Reflect Your True Personality Through Lacquered Glass

In the words of the leading figure in the English Arts and Crafts Movement, William Morris, “If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” Much like art, the crux of interior designing since time immemorial has been aesthetics and functionality. The term ‘design’ essentially covers interior décor that has some functional value to the occupants of the living space.

And keeping this golden rule under consideration, it is not strange that glass has gained ground as a primary material. After all, the modern-day innovative glass solutions offer near-endless possibilities in transforming a space, both practically and aesthetically.

The Elevated Approach to Interior Décor

And though the glass in any of its varied forms can effectively transform a space, the member of the glass family often associated with aesthetics is lacquered or back-painted glass. Lacquered glass is obtained by painting one of the glass surfaces through a superior process of lacquering subsequently oven-cured to lock in its unique features.

Not only does lacquered glass enhance the aesthetics with its pop of colour, but it is also highly functional with the added value of being UV, scratch, humidity-resistant, low-maintenance, highly versatile, and is opaque to ensure privacy.

Less House, More Home

“The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them,” As said by the famous Australian interior designer David Hicks. From colours to patterns, from lighting to furnishings, your space must be the mouthpiece to your individuality. To embody the highest pedigree of bespoke interior design, there is something for every personality in the vibrant and versatile world of lacquered glass aesthetic solutions.  

Bring in refinement and timelessness to your haven by using lacquered glass for wall panelling, in furniture, kitchen and other cabinets, table-tops, washrooms, wardrobes, and writing boards. Notwithstanding your personhood, here’s how you can transform your house into a home with lacquered glass –

For the Modern Minimalist

If you are one of those who believe that less is more, home planning is all about simplicity in form and function, clean, open, light-filled spaces, strategic use of materials for visual interest, and simple detailing devoid of extravagant ornamentation. To help you keep it uncomplicated and straightforward, efficient use of lacquered glass aesthetic solutions would translate into a neutral colour palette and consistency in the look. AIS Glass offers calm neutral tones of Sparkling Beige, Stone Grey, and Turquoise Green when paired among each other or with Black Pearl can be installed for wall panelling, in kitchen cabinets, and on table-tops to render the feel of uncluttered yet well-planned aesthetics.

For the Aspirational Space

Are you a naturalist who is drawn to the glory of nature in its unbridled form? Well, then it’s no surprise that your home must reflect your love for the natural world. And to complement your aspirational space that blends the outdoors with the indoors, complete with an extended patio, and lush greens, lacquered glass is an ideal option both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. AIS Décor is available in a variety of earthy, greenish, and bluish tones such as Hazel Brown, Earthy Brown, Spring Green, Sea Green, Azure Blue, and Nile Blue that can reflect your inner naturalist. Install them in the partitions or doors facing the patio, for wall panelling in your living room, in kitchen cabinets, or practically in any way you desire to achieve the aspirational feel. Moreover, to put the cherry on the top, the paints used to back-paint AIS Décor are 100% eco-friendly.

For the Baroque Luxe

A rebel at heart? Your bold personality that questions established social conventions demands a living space that reflects it adequately. Lacquered glass can help you create that perfect Baroque luxe full of intense maximalism, and attention to heavy details and creativity. Take a detour from the conventional route by incorporating lacquered glass wall panels in bold, vibrant shades of Venetian Red, Chrome Yellow, Autumn Orange, and Azure Blue or opt for the grandeur of Sterling Silver to exude extravagance. Furthermore, don’t forget to play around with the various colours and processing options to create such patterns and textures that impart that ‘baroque’ feel of irregularity and eccentricity.

For an Undisturbed Hygge Culture

Tired of the glorification of busy and a lover of the slow-paced life that emanates joy, harmony, and cosiness? Then, your idea of an ideal living space must revolve around generating the “I love to live here” vibe drawn from the warmth and love between friends and family. To create the stress-relieving culture that is a hallmark of “La Dolce Vita,” lacquered glass can act as an ideal solution. The neutral pastel tones of Sparkling Beige, Snow White and Turquoise Green, when coupled with the shine, depth, and modernity of glass will integrate perfectly with the wooden fireplaces, soft cushions, faux fur pillows, knitted blankets, and your tangible nostalgic memories to result in a space that is heart-warming and relaxing.

For the Hybrid Luxury

Embracing modernism does not have to mean a complete about-turn from traditionalism. If this statement defines you correctly, your personal space must be a marriage of diverse creative aesthetic designs. To support your love for eclecticism, install lacquered glass panels of calm pastel tones of pure whites and greys or shiny metallic. Get it cut, drilled, bevelled, or polished as per your desire to complement your home that emulates tradition while respecting contemporary sensibilities.

Moreover, another way to approach hybrid luxury would be to alternate your living spaces in terms of minimalism and maximalism. Keep it neutral and calm with pastel hues in some rooms while getting loud with the vibrancy of brighter warmer tones of reds and yellows in some others. That way, you can even reflect that element of surprise in your personality – the part that is open to new concepts and ideas without losing reverence for the long-held traditions.

For Exuding Refinement and Sophistication

If you’re one of the truly classy and sophisticated, you very well understand that the best way to make a grand statement is not just to have ultra-expensive furniture and pieces of art (though every house needs a touch of glamour) but to create a space that is well-tailored and well-balanced; therein lies the chic factor. And when it comes to exuding sophistication, pastel tones work as well as rich darker ones with the key found in symmetry and keeping it organised. Install lacquered glass in any way you want, walls, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, writing boards but ensure there’s simplicity and symmetry in the design and consistency in the colour palette – the hallmarks of elegance and refinement.

Add Grace to Any Space with AIS Décor

To enhance your space so that it reflects your true self, look no further than AIS Glass Lacquered Glass Aesthetic Solutions – AIS Décor. Available in an exclusive palette of 16 striking shades, the flawless finish of our lacquered glass has been achieved through a world-class manufacturing process to ensure the colour stands the test of time. Moreover, our lacquered glass is UV, thermal, scratch, and humidity-resistant. It is available in several processing options – can be cut, drilled, bevelled, ground, edge-finished, and polished to achieve the desired look. So, give your interiors the makeover they deserve with AIS Décor! Get in touch today. 

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