Valuable Tips to Maintain Your Car Windscreen

Most of the car owners indeed pay adequate attention to the maintenance of their cars. They take them for their periodic visit to the service centre but many often forget to consider the car windscreen of their vehicles in these periodic visits. Simply put, many car owners think the least about the windscreen. But, a car windscreen is extremely vital as it serves the functional roles of rendering structural integrity to the car, offering unobstructed visibility, and ensuring the safety of all passengers and hence, requires proper maintenance.

Importance of a Car Windscreen

The car windscreen is not an ornamental addition to your car but it plays an important part in your car. The most important function of a car windscreen is to protect you and your fellow passengers from the wind, dust, debris, stones, and other outside elements. It is also a vital component of your car as it provides structural integrity to your car. Your car windscreen keeps the roof intact and in the face of an accident, prevents it from falling and crushing the occupants of the car. Your car windscreen also prevents you from being thrown out of the car in the face of a harsh impact. A damaged and weak windscreen will not be able to withstand the severity of an impact in an accident like a normal windscreen can. If you are not wearing a seat-belt, the impact can cause you to be thrown out of the car, causing fatal injuries. 

Just like any other component of your car, your car windscreen also requires routine maintenance. If you don’t maintain your car windscreen then gradually the dirt stuck on it will obstruct the view of the driver and they won’t be able to see the road ahead. This automatically becomes a risky way of driving on the road. A dirty windscreen also impacts the overall image of your car. To maintain your car windscreen, the first and foremost thing that you should do is treat your car windscreen with utmost care as you do with the car’s engine or tires. Even a minor issue with your windscreen that you choose to neglect can land you in deep trouble and can endanger the safety of you and your loved ones.

To help you maintain your car windscreen, here are a few valuable tips –

Clean Your Car Windscreen

Your car windscreen is important and it requires proper care. Leaving pollen, dead insects and dirt on the windshield are hazardous. They create an obstruction in your line of sight, impair your visibility and compromise the integrity of your windscreen glass. If not cleaned on time and properly, tiny pieces of debris or stones can scrape the windscreen glass. These scrapes create micro-abrasions and repeated micro-abrasions can make your car windscreen more prone to cracking. But if you make it a point to clean your windshield routinely and to take it to a service centre for regular screening then you will prolong its life.

Swap the Wipers

Daily use and sun exposure can cause damage to the wipers. These damaged wipers can subsequently cause damage to the car windscreen. It is important to get your car windscreen wipers replaced at least every six months. If you tend to leave your car parked in the sun or you regularly drive long distances then you might need to change your wipers more frequently. Car owners should remember that when it comes to vision and safety, there shouldn’t be any compromises.

Hire Professionals

Doing so will prevent further serious damage to your car windscreen. Car windscreens always run the risk of getting chipped or cracked. A crack or a chip may seem like a small problem but over time they have the potential to become more money-consuming and time-consuming. Due to this, it becomes mandatory for you to hire professional help to deal with the situation. A highly-trained technician will be adept at handling situations like this. They will assess your car and give you the best solution based on the severity of the damage regarding whether it will be feasible to repair windscreen or replace the windscreen. Minor chips that are smaller than 1 inch, they can get easily repaired. If the chip damage on your windscreen is restricted to only the outer layer of the glass then a simple repair can solve the problem. But anything beyond two chips requires a car windscreen replacement. For example, if your windscreen is littered with numerous chips or cracks then it cannot be repaired, as the structural loss due to a damaged car windscreen can be extremely risky. If the damage occurred a while ago, and a significant amount of time has passed then also a simple repair job may not suffice. Hence, in such cases, it is best to opt for windshield replacement performed by a professional. While getting a replacement job, you can choose a variety of different types of value-added auto glasses offered by AIS Glass. AIS Glass has a range of automotive glass products that are engineered to the highest global quality standards. These glass products will not only ensure vision and safety but they are also designed to offer special functions like rain-sensor windscreens, heat-screen windscreens, extruded windscreens, etc.

Your best defence against replacing the entire car windscreen and maintaining it is to have it evaluated by a business that you trust and if or when you find cracks or chips, do not resort to DIY solutions, rather hire professional help.

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