals to enjoy luxurious comfort and stylish interiors while also protecting the environments.



Add Style and Glamour to your interiors with AIS Décor

June 2, 2017

This innovative solution by AIS combines the elegance of glass with the brilliance of colour for the perfect décor product for your interiors. Adding an element of style and freshness to your interiors, lacquered glass is a highly durable and material adaptable to any space. Created by fusing a special high-quality paint to one side of the glass, this opaque coloured solution can be customised to fit any shape and size required.

Modern interiors, be it in a residence or commercial setting, can add a lot of style and charm to their space with colour. AIS Décor offer lacquered glass solutions in ten striking shades including – Venetian Red, Black Pearl, Sterling Silver, Snow White, Sparkling Beige, Sparkling Snow White, Chrome Yellow, Turquoise Green, Stone Grey and Hazel Brown. These solutions can be customised for a variety of sizes and thickness based on the purpose and space of the installation.

Maruti Nexa Showroom, Jaipur

AIS Décor Lacquered glass – Sparkling Snow White and Black Pearl

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One of the main attraction points for AIS Décor glass is its toughness and durability. This glass solution offers safety and resilience with style making it an ideal style solution for any space. Further, the high-quality paint used here guarantees a smooth and uniform finish while also lasting for years without any problems.

As this lacquered glass is also resistant to heat and humidity, it works wonderfully in tough conditions like the bathroom or kitchen where other materials are prone to damage. Not only does this reduce the burden of constant repair but also keeps the interiors looking vibrant and appealing. In addition, it is extremely easy to clean and maintain ensuring your interiors look bright and fresh for a long time.

Cochin International Airport, Kerala

AIS Décor Lacquered Glass – Black Pearl

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The AIS Décor solutions can be used in multiple ways such as:

Bathrooms: A partition of lacquered glass creates a stunning effect while also awarding residents some privacy. Further, this glass can be used on bathroom counters, cabinets doors and even as tiles along the bathroom cubicles.

Kitchens: The heat and humidity constantly found in a kitchen can damage even some of the sturdiest materials. However, the toughness of lacquered glass makes it a perfect fit for this place and can be fitted on the door, kitchen shelves and even table tops for a classy and stylistic finish.

Living rooms: A touch of colour in your living room can make your space more appealing and inviting for guests. A bar counter top of lacquered glass or even doors made for this colourful solution can stylise your space like no other.

Other than these demanding spaces, AIS Décor can be adapted to several furniture and design solutions such as table tops, cabinet doors, partitions and even across the walls in the lobby area to mark a colourful entry.

A primary reason for modern glass gaining popularity is its eco-friendly nature. As glass is completely natural and recyclable while offering numerous functional and aesthetic benefits, it has become the leading construction material for architects and interior designers everywhere. Similarly, the paints used in AIS Décor are free from harmful toxins making it perfect for the environment. In addition, the manufacturing process involved in creating this stylish glass complies with the strictest regulations ensuring that is completely eco-friendly.