Glass Spiral Stairway for Elegant Interiors

Imagine floating up the stairs, instead of climbing them! It’s possible with a glass spiral stairway. A spiral staircase made up of glass is nothing short of a masterpiece, and what’s more, is that this structure is a great addition regardless of the size of your home. 

Glass stairwells make your interiors more elegant as compared to the traditional opaque steps. But, before adding sophistication through these structures, find out the type of glass best suited for spiral stairs.   

What Type of Glass Should I Use for Glass Spiral Stairway?

If you are considering a shiny modern spiral staircase, you should opt for toughened or laminated glass with a minimum thickness of 27 to 30 inches. Are you wondering how these glass types are different from standard panes? Let’s find out.

Toughened glass – Also called tempered glass, these surfaces are manufactured for strength and durability. A standard annealed glass surface is rolled inside a furnace and heated at 600° C. After which, it is cooled down rapidly. Doing this reduces the temperature of the outer surface of glass faster than its inner layer, which creates tension, thus making the pane more tenacious. Toughened glass is at least five times stronger than standard panes. And, is an excellent option for assembling spiral glass staircase.

However, a critical thing to remember while choosing toughened glass for the spiral staircase is that these panes cannot be re-worked upon once they are heat tempered. All customisations, like filleting, cutting to size, drilling, etc. is done beforehand.

Laminated Glass – Another great choice for your spiral glass steps is laminated glass. This type comprises a sandwiched PVB inner layer which strengthens the surface in case of breakage. Laminated glass is safe to use for your spiral staircase, as it can withstand a significant amount of weight. Even if it develops a crack, only on severe impact, this pane does not shatter into sharp jagged shards. It breaks into small and blunt pebble-like pellets and ensures the safety of people around.       

Why Choose Spiral Glass Staircase?

Sure, glass stairwells look mesmerising, but are they practical? Yes, they are, as they come with several benefits that are listed below.

Sense of Openness

In general, glass provides a great deal of openness to any space. Therefore, if you are short on square footage, a spiral glass staircase is often a more elegant solution than a traditional concrete stairwell. These structures require a lesser amount of space but brighten up cramped corners where usually stairwells lie.

Aesthetically Appealing

It’s no secret that spiral glass steps and balustrades are elegant, contemporary and refined. They are often featured in countless design and décor magazines for these very reasons. Also, contrary to popular belief, glass spiral steps are customisable to a large extent. For instance, if you want your décor to carry both modern and vintage elements, install a glass spiral staircase with wooden balustrades. However, if you are looking for a more contemporary outcome, a full glass spiral staircase is the way to go.

Maintenance Free

Glass, as a material, demands negligible maintenance and doesn’t show wear even after years of constant usage. All it takes to care for an elegant spiral glass staircase is a wipe down during your everyday mopping routine, to shine up like a new penny.

Damage Resistant

If you think glass spiral steps are fragile, think again! As mentioned earlier, toughened and laminated glass panes are tenacious and can endure a tonne of pressure comfortably. Furthermore, these surfaces do not get scratched, chipped or dented easily and are mostly resistant to any other kind of damage.  

Weather Resistant

No amount of moisture has any impact on glass spiral staircases. They are built to last and do not accumulate dust, grime, etc. Also, glass is not corrosive or prone to termite infestation. All of this makes spiral steps made from glass a “fit and forget” structure. 

The Bottom Line

Imagine a snug yet gorgeous spiral glass staircase standing tall at one corner of your room. It will be a delight for anybody walking on it. Are you looking to liven up your surroundings with this magnificent structure, but don’t know who to turn to for the right quality of glass and installation? If yes, your search ends at AIS Glass. We are India’s top glass manufacturers. Our team of experts are professionally trained to take care of all your glass-related needs.

With providing a wide variety of glass types along with aeons of experience in glass technology, AIS Glass is your one-stop solution for a spiral glass staircase. To know more about our offerings or to book an expert consultation, give us a call or log on to www.aisglass.come today!   

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