Glass Facades: Keeping your Interiors Comfortable during Summer

When one thinks of a modern home or office, the image of a huge glass façade often comes to mind. Today, it is not at all surprising to see so many homes and workplaces adopting this architectural element with increasing regularity. Not only does it provide an appearance of grandeur and makes the entire building look beautiful from outside, but also results in a great view for the occupants and employees from inside.
Float Glass
But the role of a glass façade is not limited to just that. By employing different types of glasses that have been specially manufactured with key functional and aesthetic properties, one can utilize the glass façade to create a comfortable ambience inside, especially during the harsh and hot summers. This often means two things: cool and bright interiors.
Creating a relaxing ambience with a glass façade
Since a glass façade allows huge quantity of natural light to enter the interiors, it is important that one ensure that this natural light doesn’t turn into an element of discomfort during the summer months. Sunlight, as we know, consists of various components like visible light, UV rays and infrared rays. While the infrared rays are responsible for carrying heat, UV rays are damaging for our health.
Thus, in summers, it is necessary that you use high performance glass to limit these factors, and allow only optimum lighting without the heat to enter your space. With AIS’ advanced solar control and heat reflective glass solutions, this requirement can be serviced efficiently.
High performance glass solutions for the ideal glass façade by AIS
AIS Ecosense
This is a high performance low-E glass that comes in a variety of natural shades. AIS Ecosense is a highly advanced solution that helps in creating the perfect balance between aesthetics, lighting and energy efficiency. The low-E film on its surface reduces heat considerably by absorbing and reflecting a large part of infrared radiation. It also reduces glare and eliminates UV radiation in order to create the perfect internal lighting and a healthy and bright ambience.
AIS Opal
AIS Opal is the perfect solution as an external glass for buildings. This hard-coated solar control glass prevents heat from entering the building by reflecting away most of it. This economical range of heat reflective glass also comes in a wide range of sizes and thickness.
AIS Sunshield
For the ultimate cooling effect, AIS Sunshield soft-coated glass is your go to solution. It is extremely durable, reduces glare, comes in eight vibrant shades (including the new Royal Gold), and keeps you safe from UV radiation.
Apart from heat insulation, facades can also be provided with noise insulation and heightened security with the help of acoustic laminated glass and toughened glass solutions.

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