Redefine Your Interiors with Décor Glass This Diwali

As the festival of Diwali nears, local markets become loud, flamboyant, and utterly infectious with the fanfare. Weeks in advance, many Indian households become busy in preparation for the occasion of Diwali; old objects are discarded, every nook and corner is made dust-free, rooms are refurbished, walls are repainted, and whatnot.

To prepare for the festival this season, if you wish to remodel or renovate your home interiors, you need a trendy style solution. And when it comes to trends, what better than décor glass?

What is Décor Glass?

Also known as back-painted glass, décor glass is a kind of standard or textured glass which has been coated on the “first surface” or the backside. As a result, the glass appears either opaque or translucent based on the thickness of the colour coat.

Once the coat is applied, the glass is oven-cured via a superior process. Also, the surface of the glass can be coated with any hue to achieve a colourfast finish and a clear shine. Moreover, because of the natural sheen, décor glass is often used as a design element for interiors.

Other than the natural shine, back-painted glasses also offer numerous benefits; from heat and moisture-resistance to pure colouration.

Décor Glass: Serving More than Aesthetic Needs

Don’t fall for the name! Back-painted glasses can offer much more than the fulfilment of your stylistic needs, and here’s why.

Non-Porous – Décor glass is a non-porous material which does not allow air or water to pass through. As a result, it cannot trap bacteria or other microbes. Not even mould, or mildew can infest the material.

Highly Durable – Back-painted glasses can easily withstand every day wear-and-tear. They neither fade nor stain over time. Even extreme heat or moisture cannot hamper their natural shine. Moreover, since the glass is manufactured with a superior curing process, it is structurally very strong.

Easy Maintenance – Décor glasses hardly need any upkeep. Easy-to-clean and disinfect, they neither soak up microbes or dust. Any grime or cooking grease settled on the surface of the glass can be wiped off with a clean cloth and soapy water.

Moisture and Heat-Resistant – Excessive exposure to heat and moisture can fade away the colour of most materials, but not décor glass. As it shows high resilience to both heat and moisture, it can easily withstand extreme temperatures. Décor glass neither chips away nor loses colour over time.

Diwali and Décor Glass: A Combination You Cannot Miss!

House remodels can be worrisome, especially during the festival season. But if you want a fail proof style solution, invest in back-painted glasses. A powerful combination of form and function, they are sure to light up your world like nothing else! Rock a subtle pastel hue, maybe a bold Venetian red, or complement the festival with royal metallic shades; the stylistic choices are practically endless.

Check out different ways in which you can use décor glass to redefine your interiors this Diwali.


Use of tiles is so common in kitchen décor. If you want a different yet attractive alternative, use back-painted glasses. Create colourful cabinets and backsplashes for a sleek and ultra-modern look. Highly versatile and easy-to-clean, you can try any style to level up your kitchen décor.

Besides, décor glass is a non-porous material which does not trap microbes. Even excessive heat and moisture cannot hamper the shine of the glass; perfect for the kitchen, right?

Wall Panels

Ditch wallpapers and emulsion paints for some trendy, awesome décor glass. You can choose from diverse colours and shades. Go for the cobalt blue or fierce red, maybe a sunshine yellow for the cheer or recluse grey for the laidback style.

Include wall panels in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or living room to add a touch of drama. Get a quintessential modern and sleek look effortlessly. Moreover, the wall panels made of décor glass also eliminate the hassle of repainting every year.

Shower Wall Panels

Take your bathroom style from mundane to magnificent with shower wall panels. Get décor glass panels to amplify the bathroom space to look more expansive. As back-painted glasses are easy to clean and upkeep, you need not worry about cleanliness while still enjoy stunning visuals.

Besides, these panels can resist heat, moisture, and microbes. With only a simple cloth wipe, you can keep the panels fresh and looking anew. Best of all, you can add texture and colour to your bathroom space and transform the overall visual appeal.


When you welcome your guests, walls adorned with décor glass will make for a killer first impression. As natural light bounces off the panels, you can create a classy, chic entryway. Rock different patterns and hues to create a characteristic look. They are a perfect way to introduce bold colours in your interiors and elevate their aesthetic appeal.

If you are looking for premium quality décor glass, trust AIS Glass!

About AIS Glass

India’s leading integrated glass manufacturing company – AIS Glass – offers top-notch, end-to-end solutions for all your architectural needs. Get best-in-class back-painted glasses which can be customised to your preferred style. Our AIS Décor is not only stylish and trendy, available in a wide variety of colours, but is also resistant to heat, moisture, and is eco-friendly. Plus, our installation is fast, smooth, and hassle-free.

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