How to Bolster Your Office’s Passive Fire Protection Systems with Glass

Everyone is well versed with the destructive powers of a fire breakout. Not only does such a hazard threaten the life of the occupants of an office building but also poses a significant risk to the property, equipment and the documents inside. This is the very reason why architects and designers provide for the adequate safety of the building and its occupants in the event of a fire by installing fire-proof architectural solutions as per the norms.

Glass the Key to Passive Fire Protection in Offices
Such key solutions form a part of any office building’s Passive Fire Protection (PFP) systems which prevent the spread of fire by creating barriers to its passage for a limited time, enabling occupants to move to a safe environment. PFP is an essential fire safety strategy for any building. If proper planning, installation, and maintenance are implemented, passive fire protection can save lives and the building itself. While PFP may not provide a complete fire safety solution, when combined with AFP (or Active Fire Protection systems), they can make a big difference in case of an emergency.
With glass being one of the most major elements in all office space constructions, opting for multifunctional, specialized glass solutions for safe, secure and comfortable living and working is paramount. Thus, glass forms a key component of an office’s Passive Fire Protection Systems. This is where office building owners can safeguard their investment, employees and business by opting for fire-resistant glass solutions tested and approved according to Indian and international standards such as AIS Pyrobel.
AIS Pyrobel blends light, transparency and fire-protection for all building applications, framing types, and fire-resistance classes and durations. Office building owners can choose from any of the three variants:

  • Class E: Prevents flames, smoke, and hot gases from passing through. The fire remains contained.
  • Class EW: Integrity and Low Heat Radiation or the ability of the element to prevent the passage of flames and to limit the level of heat transfer through the element.
  • Class EI: Integrity and Insulation or the ability of the element to prevent the passage of flames and to block heat transfer through the element.

All in all, with the help of AIS Pyrobel, offices can:

  • Remain protected against fire, heat, and smoke for extended periods
  • Remain protected against radiation and conductive heat transfer
  • Install fire-resistance glass in all framing systems – wood, steel or aluminium or even frameless

Where to Use Fire-Proof Glass in Offices

  • Partitions
  • Fully glazed fire doors
  • Façades and windows to prevent the fire from transmitting inside-out or outside-in
  • Floors
  • Data Storage and Server Room enclosures to preserve electronic data
  • Stair enclosures or doors with in-built vision panels which provide the most vital access points and exit routes
  • Lift doors and enclosures

The secret to keeping your office space safe and fire-proof, therefore, lies in investing in one of the most advanced glass solutions manufactured by AIS, the leading glass company in India. Do take note that it is imperative to install the fire-resistant glass only in systems that comply with safety regulations.


Glass: The Most Eco-friendly Glass Material For Buildings

With the presence of global warming and ecological problems becoming a huge problem over the last few decades, every industry is trying to use materials that will lessen the effects of the same. With the use of sustainable material increasing by the day in the world, property developers and real estate companies are also doing their bit in improving the environment for a better future. This has led to the rise of green buildings. One of the most important materials in the construction of a green building is glass whose specialized energy efficient and eco-friendly varieties like solar control and tinted glass are used.
Green Buildings
The development of green buildings is a start towards that direction. Green buildings are buildings which use less water, optimize energy efficiency, conserve natural resources, generate less waste and provide healthier spaces for occupants, as compared to a conventional building. They are also beneficial for the environment as most buildings use recycled and environmental friendly building materials and provide effective building management systems.
Use of Glass in Architecture of Green Buildings
To achieve all of this, developers use glass as a major component during the construction. Glass is known to be an excellent green material. Types of glasses like solar control glasses and low-e glass can reflect heat or UV rays to maintain optimal temperature inside the building. Glass in buildings also substantially reduces the need for artificial lighting and allows daylight to make the interiors airier and more open.
From design, appearance, thermal performance and comfort, to simple aesthetics, selecting the right glass is inevitably important for constructing a green building.
Glasses such as AIS Ecosense, a low-E high performance energy efficient glass helps a green building achieve great balance between all the parameters, and blocks a high amount of solar radiation by reflecting away the infrared part of sunlight. This helps building remain invariably cool in summers and cuts down on the energy bills and air conditioning usage.
Impact on Environment
The biggest advantage that makes glass a major component in green buildings is the fact that it is recyclable and also does not have a huge impact on the environment itself. Glass can play a role in accomplishing greater indoor environmental quality and when used carefully, can also improve energy efficiency. Along with tangible benefits, glass can also provide enhanced air quality, excellent day lighting and general health & well-being of the occupants. Through a global point of view, conservation of scarce national resources is also a huge advantage while its widespread acceptance and enhanced marketability for the project makes it a viable option for the industry too.


Reduce Your Energy Bills with Glass Solutions

In the 21st century, there is an increasing emphasis on environment conservation, energy efficiency and sustainability. The world is more sensitized to reducing wastage of energy than ever before. In order to keep up with times, it is important that whether it is your home or office, it should ideally be a green building that helps you save energy and reduce energy bills. In pursuit of this efficiency, glass construction and architecture can be of much use.
Solar Glass
Some of the leading glass suppliers in India have come up with modern glass solutions that will not only beautify your living and working space, but also help you reduce your dependency on electricity. These solutions, installed in windows, facades, doors, canopies, domes, etc. contribute towards creating a pleasing ambience inside. Let’s take a look at two of the best energy-efficient glass solutions in the industry:
Ecosense – A high performance solution for energy efficiency
The AIS Ecosense high performance glass is a brilliant offering from the house of AIS, the leading glass manufacturing company in India. It is equipped with advanced solar control technology since it is essentially a very high grade Low-E glass.
This glass has been designed in accordance with Indian climactic conditions, and is suitable for all kinds of extreme weather that the country experiences, right from the unbearable summers to the jittering winters. It provides a great balance between aesthetics and performance, and provides relief from the harsh conditions prevalent outdoors. It operates via filtering out solar radiation, such as the near-infrared rays, by absorbing a part of it and reflecting away the remaining amount. This enables cooler and brighter indoors at all times.
The great thing about Ecosense is that it is available in a wide variety of shades and colours to suit all your design and aesthetic needs. It is a great option for the façade of your building.
SunShield Heat Reflective Glass – For greater cooling efficiency
The AIS SunShield Heat Reflective Glass is another revolutionary energy efficient and economical solution for homes and offices. It is designed for the intolerable summer heat that is typically associated with Indian summers, with its advanced solar control properties and exceptional durability.
SunShield glass lets you cut on your electricity bills that get inflated due to excessive air conditioner usage by reducing the glare of sunlight. Its high grade external coating also filters out the harmful UV radiation, thereby bringing you all the benefits of natural light without affecting your health or making your environment uncomfortable due to the heat. Moreover, it is available in no less than seven brilliant shades to provide you the aesthetic look that you are looking for.

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