Ways How Energy-Efficient Doors and Windows Can Save Money

A popular building component for decades, modern-day glass solutions do more than adorn a building. Contemporary glass solutions can take care of needs ranging from privacy to energy-efficiency.

Efficient use of energy is the need of the hour. And every year, the number of eco-conscious members of a society is seeing a surge. Even glass manufacturers have sensed this need and have come up with innovative energy-efficient solutions in glass since ordinary glass panes are incapable of making a space an energy-efficient zone. Energy-efficient glass is pioneering use of the material, facilitating optimal daylight and glare management and maintaining ideal interior temperatures throughout the year.

What is Energy-Efficient Glass?

Energy-efficient glass is one of the most popular high-performance glasses available in the market. This type of glass can be easily described as double glazing or triple glazing that is used in modern homes and commercial establishments. Energy-efficient glass is coated with various metal oxides that help in reducing excessive absorption of heat from the sun. This helps in reducing your property’s energy bills and also its carbon footprint. 

Given below are two of the most common energy-efficient glass types –

Low-E Glass

Low-E glass or low-emissivity glass is known for its thermal insulation properties. The low-E glass was developed to reduce the amount of infrared and ultraviolet rays that enter your spaces without compromising on ample natural light. Since it minimises the amount of UV and IR rays entering into your property, it is also able to protect the interiors of your building from the ill-effects of these rays. Low-E energy-efficient glass can thermally insulate your home to provide you with enhanced comfort, no matter what the weather conditions are. Low-E glass does not allow cool air to escape during the summer months and keeps your property’s interiors cool and comfortable. During the winter months, low-E glass prevents heat from escaping through your property’s doors and windows, keeping your interiors warm and cosy.

Solar Control Glass

Another common type of energy-efficient glass is solar control glass. Solar control glass is a special oxide-coated glass that is designed to reduce the amount of heat and glare entering inside your property. This glass reflects and absorbs the sun’s rays and only allows a small amount of heat to pass. While it controls the sun’s glare and heat, it does not reduce the amount of natural light from getting inside. The usage of solar control glass can reduce the need for artificial lighting inside your property as you get an ample amount of natural light from the glass. Solar control glass also protects the interiors of your property from harmful infrared (IR) rays that can lead to skin cancers and fading of furniture.

Benefits of Installing Energy-Efficient Glass

Comfortable Interiors throughout the Year

Installing energy-efficient glass provides an extra layer of insulation to the interiors of your building and can keep them cool by reflecting the sun’s heat away. During the colder months, energy-efficient glass keeps your property warm by trapping the heat inside. Installation of energy-efficient glass can help you maintain a comfortable temperature while making the interiors of your property an energy-efficient zone.

Reduction of Utility Bills

Whether you are a homeowner or an owner of a commercial establishment, one of the biggest benefits of installing energy-efficient glass is the reduction in your energy bills. As energy-efficient glass helps in maintaining an ideal temperature inside the building, it lowers the need for artificial heating and cooling systems, thereby helping you reduce your energy bills. As this glass reduces peak heating and cooling loads, you can easily install smaller heating and cooling systems to achieve your agreeable temperature. This will lead to you using less power, thereby reducing your energy costs.

Better Soundproofing

Sealed double and triple glazing energy-efficient glass can reduce medium to high-frequency noise. This helps in creating a peaceful environment inside your property, whether it is your home or your commercial establishment. 

Eco-Conscious Step

Energy-efficiency solutions are the need of the hour. Choosing energy-efficient glass for your buildings is a critical part of sustainable design. By using energy-efficient glass, you can achieve sustainable running costs for your commercial establishment or home. Residential and commercial buildings that use more energy than is necessary for heating or cooling purposes are a major source of unnecessary CO2 emissions. By using energy-efficient glass, central heating and cooling can be brought down, and hence, more sustainable structures can be created. Sustainability and ecological footprint reduction lie at the heart of energy-efficient glass and hence its installation in modern construction is an eco-conscious decision.

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