Everything You Need To Know About Eco-Friendly Glass

We all know that the idea of sustainability is more important than ever at a time when environmental issues are high on the global agenda. Sustainability in ecology refers to the ability to persist; it describes how biological systems can continue to be diversified and productive indefinitely. We as human beings should try adopting methods which are more sustainable than ever.

There’s no doubt small adjustments can have a big impact. Using eco-friendly glass, for example, can significantly alter things. In this post, you’ll read all about eco-friendly glass.

What Is Eco-Friendly Glass?

In the architectural world, the demand for green buildings has become widespread, and many designers are going above and beyond to create such structures. Glass is a key component of green building design and construction.

Well, the single layer of glazing found in most glass is now replaced with double or triple glazing in energy-efficient, eco-friendly glass. As a result, thermal insulation to some extent is provided by the energy-efficient glass. This indicates that the glass won’t allow heat from the outside of the window or door to enter your house. This is how is glass made.

Types Of Eco-Friendly Glass

  • Ecosense Glass
  • These glass kinds seek to achieve the ideal mix of style and economy, finesse and purpose. It was specifically created with the tropical environment of the Indian subcontinent in mind. It shields a space from sun radiation and produces a cooling effect as opposed to a heating effect.

    It is an energy-efficient solution that also lets in plenty of natural light. Additionally, a significant amount of near-infrared heat is absorbed and reflected by it. This makes it possible to keep a structure’s interior and its occupants cool in any climate or weather.

    Such glass is typically utilized on a building’s exterior in places like windows, facades, and even skylights.

  • Opal Glass
  • Green glass known as solar control glass also enhances the appearance of the building it has been installed on. It is extremely cost-effective and is primarily made to prevent heat from entering the structure.

    Typically, windows, facades, and the exteriors of buildings all have solar control glass installed.

  • Sunshield Glass
  • This particular glass is designed to offer superior cooling comfort even in the arid climate of India. It is strong, increases energy efficiency, and improves aesthetics. It is favoured by people wishing to develop green structures because of its abundance of unmatched characteristics.

    It significantly decreases glare after installation and increases energy efficiency. It has an excellent protective coating that shields occupants from dangerous UV rays.

    Its many advantages and features make it the ideal glass for usage in exterior applications in structures.

Get Eco-Friendly Glass From AIS

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AIS Glass expands via environmental conservation and innovation by providing customers with high-quality, timely solutions that completely satisfy their needs. We provide premium glass solutions for a variety of uses. To fulfil our sustainability objectives, we have substantially altered our procedures throughout the years. Contact us to know everything about eco friendly glasses and how glass is made.

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