Privacy Glass Solutions: Myths & Facts

We all safeguard our privacy with the utmost care. Needless to say, the times we’re living in, demand additional efforts to preserve our private spaces. Think – peeping toms and prying spectators – trying to invade your personal space when they shouldn’t, and you’re left with a sense of terror.

Why Privacy Matters?

In contemporary times, privacy violations are becoming rampant. If you’re constantly on the edge while inside your homes, offices, or cars, something is not right and must be changed. For many, it seems as if the benefits of enhanced transparency and openness come at the cost of neglected privacy. Moreover, if you constantly feel like you’re under surveillance, your mind is also impacted negatively.

This is why privacy matters are significant today. You can start by re-designing your residential and commercial spaces to accommodate these privacy concerns. You must also preserve your personal space in a way that does not compromise on transparency and openness. And surprisingly, Glass is the element with which you can achieve this.

What is Privacy Glass?

Glass technology has seen several advancements in recent years that have vastly enhanced both its form and functionality. This is one of the reasons why Glass has become such a popular element in structural designs. Glass is no longer fragile but has been made smarter. And it is on this front that smart Glass is emerging as an exciting option.

Also known as switchable Glass, smart Glass is a type of Glass whose opacity levels can be adjusted on the application of voltage, heat, or light.  With the click of a switch, this alternation or “switch” happens as light-transmitting properties of the Glass are changed.

The technology used behind smart Glass is known as Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals (PDLC). When smart Glass is connected to a power outlet, the running current aligns the liquid crystals together, and it becomes opaque. Still, when the current is turned off, the crystals scatter away, rendering the Glass translucent or opaque.  

Smart Glass: Myths vs. Facts

Here are some common myths surrounding smart Glass.

Smart Glass does not Provide Solar Control

Wrong! Smart Glass does have solar glare reduction abilities. At the click of a button, smart Glass changes its light transmission properties and filters out harmful sun rays. Especially during the summer months, it can block harmful UV rays and excessive solar glare while maintaining a moderate indoor temperature. Conversely, during winter months, smart Glass helps to preserve heat indoors. But more importantly, smart Glass performs these functions without compromising on the lighting conditions.

Smart Glass isn’t Sound-Proof

It is obvious that smart Glass offers excellent privacy solutions but does it block out sound too? Why, yes! One of the most common myths with regards to smart Glass is that it doesn’t impair sound but only visibility. In reality, with smart Glass, you can block out sound with ease to get audible privacy as well. It can insulate the space against external noise to provide you with excellent acoustics. For commercial spaces that are always buzzing with employees, smart Glass is a suitable solution to get visible and audible privacy.

 Smart Glass Is Difficult to Maintain

Nothing could be further from the truth! In reality, smart Glass requires really low maintenance. Unlike the traditional privacy options like curtains and blinds, smart Glass doesn’t become a breeding ground for germs. It is also resistant to mould, dust, and corrosion. And even if smart Glass gets stained, it can be wiped off with ease. With smart Glass, you get to enjoy optimum privacy without worrying about the maintenance cost.

Privacy Glass doesn’t Look Appealing

If you have laid your eyes on smart Glass installed in commercial and residential spaces, you know how striking they look but if not, you’re missing out! Smart Glass is available in a variety of shades and tints, making it a highly versatile option for numerous design styles. Under bright lights, smart glass solutions glimmer and shine while giving your space a polished look. You can instantly enhance your décor with privacy glass solutions such as smart Glass.

In Summation

One of the easiest ways to optimise your living space is through the use of smart glass technology, and privacy glass solutions are no exception. With a remote control device, you can instantly change smart Glass from a state of transparency to a state of translucency and monitor your privacy needs. The revolutionary technology of smart Glass can assist you in transforming your residential and commercial space into a highly efficient, smart, and modern one.

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