5 Reasons Why Glass Should Be Included in Your Interiors Plan

It is no secret that glass offers endless potential to transform any space aesthetically and utility-wise. Thanks to recent advancements in glass technology, there is a lot more one can do with this material today. Not only is glass great for livening up your homes, but it also offers an array of practical advantages that go beyond aesthetics.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Include Glass in Your Interior Plans

Are you busy planning your next home improvement or renovation project? If so, then glass can offer a host of benefits as mentioned below.

Lends a Sense of Space

Let’s face it! No matter how short you are on square footage, glass surfaces will open up your home. This material offers an expansive sense of space and brightens up even the most cramped corners. Glass is easy on the eyes, and does not obstruct your view. This invaluable benefit of glass allows you to traverse from one room to another with ease and drenched in tonnes of filtered and diffused natural light.

But wait! Are you worried that using too much glass will compromise your privacy? It won’t! With technologies like smart glass or switchable glass, you can have all the privacy you need. How? Smart or switchable glass changes from transparent to translucent and vice versa at the flick of a switch. This high-tech glass is also resistant to moisture, heat and cold, and is an excellent addition in modern bathrooms, bedrooms, and even living or lounging areas. 

Heaps of Natural Light

Glass is the primary medium responsible for ushering in heaps of natural light into your dwellings. Natural light brims our minds with positivity and beautifies an indoor space. If you wish to bring the outdoors inside, but with the correct intensity, glass is the ultimate material for you. You can invest in energy-efficient or insulated glass. Why? Both these glass types offer enhanced thermal comfort as they do not let cold conditioned air seep out of your home during the summer months. During the winter, they keep you warm by trapping in heated air. 

These specific glass types also ensure that even with expansive glass windows, your furniture and furnishings like carpets, rugs, upholstery, etc. do not lose their colour and stay fade-free for years to come. Letting in tonnes of natural light reduces the need for artificial lighting during the day. All of this not only enhances the aesthetic of your home or office but also awards it a quaint charm.  

Aesthetically Appealing

Be it modern glass windows, doors or walls; this material offers stunning aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, if you are planning to expand your home, glass walls are very adaptable. You can also choose folding glass walls to add temporary flexibility to a room like bringing in an outdoor space, dividing a room into sections or building an outdoor kitchen with glass walls. A well-placed glass eliminates the need for opaque walls and transforms a room into an outdoorsy space. If you wish to adhere to the modern aesthetic for homes and offices, glass as a material is irreplaceable.   


Do you want to do up your home with a lot of glass, but are worried about the noise pollution it might bring in? Don’t fret! Gone are the days when a significant amount of sound could easily travel inside your home through glass structures and disrupt peace. Today, you can choose soundproof glass and enjoy the hubbub of the outside without soaking-in any of the sound.

If your home faces an incredibly noisy street, but you want to use glass as a predominant material, go for soundproof glass. This type is generally laminated with a PVB interlayer which offers excellent noise absorption. When compared to standard annealed glass, soundproof surfaces provide a reduction in sound up to 60%.   

Safe and Secure

A common concern that people encounter when choosing glass for their interiors is whether it offers the same level of security as other materials. This concern is legitimate given that glass items tend to break more quickly than other surfaces. However, this is untrue today, especially if you choose toughened or tempered glass panes when constructing dividers, doors, windows and walls.

This glass type is tough to break and also offers a multi-point locking system. Meaning, you can lock toughened glass structures at multiple points. Doing this enhances the security of your home. Additionally, toughened glass does not shatter and fall off its frame into sharp jagged shards. It develops multiple cracks on severe impact and interlocks inside the frame. Even if these pieces fall off, they break in small and blunt pebbles, thus not hurting people who happen to be around.

Over to You

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