Green Building: The Smart Use of Glass in Sustainable Buildings

Did you know that regular glass lets in at least 80% of visible light, ultraviolet radiation and heat? This means that if your home or office building has large beautiful windows (as many buildings do today), the constant influx of heat would cause the AC to be less efficient than it normally is. As a result, you’d end up relying on more power usage – while this may help you cool down, it doesn’t really address the problem in the room.

Regular glass also lets heat from indoors escape to the cold outdoors, which means that your home or commercial building would end up relying heavily on electronic appliances to combat the cold outside during the winters. In other words, you’d probably need to use heating devices for longer durations to keep the space warm and comfortable.

Fortunately, there is a solution to your woes. You can always use eco-friendly glass that traps heat inside the building to live a greener lifestyle. Such eco-friendly glass comes with energy efficient glazing and is commonly known as Low-E glass?

What is Low-E Glass?

The term Energy-efficient glazing is used to refer to the double glazing or triple glazing used in contemporary doors and windows in residential and commercial areas. However, this definition can sometimes be a misnomer. You may find generic single glazing and double glazing windows in the market, however, you must note that these do not have the low-emissivity coating that helps the glass perform its energy-efficient functions. Due to this, you should specifically ask for Low-E glass or energy-efficient glass instead of just asking for glass with double glazing.

The low-emissivity coating is what helps make the windows insulated to heat, which then improves the overall energy-efficiency of your home. Additionally, by reducing your reliance on electronic devices, this type of glass can also help you reduce your electricity bills and carbon footprint.

Don’t worry about the aesthetics though! Low-e glass typically has an invisible coating that does not spoil the magnificent look of glass in buildings.

How does sustainable glass for buildings work?

If you’re wondering how sustainable glass for buildings works, it’s pretty simple.Consider this – heat will always move towards colder areas.This is why hot air also rises from the ground towards the cooler sky. When the windows in your commercial or residential space are made with regular glass, they allow the heat from within the home to pass through to the cold outdoors. The same is true in the summer where they allow the heat from outside to come into the colder rooms in your home.

However, when you get sustainable glass for buildings installed, then this problem is completely mitigated. The glazing that is used in the low-e glass is generally a bad conductor of heat. This means it does not allow it to pass through it. In other words, the double or triple low-e glazing on the glass ensures that the heat bounces off the glass back towards the direction that it came from. This means that if heat from indoors is in contact with the glass, it will bounce off and stay indoors. Similarly, heat from outdoors will be reflected back outdoors.

The glazing that is used in the low-e glass is generally a bad conductor of heat. This means it does not allow it to pass through it.

Build yourself a green building with energy-efficient glass!

With the environment suffering from almost-irreparable damage, it is essential for everyone to play their part in ensuring a sustainable use of resources, including electrical appliances that emit carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. A great way for regular people to make a difference is by building green buildings. Green buildings are basically environmentally-friendly buildings as they are built in a way to ensure the sustainable use of energy.

Whether you are remodeling your home or building a new one, you’re bound to upgrade your windows to modern ones. So, why not use modern glass that keeps your home comfortable irrespective of the weather outside?

Here are a couple of benefits of low-e glass that you should keep in mind:

  • It increases the overall energy-efficiency of the home
  • It lowers your electricity bills
  • It is compatible with modern window solutions such as UPVC windows and aluminium windows
  • It is easy to install
  • It is easy to maintain and clean – just a simple wet cloth would suffice
  • It looks great

So, what are you waiting for? Make your home a green building and enjoy all the comforts that low-e glass offers! We are the leading manufacturers of low-e glass (along with other types of glass) in India and can assure you of the best quality, no matter what you purchase! To know more about green buildings and sustainable glass for buildings, get in touch with us today!

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