Lacquered Glass an Exquisite and Stylish Alternative to Bathrooms Glass

When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you do is to make your way to that one room in the house where you can enjoy a pure moment of solitude – your bathroom! Your bathroom is a safe space where you can indulge in secret single behaviour unabashedly. The significance of this room is undeniable. This is not a room for functionality purposes alone; one ponders and introspects here in peace. Gift yourself a luxe and modern bathroom just by using contemporary designs of lacquered glass – the budding glass solution where aesthetics shakes hands with advanced functionality.

What Is Lacquered Glass?

Visualise an opaque silky-smooth surface which is highly durable, UV-resistant and coloured. Lacquered glass is redefining the way we think of glass. This type is coloured or “lacquered” which gives the viewer an illusion of an artsy grand glass wall. Lacquering is achieved by painting one of the glass surfaces with high-quality paints, followed by an oven-curing process to lock in its unique features. The resulting glass is not just coloured in appearance but also opaque.

What’s so Great About it?

There are several benefits of lacquered glass that come to light with prolonged usage. Check out a few significant ones here –

Splendid Chromatic Assortment

Remember how glass was once only transparent with a tint here and a hue there used mostly for partitions, windows and doors. Well, all that has changed with the arrival of lacquered glass. You will now find striking colour categories you can choose from, depending on the mood you want to set in a particular room.

Superior Finish, High Durability and Low-Maintenance  

The finish of lacquered glass lasts much longer than that of a distempered wall or a tiled one. It does not allow for water and dirt to accumulate on its surface and is extremely easy to wipe clean. The exterior conditions can never touch the paint leaving it unchipped and shiny for years. Lacquered glass is built to be tough, and it can withstand a tonne of pressure.

Thermal and Humidity-Resistant

Another critical feature of lacquered glass that makes it a safe choice for kitchens, bathrooms, and spaces where humidity and heat are prevalent is that it is thermal and humidity-resistant. AIS Glass offers its unique range of Lacquered glass solutions – AIS Décor – that is both thermal and humidity-resistant subject to certain conditions – The thermal resistance provided by AIS Décor extends up to 80° C.

How Can You Use This Innovation to Renovate Your Bathroom?

How common is it to hear people expressing that the best thoughts and ideas come to them when they are showering or shaving or are in the loo? Shouldn’t such a place deserve fantastic aesthetics that can support creative thoughts? Aesthetics add value to our lives. Our aesthetic sense is a representation of our identity, and our home is where it truly comes alive. While lacquered glass can be used anywhere in your house, let us look at some stellar ways to use them in your bathroom –

For the Affluent Shower Lover

If you love taking a warm frothy shower, singing yourself to glory, then you need a striking and comfortable shower stall where you can swish water around. A shower curtain with milieu just won’t do! A lacquered glass shower stall will add a splash of colour to an otherwise dull morning. Choose from a range of earthy tones or go for the stark bright ones, the choice is yours. Given the spectacular designs they come in, you can rest assured that you’ll find a colour that suits your personality.

For Your Secret Little Pleasures

So many of us spend time in front of our well-hung bathroom mirrors, brushing, washing, plucking, and gawking with essentials sprawled on the washbasin slab. Lacquered glass basins and slabs are perfect for your every day before-bed bathroom routines. Unlike stone basins and slabs that only come in two or three colours, these come in a vast variety and don’t lose their shine for years on end. Plus, since lacquered glass is low-maintenance, you do not have to worry about constant cleaning.

For the Contemporary Façade Lover in You

A bathroom can be a messy and a wet place. Walls with paints or tiles start collecting soap and dirt residue which become impossible to clean.  Lacquered glass panels can jazz up your bathroom walls, cabinets and shelves to the hilt and will demand zero-maintenance. They create a sense of space, especially if your bathroom is small and will lend a modern look to this room. Choose from a colour palette that suits your mood in the morning or choose a combination of two colours to clad your bathroom walls, cabinets and shelves.

Enough of Waxing Lyrical

The bottom line is that whatever your bathroom design goals may be, lacquered glass solutions will easily fit into them. You will always find a colour “that is so you”. AIS Glass has an astounding range of aesthetic lacquered glass solutions – AIS Decor. You will be spoilt for choice. We offer lacquered glass that will satiate your need for finding earthy colours or metallic colours or the good old vibrant ones. Be it giving your shower stall a punch of Ultramarine Blue or cladding your walls with sparkling walnut brown; AIS has it all. Our lacquered glass is not only aesthetically-pleasing but also highly functional – low-maintenance, durable, eco-friendly, and long-lasting. Get in touch with us today and find out more!

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