8 Must Reasons for Getting Energy Efficient Glass Replacement

Thanks to the quick pace of technology, our standard of living has improved drastically. New inventions for technology-led homes are being designed and introduced every day to make our lives easier. With innovative gadgets making headlines, our respect for Mother Nature has taken a backseat. However, it’s high time that we find a solution in conservation, without compromising on what we want.

The Environment-Friendly Alternative

Glass- the versatile building material where aesthetics meets functionality. Made from sand, limestone and sodium carbonate, glass is 100% recyclable and helps you cut down on carbon emission. Whether you are looking to decorate your space with wall panels or require window solutions, you can find different varieties of glass that cater to all your needs.

Glass undergoes various processes and treatments to achieve its unique properties, textures and colours. In a bid to contribute to the ‘Go Green’ movement, a new type of glass called energy-efficient glass was created. It poses many benefits and is great for nature preservation. However, before we list the advantages of energy-efficient glass, let’s understand more about it.

What is Energy Efficient Glass?

Energy efficiency describes a way to limit our energy consumption and ensure that there is sufficient energy preserved for future generations. Energy-efficient glass replacement talks about the process of replacing old single-pane glass with double or triple glazed glass to regulate temperature, prevent loss of heat and thus, save and reduce the amount of energy used to fuel technology.

How Does it Work?

The energy-efficient glass has an invisible coating of low-emissivity glass to improve thermal insulation. The gaps in between the panes, double and triple glazed windows are filled with argon gas to form a barrier of insulation; thus, decreasing our need for electrical gadgets and reducing our energy consumption.

Now that we know the workings of energy-efficient glass, let’s take a look the top 8 reasons to invest in energy-efficient glass replacement.

Great Way to Cut Costs on Electric Bills

Replacing your old windows with energy-efficient glass windows are one of the most effective ways to reduce energy bills. Older, single-paned windows are not capable of trapping heat.  However, the insulated barrier of energy-efficient glass helps to keep the heat trapped inside the house or office. With the prevention of heat loss, the constant usage of gadgets like heaters and radiators is also reduced and helps save money.

The Low Maintenance Appeal

If your glass doors, windows or wall panels need replacement, the first thing that pops into the brain is finding a low-maintenance alternative. Energy-efficient glass is easy to clean, extremely durable, and has an easy installation process. A high-quality glass cleaner and soft cloth is enough to keep your glass spot-free and increase its longevity.

Increased Natural Light

Even though energy-efficient glass keeps the cool air out, it does not block the sun rays from entering your space. It allows natural light to seep in the house and significantly lowers the need for artificial lighting. It also blocks out the harmful UV-rays up to 75%. This safeguards your furniture, paint and other valuable furniture from getting damaged. Furthermore, the natural light is great for boosting the mood of employees in an office space.

Creates a Noise Free Environment

If your residential or office area is on the main road, the incessant noise pollution can put you in a foul mood and hamper daily activities. Energy-efficient glass effectively blocks out all the street noise and help create a peaceful and distraction-free environment.

Increasing Your Resale Value

If you ever decide to rent or sell your space, energy-efficient homes and offices help get value for money. Since, such spaces help buyers and renters cut unnecessary electric costs, your home or office’s market value is bound to increase and help you land a good deal.

Enhancing the Beauty of Your Interiors

While antique furniture can add a vintage touch to your space, there is nothing more off-putting than outdated glass fittings. When looking to replace old windows or glass doors, energy-efficient glass is the way to go. You can browse through a ton of options like clear, reflective, heat-absorbing, low-E and noise-cancelling energy-efficient glass till you find the perfect one for your space.

Helping Deal With Condensation

During winters, glass can develop a layer of frost and condensation which spoils the look of your space besides making the room feel colder. Energy-efficient glass replacement can solve this problem with the help of the low emissivity glass.

A Green Choice

While glass is an eco-friendly alternative, energy-efficient glass takes it up a notch and further reduces our carbon footprint. Heat and electricity are responsible for 25% of greenhouse gas emissions. Installing energy-efficient glass can significantly reduce these emissions.

At AIS Glass- India’s leading integrated glass manufacturers, we believe in customer satisfaction. Our mission is to transcend the ordinary by making a conscious effort to respect the environment and bring about social consciousness with our sustainable products and services. Connect with AIS to build a space that is loved by all.

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