AIS Ecosense – High Performance Energy Efficient Glass

AIS Ecosense is a high performance, solar control and Low E-range of energy-efficient glass solutions from AIS. A natural choice for eco-friendly architecture, the AIS Ecosense range of glass products provide the perfect balance between the outdoors and indoors, aesthetics and economics, function and finesse. It suitably meets the requirements of Indian customers who prefer to be in cool, bright and comfortable living spaces. AIS Ecosense is an ideal combination of energy efficiency and optimum natural lighting with which architects can realise architectural excellence in every aspect — architectural, aesthetic, economical, energy efficiency and environmental. Our Ecosense range of products is Green Pro and GRIHA certified.

AIS Ecosense is available in 5 categories – Enhance, Exceed, Essence, Edge & Excel.

Enhance (Solar Control)

  • This range of glazing solution lets you stay close to nature. It improves energy efficiency and daylight parameters while providing great aesthetics. This range of high-performance products helps reduce electricity bills while allowing optimum daylight and restricting solar heat ingress.
  • It is available in the following shades in the colours of clear, blue and green – Dawn, Snow, Aura, Spring, Nectar, Nimbus, Ivory, Cove, Orchid Blue, Bay, Marine, Indigo, Serene, Oasis, Oceanic Blue Plus, Bluebell, Pine, Jade, Coral, Meadow, Lime, Harmony, Citrus.

Exceed (Solar Control Low-E Glass)

  • This range of high-performance product is a double-glazing solution that combines energy efficiency and aesthetics. This is ideal for Green Buildings.
  • Available in shades of Clear, Blue and Green in the following series – Brook Plus, Vision Plus, Lite Plus, Comfort Series, Priva Series, Radiance Series.
  • Also available in Aurelia (Gold), Blue Berry, Electric Blue & Tropic Blue.

Essence (Low-E)

  • The essence is developed with a modern Low E coating to help buildings achieve energy efficiency along with environmental benefits.
  • It ensures advanced thermal insulation and better light transmission. Available in Clear, Blue and Green.

Edge (Solar Control Glass & Thermal Insulation – Low E Glass)

  • This high-performance product has both solar control and thermal insulation properties, with a speciality of being able to be used in a single glazed unit. It is ideal for Green Buildings, an energy-efficient solution, which reduces direct as well as indirect heat.
  • It is available in clear series as Edge Natura and Edge Natura Plus, in the Blue Series as Edge Electra and Edge Electra Plus and in the Green series as Edge Chroma and Edge Chroma Plus.