uPVC Doors Vs. Traditional Doors: Designs That Everyone Should Know

Doors are, well, doors, or is it so? Be it the front door responsible for making a stunning first impression or an ornate Georgian-style door that cheerfully opens up into the gorgeous backyard, doors play crucial aesthetic and functional roles. So much so that their design and utility have become a matter of grave importance for homeowners and designers alike.

However, with the times, traditionalism in door designs is being preserved by adding contemporary preservatives – one such style option available today are uPVC doors.

Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride (uPVC) is a kind of plastic powder, which is first heated at a very high temperature. Once the substance is heated, it is injected into a mould and cooled down with the use of different cooling methods.

As the substance cools down completely, it becomes ready to be cut and assembled with other components to manufacture uPVC doors and windows.

Traditional Doors vs. uPVC Doors: Who Takes the Cake?

Did you know that uPVC profiles can last for decades with minimal upkeep? This is because no chemicals are used to manufacture uPVC profiles. Unlike traditional doors, uPVC doors do not fall victim to harsh weather conditions or start to lose functionality over the years.

Moreover, uPVC doors offer numerous other benefits, as discussed below.

Minimal Upkeep – With virtually zero upkeep, doors made of uPVC can last for more than 50 years. You do not have to repaint, sand, polish, or varnish uPVC doors frequently. A simple wipe with a damp cloth is enough to keep dust and dirt away.

Better Insulation – Unlike stock doors, uPVC doors offer excellent insulation from excessive heat and cold. They also reduce air infiltration and harmful sun rays to keep the indoors comfortable at all times. Best of all, uPVC does not fade away because of excessive sun exposure.

Customisable – Traditional doors only come in select styles. If you need more style options to meet your home décor, try uPVC doors. These doors can be customised to your taste and style preferences. What’s more, you can secure a custom-made uPVC door at an economical price.

Highly Durable – As uPVC is naturally sturdy, it can withstand normal wear-and-tear easily. Often accessorised with EPDM gaskets and double-sealed mechanism, these doors also offer excellent security.

Given the benefits, uPVC doors are a modern marvel when it comes to fenestrations. If you want to remodel your home, do consider doors made of uPVC. Here are some of the top uPVC door designs you can try in 2020.

Classic French Doors

You can never falter with classic French doors. You can rock them with any décor style, from urban to vintage and contemporary. Pair uPVC French doors with stained, patterned, or frosted glass to create a dramatic effect.

Moreover, French doors work the best when used as a balcony or patio door. You can enjoy ample natural light and smooth air passage.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are the quintessential doors in contemporary style. Known for space efficiency and easy-to-use operation, they can be used to frame a view and improve daylighting inside the room. For enhanced security and durability, use sliding doors made with uPVC profile.

This is because uPVC profiles do not rot, peel, or corrode over time. With minimal upkeep, they can keep the doors brand new. You can install them in bedrooms or living rooms for best effect.

Casement Doors

For a smooth, seamless indoor-outdoor connectivity, you need a casement door. Get uPVC casement doors in either single or double sash as per your preference. You can use these doors in your balcony, patio, or living room to add elegance.

Moreover, uPVC casement doors are classic fenestrations. If you want a contemporary or a minimalistic décor style, these doors are apt additions.

Bold-Hued Doors

A bold-hued solid door is the way to go in 2020. Add a touch of drama to your otherwise simple abode. Get your uPVC doors powder coated into blue, black, green, or orange to create a pop-out effect. Bold-hued doors work exceptionally well as front doors as they amp up the curb appeal.

A bold-hued uPVC door is a definite focal point. Besides, the combination of a bold colour and solid door design is a failproof choice.

Pocket Doors

If space is a concern for you, a pocket door is the best choice. Pocket doors made of uPVC are highly functional doors that can save ample space and still offer aesthetic appeal. This is because they do not need any clearance space to open.

In fact, they disappear into a special compartment carved in the side wall when opened fully. You can also add glass or metal panes to accentuate the look of the door.

Over to You

Few fenestrations can compare to uPVC when it comes to functionality. If you want to level up your home décor or need a remodel, uPVC doors are perfect additions. Available in a variety of styles, designs, and hues, you can play with colours and sizes to your heart’s content.

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