Various Applications & Benefits of Sound Proof Glass

Indian architecture has evolved over time and glass has played an integral role in this evolution. This progress has helped to meet a variety of designs and structural needs. With the advancement of technology, various methods of glass production have been made possible. This has helped in the development of many innovative glass products.
Today, you are likely to find a variety of types of glass that are available in different designs, textures and styles. However, if you are looking for a customized glass solution for your home, office or commercial space, AIS glass manufacturers are reliable and trustworthy.
Types of AIS glass products:
AIS offer a wide range of glass solutions for the interiors and exteriors of your homes. Some of the solutions offered are laminated glass, annealed glass, frosted glass, float glass, clear glass and many more. Besides the above, AIS also offers specialized solar control glass solutions such as AIS SunShield, AIS Stronglas, AIS Ecosense and AIS Swytchglas. These are unique and suitable for a variety of applications.
Advancement of glass technology:
AIS offers a variety of glass solutions that can help you to enhance aesthetics, functionality, comfort and much more. With our glass solution, you can create extraordinary creations that are capable of reducing the amount of UV radiation, thermal insulation, and more.
One such type of glass that is very popular is AIS Acousticglas. This glass is manufactured by AIS who meet high-quality international standards. Not only that, they are also trusted by numerous architects, designers and customers in and across India.
sound proof glass
How does sound proof glass work?
This type of glass works in two simple ways:

  • Reflects the noise back towards the source, and
  • Absorbs the noise within the glass

Generally, glass is first laminated with a specialized PVB interlayer that offers excellent sound-absorption properties. This dampening core helps to prevent sound frequencies from vibrating from one pane of glass to the other. When compared to ordinary glass, this type of glass reduces external noise by up to 60%. With AIS glass solutions, you can avail Acousticglas in a variety of sizes and thickness that are perfect for your homes and offices.
This glass can be combined with other types of glass for multi-functional glazing such as solar control, thermal insulation and so on.
soundproof glass
Applications of sound proof glass:
As many homes, offices, schools and hospitals are located close to airports, construction sites and railway stations, this glass by AIS can help you cut off the unwanted noise. Therefore, it makes complete sense to install this glass in commercial as well as living spaces. This lets you enjoy peace of mind while also enhancing the aesthetics.
Applications of acoustic glass:
A peaceful environment is the most important thing when you are at your home. Staying away from the chaotic world is all you need. This laminated glass helps you in achieving the complete peace of mind as it reduces external noise by 60%, thus lets you focus on your indoor doings.
Working in a peaceful environment will let you increase your productivity by several folds. Installing soundproof glass can help you create peaceful interiors for everyone working.
Students who are looking to gain education need peaceful interiors. A quiet environment will help them stay focussed on their studies. Not only that, it will also reduce the number of distractions during studies.
For a faster recovery, patients not only need to be provided with the right medicine and food, but also need to be provided with a quite environment. Such an environment will help them get sound sleep and let them recovery faster. It will also help them reduce stress to a large extend.
soundproof glass partition
So if you are looking to create a healthy and peaceful atmosphere, AIS is here to fulfill all your demands.

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