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Lacquered Glass

AIS Décor Glass

See more stylish interiors with AIS Décor – Aesthetic Solutions

AIS Décor is a lacquered glass designed especially for use in interiors to make them look fresh and innovative. Since it is a back painted glass, AIS Décor has a coloured opaque appearance which is achieved by the application of special high-quality paint to one surface of the glass, oven-cured through a superior process.


  • Durability: AIS Décor is lacquered to ensure that the beautiful colours last longer.
  • High-quality finish: The manufacturing process guarantees uniform finish, thereby ensuring that the paint adheres flawlessly to the glass. This safeguards the hue of the colored glass, allowing it to look brand new every day.
  • Ease: AIS Décor can be easily used and maintained.
  • Environment-friendly: The paints used in the manufacture of AIS Décor are environmentally friendly.
  • Processing: AIS Decor can be cut, drilled, ground, bevelled and edge-finished or polished.
  • Heat resistance: AIS Décor can withstand temperatures upto 80°C. However, prolonged exposure to high temperature could result in slight fading of colour.
  • Moisture resistance: It can be used in humid environments, like bathroom and kitchens. However, it should not be in regular contact with water.
  • UV resistance: It is resistant to UV rays, thus, preventing discolouration.
We offer 16 striking shades - Sparkling Snow White, Venetian Red, Black Pearl, Sterling Silver, Snow White, Sparkling Beige, Chrome Yellow, Turquoise Green, Stone Grey, Hazel Brown, Earthy Brown, Nile Blue, Spring Green, Autumn Orange, Azure Blue and Sea Green.

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Thickness: 4mm, 5mm 6mm
Sizes: Available in a number of sizes
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