Facts about Frosted Glass

Over the past few decades, architects and interior designers have started adopting a more minimalist yet aesthetically pleasing style of design. To maintain the efficiency and sleekness of a building, they have started using glass in place of bulky construction materials like bricks and wooden slabs. Glass has replaced everything, from walls to cabinets, and is now the top choice for contemporary homes and offices.

Some problems that arise with glass fenestration or furnishings have been solved by glassmakers who have designed frosted glass, a particular type of glass that allows light to pass through in a diffused manner without compromising on privacy.

Frosted glass is principally manufactured using sandblasting or acid etching techniques. Both these techniques produce glass that offers maximum privacy and diffuses light. Its light diffusion properties have also been utilised in electric bulbs.

Because frosted glass offers increased privacy and enhanced aesthetics, it can be utilised in several ways. Some of the commonest spaces where frosted glass fixtures are the most useful include swimming pool doors, shower cubicles, doors, windows, skylights, ceiling windows, roof lights, stairs, cabinets, shelves, etc.

If you are looking to update your home and office with gorgeous glass fixtures, you should choose frosted glass over regular glass. Read on to know a bit more about frosted glass and its properties.

Things You Should Know about Frosted Glass

Here are some facts about frosted glass that everyone should know.

Frosted Glass is Easy to Clean

Your glass windows, doors, partitions, cubicles, or walkways are good only as long as they continue to shine brilliantly. If you do not clean the glass fixtures in your home or office regularly, they might end up losing their natural shine and make your space look shabby. With frosted glass, cleaning becomes easier than ever. Frosted glass does not get scratched easily, and neither does it make dust or water marks very prominent. All you need is a wet microfiber cloth to wipe it regularly, and it will stay shining for a long time. Frosted glass also does not corrode and thus requires very few deep clean sessions.

Frosted Glass Filters and Regulates Light

If you live in a region that experiences hot and bright sunny days regularly, you probably keep your windows closed and covered with curtains or blinds. By doing this, you do not allow enough sunlight to enter your house and instead spend thousands on lighting your space. Moreover, even after using blinds and curtains, the sun can make your regular glass windows hot and disturb your house’s interior temperature. Frosted glass diffuses sunlight and filters UV rays to prevent them from entering your home. These features of frosted glass make it ideal for both commercial and residential spaces, especially for buildings designed to consume less energy and remain lighted properly.

Frosted Glass is Versatile

Advancements in glassmaking technology have made frosted glass incredibly versatile. Frosted glass windows instantly amp up the look of your building. It can be used in several settings and different shapes and sizes. Since it is not entirely transparent, it adds a unique touch of style to your space. Sometimes, you can request your glass to be frosted in a particular pattern if you wish to follow a specific décor style.

Frosted Glass Offers Increased Privacy

The biggest problem with regular glass windows, doors, and partitions is that they offer little to no privacy. Blinds or curtains are almost always required to block views. With frosted glass fixtures, privacy is never a concern. This type of glass completely or partially blurs pictures and is, therefore, perfect for spaces where increased privacy is required.

Frosted Glass Does Not Break Easily

Standard glass’ Achilles heel lies in the fact that it can break very easily. Whether it is a violent hailstorm, an accident, or simply a sweltering day, your glass fixtures are at risk of breaking. Broken glass is extremely dangerous, especially in a house with children. Frosted glass is usually tougher and more durable than regular glass. Frosted glass windows and doors, thus, keep you and your loved ones safe by minimising the chances of breakage.

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