How Back Painted Glass Improves the Interior of Your Office?

Ever walked into an office and been blown away by the smart use of colours? Bland and boring office spaces are a thing of the past. Today is the day and age of ensuring that the ambience of the office is productivity-friendly, and let’s be honest – nothing enhances productivity and lifts up our spirits more than colour. While we understand that you want to add colour without losing that professional look and feel of your office space, back painted glass is a product best-suited for your design needs.

Let’s take a look at how this colourful member of the glass family can elevate the look of your office space.

That Home-like Kitchen!

“Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.”- Wassily Kandinsky

To create a comfortable and open space for your employees, you can make the kitchen cabinets look a bit more colourful using back painted glass.  The vibrant colours and shiny surface will give a modern and, needless to say, professional look. Also, as Mr. Wassily, the Great Russian painter and art theorist, rightly said colours do affect how you feel. So, you can be assured that the staff is going to feel cheerful when they sit down at the cafeteria after a long day of work to see either vibrantly-coloured table-tops or back painted glass wall panels.

Plus, since back painted glass is easy-to-clean, you need not worry about a few spillages!

Vivacious Restrooms 

“Mere colour can speak to the soul in thousand different ways.” – Oscar Wilde.

Don’t you agree with the words of this Irish poet and playwright? Colours have this fantastic capacity to evoke different emotions in people. It’s as if they speak to people. When you combine colours with décor, the effect is phenomenal. Also, the people working at a place use restrooms quite a few times during the day, and if you clad the washbasin surfaces and the walls of the area with back painted glass while colour-coordinating them with the hues of the doors and windows present in the space, you can create a one-of-a-kind appeal. After all, why compromise on the décor of such an important space! Even your clients and auditors will appreciate your efforts in this area. 

Flamboyance Up and Down!

Elevators are a great space to put in more creativity and thought. Also, there are three static faces in an elevator. So, you can get a bit more creative with the interiors and clad either of the two static faces with a bright-coloured back painted glass fixated from floor to the ceiling and do the same with a mirror on the other face. Keep the third face of the elevator very basic. It will look aesthetically appealing because of that dash of colour. Moreover, you can click a professional “excited to get to work!” selfie while you’re in there.

Less is More

When it comes to designing an office space, it is always better to keep the lines crisp, clean, and non-distracting. Now, even if you want your office to look very simple and minimalistic, you can add that little hint of colour using back painted glass to give it an edgy and modern appeal. How? Well, cover all pillars in the mesmerising sheen of back painted glass – whether you wish to go for neutral tones or stick to more eye-catchy shades like bright yellows and reds is entirely up to you to decide. Yes, less is indeed more, but only when done the right way – back painted glass is your partner in achieving that minimalistic/modernistic look!

When it Boils down to Choosing Plan B

Plan A was all of the above-mentioned points. But, in case none of that appeals to your design sensibilities, there’s still hope because there’s still a plan B that you can try! Simply installing back painted glass-covered furniture pieces will also act as that perfect escapade from bland and uninspiring office interiors.

Just like the Los Angeles-based interior designer, Rose Tarlow, says, “Furniture must have a personality as well as be beautiful.” Adding a pop of colour with back painted glass to your tabletop or your chair or the reception desk is going to reflect your personality and exude professional vibes. The glassy feel will give the space an edge and create a positive and open atmosphere.

Well, aren’t you feeling a little inspired to get creative and colourful with your workspace? We’re not surprised! After all, back painted glass has an unmatched charm to it. Contact AIS Glass for your office décor needs. We are India’s largest integrated glass manufacturer and our back painted glass – AIS Décor – is available in 34 striking shades to help you create the look you desire. Our AIS Décor is easy-to-maintain, durable, eco-friendly, and has a premium-quality finish to stir up your hidden creative. So, why wait? Get in touch with our experts today!

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