Frequently Asked Questions on Reflective Glass Windows

The inimitable effect of glass in architectural designs is testament to its effectiveness in providing uniqueness to structures. Glass offers the perfect solution to all your architectural needs; with its incredible customisable properties, it can fit your aesthetics to the T.

As environment friendliness is the need of the hour, the heat-reflecting property of reflective glass windows can be used to ensure thermal control and decrease energy consumption. Reflective glass windows meet the requirements of India’s tropical climate without compromising on aesthetic appeal. Their protective glazing can absorb the heat and reduce solar glare from causing discomfort to the occupants. They also aid in maintaining proper room temperature inside the buildings. Reflective glass windows are the ultimate option for a sustainable living.

What Are Reflective Glass Windows?

Reflective glass windows are coated with a thin layer of metallic glazing which has heat reflecting properties. Such a coating on glass prevents solar radiation through a selective spectral filtering and allows only natural sunlight to pass through. Reflective glass windows also provide filtering of harmful solar radiation and glare through absorption. Thus, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of natural daylight inside your homes and offices without the concern of harmful UV rays. AIS Glass offers customised reflective glass windows with a wide range of products. Our variants come with hard-coated glass and in different patterns to help you make the right aesthetic choice.

These reflective glass windows are highly durable and long-lasting; with world-class solar control technology, they can block excessive heat in the summer months and preserve warmth in the winter months. For a country like India, with its tropical climate woes, reflective glass windows can be an excellent alternative for an eco-sensitive, sustainable living space. For architects and interior designers, such windows present ample opportunity for a master creation.

What Type of Coating Is Used on Reflective Glass?

A metallic coating is applied on the surface of reflective glass which blocks heat and controls solar radiation. In the age of green buildings, more and more emphasis is being given to eco-friendly technologies that can effectively reduce energy consumption without compromising on the aesthetic sensibility of the structures. Reflective glass windows, with their mirror-like finish and colourful metallic glazing, can add an excellent decorative touch to your house and office designs. AIS Opal Trendz is one such patterned reflective glass which provides an effective glazing solution with its variety of colour and style options.

How do Reflective Glass Windows Work?

The unique metallic coating on reflective glass windows blocks external heat from entering indoors and in effect sustains a favourable temperature for the occupants. Since reflective glass does not rely on electricity, its properties will not be affected by any power outage. Your reflective glass windows will absorb the harmful rays of the sun and reflect excessive glare while keeping the indoor temperature favourable. AIS Glass products like the AIS heat-strengthened glass is made with a superior process where the glass is slow-heated and slow-cooled to withstand high temperature differentials for high performance.

Reflective glass windows are not like a reflective mirror but they give the illusion of one. This quality makes them an effective stylistic choice for exterior applications. Shining, shimmering glass buildings are all the rage today. Architects and Interior designers can use this quality of reflective glass windows to create some exciting structural designs.

What Are the Benefits of Using Reflective Glass Windows?

As mentioned above, reflective glass windows are beneficial in numerous ways. Their solar control technology is a one-way solution to prevent colour fading in carpets, curtains, and furniture. The heat-reflecting property of the glass ensures that you get optimal sunlight without any harsh glare of solar radiation. They also help in making your homes and offices more eco-sensitive. Reflective glass windows can help in the reduction of energy consumption throughout the year. Visual and thermal comfort is also offered in both hot and cold weather; a quality which further solidifies its high-end functionality.

A significant use of reflective glass windows is for matters of privacy. Outsiders cannot look inside, through the glass; however, the insiders will have a clear view of the outside world. Another wonderful benefit of using reflective glass windows, especially for exteriors, is the beautiful reflections it will present when the sunlight bounces off it. Your home or office building will be shimmering with light, offering a spell-binding view to the spectator. Nothing can compare to the shine of reflective glass windows.

Why Use AIS Reflective Glass Windows?

AIS Glass provides reflective glass windows with customisable options to suit your architectural needs. You can consult our experts to ensure correct thickness and tint for your glass requirements. Reflective glass windows like the AIS Sunshield Trendz, AIS Opal, and AIS Heat-Strengthened glass will provide a dynamic colour palette for trendy exterior and interior applications. Available in a wide range of exciting products with different application benefits, we provide efficient heat-reflecting technology for optimal usage. AIS Glass specialises in highly durable, trendy, and value-for-money products with superior performance quality. We also offer glass processing as per your requirements. Contact us today to learn more!

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